Imperial Hunters/C12 Unexpected(3)
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Imperial Hunters/C12 Unexpected(3)
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C12 Unexpected(3)

He came to the front of the house and found Ashley and a few others chatting with the village head, while Wuji was sitting outside, looking around. Yao Ling walked to his side and whispered, "This village is quite strange. You said that these mountains and forests should all be f * cking poor people, but look at this house, this is made entirely out of teak. This thing is a national treasure in Myanmar, and it's rare for poor people to use this to build houses." Also, look at the carvings on it. It's not bad work. Look, this is a dragon, isn't it? Look at their craftsmanship, it really isn't the work of an ordinary person. "

Wuji also whispered to him, "Yes, look at the people in this village. They don't look like mountain people. It seems like this place is quite rich. Just now, I saw a few girls. Their appearance and temperament are completely different from ordinary Burmese firewood girls."

"Not all of them. I saw that there are quite a few poor families in this village too. It seems the gap between the rich and the poor is quite big." I think the village head heard that he was a military leader in the past, so he must have made quite a bit. Now that the situation has changed, we can go back to the old forest and enjoy his old age, maybe the villagers in this village will have some means to get more money. Just think of a way to get back to the village and get some things done. Ashley introduced the two of them to the village head, Wu Bo, in English. When Wu Bo heard that the two of them were the hunters who wanted to eliminate all harm from the village, he quickly stood up to welcome them and invited them to take a seat.

Yao Yun looked around and suddenly remembered something. She called for an interpreter from under the bridge and asked Wu Bo if the other hunters had arrived. Wu Bo replied that they were the only ones and that no one else had come to the village. Yao Ling felt a little strange inside. The old black sheep had left ahead of him and there were only two of them. He should have arrived here before him. Could it be that something had happened on the way here? After all, he still hoped that his friend would be safe and sound.

Ashley and the little girl were not used to it, but they forced themselves to eat a little out of politeness. Yao Ling and Wuji both had good appetites, and although they were not used to it, they were used to it when they were in the wilderness. They would not refuse any food, but basically, they did not eat anything under the bridge.

Everyone was eating half a meal when they suddenly saw a villager run in and say something to Wu Bo. Wu Bo hurriedly wiped his hands and followed him out of the house. Yao Ling curiously craned her neck to look outside and saw a few villagers carrying a stretcher. The person lying on the stretcher seemed to be the old black goat, so she also ran out together with them.

"Fuck, Black Goat, what's wrong with you?"

He saw that the old black sheep on the stretcher was covered in blood, and the wound on his leg seemed to be quite severe. However, he was still conscious. When he saw Yao Ling appear, he became agitated once more. He struggled to sit up, but Yao Ling quickly stopped him and said, "Don't move, what's wrong? "Why are you alone?"

The old black goat didn't answer him, only clenching its fists. Yao Ning saw that he was holding a necklace, he had once seen this necklace on Little Mei's neck. The Black Goat closed its eyes, tears streaming down the corners of its eyes. "Hurry up and carry him into the house. I'll go take a look at his wounds." Yao Yun shouted to the villagers.

Although he didn't understand Chinese language, he could understand the meaning behind his words. He quickly carried the black sheep to an empty bamboo house, where Yao Ling went back to his own room to get his medical bag to treat the wounds of the black sheep. Although he wasn't a doctor, he spent most of his time in the wilderness, was familiar with the methods of first aid, and was also familiar with the medicine passed down by his ancestors.

When Yao Ling ran to the old black sheep's house with the first-aid kit in her arms, she found Wu Bo taking out the bullets from his leg. There weren't any anesthetic drugs in the village, but there was a type of local herbal medicine that could be used as a local anesthetic for wounds that had been mashed and applied to the wound. Yao Ling was worried. She stood to the side and took a look. She found it to be reliable. Most likely, it was because of the craftsmanship that Wu Bo had learned from the army. Wu Bo took out a warhead from the old black sheep's leg. It was an ordinary Barabbé Mothers handgun. Yao Ling first scattered some medicinal powder over the old black sheep's wound, then she took out a anti-bacterial bandage and wrapped it around him.

Only after the rest of the people in the room had left did the old black sheep open his eyes. With difficulty, he said to Yao Rong, "We met two hunters on the road. I know them. They're from a company in the United States. Have you heard of the White-tailed Sea Eagle Hunt?" I didn't know why the two forced children attacked us, but when I was hurt, they raped Little Mei and a monster suddenly came over and ripped their stomachs open with its big claws. I struggled to get up and tried to save Little Mei, but I couldn't stand up and rolled down the mountain, so I couldn't do anything but call out Little Mei's name. I couldn't hear her, so the monster didn't come to me, and when I recovered some strength and slowly crawled back to the place where the accident happened, there was nothing left on the two bastards' corpses, and Little Mei also disappeared, not even the blood on the ground …

Listening to the old black goat's story, Yao Ling felt a little strange in his heart. He asked, "Monster?" What kind of monster is this? "

I've never seen anything like it before. It looked like a bear, or a pig, or something, and its large claws were especially big, like a giant mole or something. In short, it was a monster …" You see, it's not that it looks weird, and it's acting weird... " The old black sheep was so anxious that he couldn't express his meaning in Chinese. He was so anxious that he started speaking in his tribe's language. Yao Yun quickly said, "Fuck, don't worry. Say that I can understand." The Black Goat painfully closed its eyes and muttered something to itself. Yao Ling put her ear close to his ear and seemed to hear him say, "Human … Like a person... " He repeated these words over and over again before he exhausted all his energy and fell into a deep sleep.

Yao Ling pulled a blanket over him and walked out of the room alone. In her heart, she chanted the words of the Black Goat: "Humans …" Like a person... " What did that mean? Was it that the monster that attacked them looked like a human? But when he said it looked like a bear or a pig, the difference was obvious.

After dinner, Wu Bo called for tea, coffee, and a lot of fruit, then asked how they were going to kill the man-eating demon. Ashley asked him, "I heard that the army sent a lot of people into the mountains to hunt but to no avail?

Wu Bo nodded, he said that this demon seemed to have some kind of ability, the men in their village had to go out to work every once in a while, the village was left with some old and weak women and children, the monster seemed to have information on people, once the people in the village left, it would come to eat them, sometimes the village would leave some men to guard it, it could also find a house without men, later on the military sent a few soldiers to hide in the village to hunt it, but no matter how hidden they were, it would never appear, as long as the soldiers came, it would appear. Some people said that this monster was trained by the nearby Rohingya Circus to harm people, and wanted to scare away the villagers dominating the village. Others said that this monster was the legendary Raksha Ghosts, in short, this thing was not an ordinary beast.

Ashley went up to Yao Yin and asked, "What do you think? That doesn't sound easy, does it? "

Yao Ling disapproved and said, "People become extremely fearful and even worship things. It's just because of ignorance that this animal doesn't know about it, that it feels that its strength is unfathomable, or that it has an unusual behavior, that it feels that it is a demon, a ghost, or even a god. This is all foolishness!" A wild beast was still a wild beast. No matter how strong the wild beast was, it was impossible to defeat the hunter. This was fate, otherwise, the human race would not be able to dominate the world. "Don't worry, although this thing is hard to deal with, it is definitely not some ghost or god. As long as we have patience, we will definitely be able to catch it. I am only worried that these villagers will not cooperate, and worry about the conflict between them and Luo Xing Yu."

"That should be fine. Village Chief Wu Bo has a lot of prestige here. The villagers do not dare to oppose his words. He will fully cooperate with us." Ashley promised Yao Ling. However, Yao Lin laughed coldly and said, "I believe that he hopes to catch that wild beast faster than anyone else, regardless of the cost."

Ashley heard the message and asked, "Do you think there's anything wrong with him?"

Yao Ling smiled and said, "Look at his behavior. Do you think he looks like an ordinary villager from the deep mountains or the deep forests?" There must be a reason for him to be hiding in here, but no matter what the reason is, he is afraid that this matter will only get worse and worse. That way, he will be exposed, so I believe that he will do his best to restrain the villagers and cooperate with us.

"What did you discover?" Ashley was a bit nervous. She was worried about what her father would do. Maybe... He had seen through his plan.

Yao Ling shook her head, indicating that she didn't want to continue speaking. She then curled up on the cushion, smoking a cigar, and didn't say another word. After Wu Bo explained the general situation to them, asking if there was anything they needed from the village, Yao Ling said to him, "After we arrive, that monster definitely won't dare to come back to the village to commit murder. If they want to catch it, they'll have to take the initiative and go into the mountains to capture it.

When they came out of Wu Bo's house, it was already very late, and it was raining heavily outside. The few of them went back to their own rooms to rest, and for the sake of safety, Ashley and the little girl were living together, while Old Jin lived in the same bamboo house under the bridge, while Yao Ling and Wei Wuji lived in two separate bamboo houses on each side of the village. According to everyone's calculations, the night would be peaceful and peaceful. According to the usual circumstances, the man-eating beast would not dare to appear, so everyone could take a good rest and head into the mountains to hunt it down. However, they never expected an accident to happen on this very night.

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