In the noisy bar, Su Anan remembered that she had picked up a bunch of Su Zihan before she left. At the end, with her head spinning, she relied on her alcohol and courage to accept her good friend Fu Xin's bet.

"An An, go up if there's a man at the door, and if it's a woman, I'll go up!"

"If you want to kiss his mouth, do you dare to play!" With the smell of alcohol, Fu Xin shouted.

A bet is a bet, who's afraid of who! Su Anan replied. She wanted to know if there were any male or female customers in this pub, so she wouldn't agree to Fu Xin's bored playing games.

Indeed, a man walked in through the dark door. Su Anan sat in a position where she could not see the man's face clearly from the reflection of the light, nor did she know what she looked like.

Since he had gambled, it didn't matter if he was ugly or not. Under Fu Xin's urging, Su Anan could only rely on her alcohol tolerance.

"Come!" Su Anan quickly went up to stop the man's direction. She raised her head and saw the man's beautiful lips. Small matter, kiss! "

As she spoke, she stood on tiptoe and kissed the man.

Whatever he looked like, his lips looked good.

Just then, Su Anan was pushed away by the man, "Scram!"

The man's voice was cold and stern, carrying a thick unhappiness. Su Anan's midriff, miniskirt and alluring thick makeup clearly showed that he treated her as a dishonest woman.

Su Anan was pushed away and took a step back.

She kissed him and when she thought about it, she smiled and raised her eyebrows at Fu Xin before turning around to look at her face.

It was a beautiful face, as if it had been carved by someone. It did not have the slightest flaw, and it was perfect. He looked up at her with deep eyes filled with anger.

A man may be good-looking, but why does he look so familiar!

"Old." Just when she was about to say "male", Su Anan blurted out.

Husband! Yes, that was the word she wanted to use. Wasn't the man with the cold face in front of her the mysterious newlywed husband?

If she hadn't seen him, she would have forgotten that she was a woman.

Most of all, she recognized him, and he frowned at her once more and walked away.

He didn't recognize her!

That was true. Half a month after she was sent to the Gu family, the number of times she had met with him had been counted on her fingers. Furthermore, every time they had met, it had been on the bed.

After turning off the light, she took off her clothes. As she put on her clothes and put on makeup, Gu Mocheng naturally did not recognize her.

Fortunately, he didn't recognize her!

As Su Anan was thinking, she had already abandoned Fu Xin and ran out of the pub, she did not dare to stay there any longer, although Gu Mocheng did not recognize her at that moment, and could not guarantee that he would remember.

Gu Mocheng, the Gu family's ruler, was thirty-one years old. In the outside world, it was rumored that Gu Mocheng was cold and ruthless, not good for women.

Coldness, ruthlessness, happiness, anger, and uncertainty, Su Anan admitted it.

Not a good girl? They had been married for half a month, and they had met twice. Each time, his goal was for her to sleep. Therefore, Su Anan was not clear about how other people passed down the knowledge of being a bad woman. If not for this, she wouldn't have married Gu Mocheng.

On the way back, Su Anan took out a mirror and undressed in a taxi. At the same time, she used her earphones to explain to Fu Xin.

A phone call came in before the call was made.

"Madam!" It was the butler from Gu Mansion.

"Uncle Chen, I just finished my homework at my classmate's house and will be home very soon." Su Anan lied without batting an eyelid.

"Mister will be back in half an hour. He told you to prepare!"

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