Immortal Monarch In The Urban Area/C1 The Soul Pierced Through a Thousand Years
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Immortal Monarch In The Urban Area/C1 The Soul Pierced Through a Thousand Years
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C1 The Soul Pierced Through a Thousand Years

At a crossroads in Jiangning, a handsome boy about 1.75 meters tall stood there.

Zhou Fann did not pay any attention to the people around him. When his face was filled with confusion, his body trembled, and a loud bang suddenly sounded in his head.

Although he did not believe it, the truth was right in front of him.

He had really been reborn!

In his previous life, Zhou Fann entered the sect of the head of the Ten Great Immortal Sects, the Green Profound Immortal Sect. In just a thousand years, he had cultivated to the Immortal Emperor Realm, making all the immortals bow their heads.

He called himself the Profound Immortal Emperor, also known as the Heavenly Profound!

Unfortunately, when he was fighting for the secret treasure in an ancient secret realm, he was plotted against by Immortal Emperor Yin Xu and Immortal Emperor Chi Hua, and thus, he died.

"I didn't expect that my soul would actually travel through the ages and return to the Earth's era a thousand years ago ..."

"The cultivation technique and the divine abilities are still there. I didn't expect that the storage bag would also come back with me. Although there is nothing left, it also saves me a lot of trouble."

Zhou Fann's eyes were deep.


A phone call interrupted Zhou Fann's thoughts.

Zhou Fann took out his phone and looked at the screen. It showed: Mom.

Immediately after, his heart that had experienced thousands of years couldn't help but tremble.

Zhou Fann answered the phone and whispered, "Hello, Mom..."

"Fann, how have you been doing with your studies? You're about to graduate. You have to work hard and get into a good university so that Mom can have a good reputation." Zhou Fann's mother, Hsu Manqin, reminded him.

"Mom, don't worry. I will work hard to study. You must pay attention to your health when you work and don't tire yourself out."

Tears welled up in Zhou Fann's eyes when he heard the familiar voice.

In his previous life, when he listened to his mother's nagging, he always felt that it was long-winded, but now, it sounded extremely warm.

"Fann, don't think that Mom is being long-winded. You also know that if you don't work hard, the gap between you and the Zhou family will only grow bigger and bigger. Mom believes in you. One day, you will make them look at you in a new light!" Speaking up to this point, Hsu Manqin's voice was trembling.

When Zhou Fann heard this, his eyes also slightly narrowed.

In his previous life, it was Zhou Fann's uncle who forced his sister to death.

Zhou Fann's father, Zhou Guohua, was originally the eldest son of the rich and powerful Zhou family. However, because of Hsu Manqin's background, their relationship was met with opposition from the family.

In a fit of anger, Zhou Guohua brought Hsu Manqin to a small P County and gave birth to Zhou Fann.

Not long after Zhou Fann was born, Zhou Fann's sister, Zhou Lan, was also born.

The couple worked hard to run the restaurant, and not long after, they also opened a company in B City.

In the Divine Capital, Zhou Guohua's younger brother, Zhou Guohao took the opportunity to ascend to the position and become the next patriarch's heir.

However, he knew very well in his heart that the old man still valued his brother the most.

Zhou Guohao was worried that one day, Zhou Guohua would suddenly wake up and abandon his wife and son to return to the capital.

Therefore, the ruthless Zhou Guohao directly sent people to the Pingxiang County to assassinate Zhou Fann's parents.

However, on that day, Zhou Fann's parents were not at home, and the young Zhou Lan was lying on the bed.

"My biological uncle and cousin, you definitely wouldn't expect me to have been reborn after cultivating for a thousand years. What you did to my sister and parents in my previous life, I will definitely make you pay double! What do you mean by millennium family? In my eyes, they are just ants!" Thinking of this, Zhou Fann's eyes were filled with a trace of coldness.

"The current Wanqing is still in her third year of high school, right? Wanqing, don't worry. No one will take you away from me."

Ji Wanqing was the daughter of the Ji family from A City in the capital of the Anjin Province. She was a couple with Zhou Fann in his previous life. Her mother, Wang Xuemei, and Hsu Manqin were also good business friends.

However, after the World Group was destroyed, the Ji family gradually distanced themselves from Hsu Manqin. Even Ji Wanqing proposed to break up with Zhou Fann after graduating from university.

Later on, when he heard that Ji Wanqing and Qin Tian, the son of the An Jin Wealthy Class, were married, Zhou Fann got drunk and went to the Qin family to cause a ruckus.

In the end, his leg was broken by Qin Tian and he was thrown to the side of the road, almost being run over by a car.

Fortunately, he was saved by Immortal Emperor Ruoshui and entered the Immortal Cultivation World to join the Immortal Sect.

"In this life, I will not let go of anyone who dares to harm my family! Those regrets will never happen again!" Zhou Fann's eyes were sharp.


After exchanging a few words with Hsu Manqin, Zhou Fann hung up the phone.

"Zhou Fann?" A pleasant voice sounded.

Zhou Fann turned around and looked behind him.

He saw a girl about 1.7 meters tall and with an outstanding appearance standing there. There was only coldness on her pretty face.

Even though she had been cultivating for a thousand years, Zhou Fann could still clearly remember this girl.

Lin Xiao.

She was one of the three most beautiful girls in Jiangning City. Ever since she was young, she had been betrothed to Zhou Fann.

However, the Lin family was one of the upper-class families in C City. Even though Zhou Fann's parents had already started a company in her previous life, Lin Xiao still felt that Zhou Fann was too ordinary and had no feelings for him. She even argued with her father about it.

However, Zhou Fann's father had helped Lin Xiao's father in C City a long time ago, so Lin Xiao's father would not allow Lin Xiao to cause trouble.

He had even decided to let Zhou Fann and Lin Xiao get married after they graduated from university.


Looking at the girl whom he had once loved and thinking back to how frivolous she was, Zhou Fann smiled faintly.

After a thousand years of cultivating, he was no longer the ignorant and ignorant him from back then.

So why would he remember this so-called relationship in his heart?

"What are you standing here for?" Lin Xiao walked over and asked with a frown.

Lin Xiao looked at Zhou Fann with a hint of disgust in her eyes.

All of her friends were from rich families, and Zhou Fann, who was betrothed to her, was always wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt that had been washed until it was white.

This made her feel that she had lost a lot of face when she was with Zhou Fann.

If it wasn't because of her father's existence, she wouldn't even care about Zhou Fann.

"It's nothing. I just remembered something from the past." Zhou Fann said with a faint smile.

Lin Xiao sneered, "One thing from the past? What kind of experience could you have in the past? It was just a few years of studying in that small place in P County."

Hearing this, Zhou Fann did not want to explain too much. He just smiled again.

"Tomorrow night, it's my birthday. I will invite my classmates to play. When that time comes, you can come whenever you want. It doesn't matter if you don't want to," Lin Xiao said.

After saying that, Lin Xiao turned around and left. It was as if she did not want to talk to Zhou Fann anymore.

Although Zhou Fann did not care about Lin Xiao's attitude, she was still the daughter of his old friend. When he first came to C City to study, his father had also told him to take good care of Lin Xiao, so he would still attend the party.

Zhou Fann took a taxi back to his rented apartment.

Although it was not the most high-end neighborhood in C City, the environment was very quiet. There was even a small lake beside it.

He went upstairs and returned to his home that he had stayed in C City for three years. Looking at the familiar decorations, Zhou Fann sighed with emotion.

However, he needed to slowly recover his cultivation. Otherwise, a single bullet could easily take his life.

Zhou Fann immediately went to the bed in his room and sat down cross-legged, entering a state of cultivation.

The levels of cultivation in the Immortal Cultivation World were divided into low and high:

Innate, Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Transformation, Thought Severing...

As for the realm of the Earth's Martial Dao, it was divided from low to high:

Outer strength, inner strength, Grandmaster, Heaven Stage, Saint Stage, Godly Stage.

Innate Stage in the world of Immortal Cultivation was not at the stage where the spirit energy was converted into spirit energy in one's body, but they could feel a faint power that existed between heaven and earth, which was equivalent to the Heaven Stage of the Martial World of Earth.

Martial artists at Heaven Stage, including their bones, muscles, and other physical changes, had already reached the acme of perfection. They were able to sense the power of the five elements in the world and turn it into an attack method. They could be considered to have truly stepped into the ranks of the martial arts experts.

There weren't many experts like this even in some of the big cities on Earth.

As for Martial Masters and Martial Artists, they were able to release their power and had tricky attack methods. They could be considered the overlords of ordinary cities.

In reality, the Grandmasters and martial artists were equivalent to the Acquired Martial Artists of the Immortal Cultivation World.

Most of them did not sense any spiritual energy, or even any unique energy of heaven and earth. However, their physical conditions were slightly better than that of ordinary people.

As for the external and internal strength, they were equivalent to some martial artists in the Immortal Cultivation World. Most of those martial artists worked as laborers for the cultivators.

However, on Earth, the status of the external force and the internal force martial cultivators was far higher than that of ordinary people.

In his previous life, under his father's influence, Zhou Fann had a very good understanding of the martial world on Earth.

According to his prediction, as long as he casually cultivated for a while, he would be able to reach the Innate Stage, which was equivalent to the strength of a warrior at the Heaven Stage on Earth.

With this kind of strength, even if he didn't do anything on Earth, at least some ordinary modern weapons wouldn't be able to cause much harm to him.

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