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C1 Second-hand Cell Phone

"Dammit, why do I have to believe their words? Why do I have to buy a second-hand phone instead of a new phone? Furthermore, I bought a strange phone that doesn't even have a logo on it!" Lu Fanfeng was extremely depressed in his heart. Forget about others, the key issue was that this phone could not download Tencent QQ, could not download Tencent QQ's phone, was it even a phone!

After searching through the phone's only software store for a long time, Lu Fanfeng finally found a Heavenly Court Wechat. "Your sister, what the hell is a Heavenly Court Wechat?"

Carrying these doubts, Lu Fanfeng downloaded the Heavenly Court Wechat. Fortunately, he could log into the strange software using his own WeChat. This temporarily comforted Lu Fanfeng's injured heart.

"Ding! Welcome back to the Heavenly Court Wechat. You have a chance to draw, do you want to draw now?"

The interface for the Lottery opened, and Lu Fanfeng immediately clicked on the Lottery. WeChat would always send out things that didn't matter, such as a discount card. In any case, it was better than nothing.

"Ding … congratulations, you have obtained an unparalleled affability level increase card!"

"Absolute intimacy level increase card. After using it, it can instantly increase the intimacy level of a good friend. Would you like to use it now?"

"F * ck your sister, an outdated intimacy level increase card. WeChat's marketing tricks are getting more and more!" Lu Fanfeng cursed, how could he believe this, but his finger unconsciously placed on the confirm button.

"Please select a skill to cast the target!"

"Damn it, Sunn Tingting, this won't do, raising my girlfriend's intimacy level is nothing!" Lu Fanfeng thought that he still had confidence in his girlfriend. "School beauty Lee Mengyao, haha, that's fine!"

Lu Fanfeng clicked on Lee Mengyao's profile picture, but did not hold any hope. What intimacy level increase card, it was simply bullsh * t.

However, the next second, a wheel appeared on the screen and quickly rotated before finally stopping at a bright red number of "1000".

"Congratulations, you have increased Lee Mengyao's intimacy level by 1000, reaching the level of Life and Death!"

Then, there was nothing after that. Lu Fanfeng stared at the phone screen and waited for a long time, but nothing happened!

Not giving up, this fellow even sent a message to the beautiful school's Lee Mengyao, "Damn it, the affability level has increased, at least it has to have some effect!"

But in the next moment, he was once again so infuriated by his own innocence that he laughed, "It was clearly just WeChat's marketing method, but I actually took it for real!"

Shaking her head helplessly, just as she was about to put down her phone, the beautiful school beauty, Lee Mengyao, actually replied her.

Goddess: I'm already at the hotel. I'm going to take a shower soon. I'll be back on time for the party tonight.

Lu Fanfeng stared at the screen for a long time.

"Beautiful school beauty, Lee Mengyao, actually replied me with a letter!" Lu Fanfeng muttered to himself.

The moment he said that, all of the friends in the room started laughing and cursing.

Yun Tao, don't come over. You have diabetes, you can't let him taste the sweetness! Shen Xu who was changing clothes shouted.

After Lu Fanfeng heard this, he immediately picked up a book and threw it towards Shen Xu.

In the four years they were in the university, Lu Fanfeng, Shen Xu and Yun Tao were still in the same dorm.

And because of this, they could joke around with each other. Lu Fanfeng was also used to this.

Thinking about his impending graduation, he couldn't help but feel a little sad.

"Fan Feng, hurry up and prepare a meal for Young Master Zhao and Eldest Miss Li today!" Yun Tao who was normally untidy was now looking at the mirror and preparing meticulously.

Lu Fanfeng heard but did not reply. Compared to the graduation party, today was his girlfriend's birthday, so this day was even more important to Lu Fanfeng.

"What gift should I prepare for Tingting?" Lu Fanfeng could not help but be worried.

Nowadays, e-commerce has become widespread. If it was before, placing an order on the internet, it could be delivered on the same day.

Although with Lu Fanfeng's current financial situation, he wouldn't be able to buy expensive presents, with patience, he could still find some new ones within five hundred yuan.

But right now, Lu Fanfeng's phone did not have a Taobao APP.

"The Immortal Software Store!" There was only one piece of software in the phone, and that was where the Heavenly Court Wechat was downloaded from.

Lu Fanfeng could only open the Immortal Software Store, hoping to get some help from it.

The front page was filled with three software, Immortal Realm Taobao, future news, and the books for Karakorum.

"What the hell? Why did all the software change their names and icons?" Aren't you afraid that Old Ma and Old Ma will sue you for cheating? " Lu Fanfeng thought gloomily.

But apart from these software, the familiar Taobao, Tencent News and Himalayan books were nowhere to be found.

Lu Fanfeng could only try his best and download the Immortal Realm Taobao. "I have to buy a present for Tingting, it's Tingting's birthday today."

After all, cell phones were no longer considered rare items in this era.

If the Immortal Realm Taobao cannot be used, Lu Fanfeng could also borrow Yang Wei's phone and buy a present.

In the next second, when he opened the Immortal Realm Taobao, he exclaimed, "My god, that cake buyer, Old Lord Taishang's medicine store, are you sure you aren't afraid of being struck by lightning when you call out such an awesome name?"

Next, a large pile of strange names entered his eyes. The fruit classification, the Queen Mother's Fruit Shop, and the Zhen Yuan Zi Fruit Shop were all standing there.

In the seafood restaurant, there was a large group of Dragon Kings that far surpassed the North, South, East, and South Seas.

There were countless weapon stores.

However, after looking through for a long time, Lu Fanfeng was still unable to find the gift shop.

He was depressed in his heart, seems like he won't be able to handle the matter of buying Tingting gifts.

At this moment, someone suddenly sent a private message to him, "Hello Fellow Daoist, may I ask if you need fresh flowers?"

"Flowers?" A thought flashed through Lu Fanfeng's mind, that's right, fresh flowers were the best gift.

He immediately clicked on the other party's profile picture, "Hunderd Flowers Fairy!"

As he entered the shop, he saw a huge pile of flowers.

The big picture on the first page recommended a heaven-defying product, "Western region Mandala and Gallos, this flower has seven colors. It changes in an instant and is extremely beautiful. It only costs 50 Merit Points!"

"Merit? What is Merit?" Lu Fanfeng was puzzled, when did WeChat come out of nowhere? Could it be that it was also in currency?

Lu Fanfeng indeed did not have much cash, but he did not know what merit he had.

Just as he was worrying, a message appeared on his phone.

"Are you worrying about the lack of merits? Do you want to immediately obtain a large amount of merits to resolve urgent needs, merit to finance, and the wealth advisors by your side?"

He wanted to buy roses, and as long as the seller did not need cash, there would immediately be people willing to lend him the merit. Lu Fanfeng did not know why there were so many good things happening today, but he still downloaded the Heavenly Court Finance!

"You can buy it with merit. That will save you a lot of money, haha!" Lu Fanfeng didn't know what merit was, but once he saw that he didn't need any money, he immediately became straightforward.

Lu Fanfeng: Here? I want a hundred of them!

Hunderd Flowers Fairy: 100 flowers, for a total of 5000 contribution points. You are the first customer of my store, I will offer you 30%, 3500 contribution points, how about it?

Lu Fanfeng: Hurry and give it to me, I need to use it tomorrow.

Hunderd Flowers Fairy: Don't worry, I'll be here in a second!

Lu Fanfeng just smiled without saying a word. An ordinary delivery, being able to arrive for three days was already quite good. It was already good that a big city could deliver flowers for two hours. As for instant arrival, just take a look and don't believe in advertising.

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