Imperial Hunters/C13 Phantom(1)
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Imperial Hunters/C13 Phantom(1)
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C13 Phantom(1)

Although he had also determined that this elusive but cautious beast would not commit murder in the village tonight, he did not dare to be careless. Not to mention that this was a place where the old black sheep had once said that there might be a conspiracy in place for this. Someone had set up a trap for famous hunters, and after that, the old black goat had unknowingly nearly lost his life. Furthermore, this village was not as simple as a normal mountain village. Wu Bo and the villagers must have some unspeakable secrets. Although it seemed that these people would not and would not have any reason to harm an outsider like him, they had to be on guard. The most important rule was that the locals and the Rohingians would have a bloody conflict that was difficult to stop. They had already experienced it on the way, and the degree of the tragedy was even greater than the war. This was a kind of never-ending enmity; it looked peaceful on the surface, but once the fury of both sides was ignited, it would be difficult for Lord Buddha to stop them from killing each other.

For the sake of safety, Yao Yun placed his GLOCK38, which was used to protect himself, under the pillow, as well as set up a lightning bolt under the door and the window. This thing was his own speciality, once someone triggered a trip wire, the lightning bolt would not be enough to kill the person, but it could still wake him up and deter the enemy.

However, he still couldn't fall asleep. He simply opened a bottle of cold beer provided by the village, lit up a cigar, and leisurely smoked. He was prepared to take a look at the old black goat's injuries after he finished smoking.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door, followed by Ashley's voice, "Third Brother, can I come in?"

He didn't expect Ashley to come looking for him so late. Afraid that she would step on the trip wire after pushing the door open, he hurriedly ran to the door and grabbed Ashley's arm. "Go in slowly!" Don't step on it. Hmm, watch your step. "

"As soon as Ashley was reminded, he also noticed the trip and carefully walked over." Third brother, is that black man your friend? How is he? Is there any danger to your life? "

Yao Yun pulled over a chair and said, "Sit, I used to know him in the country. Later on, I worked for a boss in Africa and he helped me a lot. He's a good friend. His injuries weren't that serious. He would be able to move around in a few days, but … His girlfriend is missing. It's not going to be easy. "

Ashley's expression was dejected. Suddenly, she threw herself into Yao Yun's arms and began to cry. She cried in a very sad and aggrieved manner. Now, all she did was cause Yao Yun to cry in a daze. What a strange woman, an offer cannon? But it doesn't seem like it. She was crying so hard that it hurt. Yao Ling thought in her heart before raising her up and asking, "What's wrong with you?" If you have something to say, just say it. Why are you crying?


Ashley didn't stop her tears. She was just crying because she had been feeling too depressed over the years. There was a huge secret hidden in her heart. She was about to go crazy because she didn't have a suitable target to talk to. In order to reduce her stress and emotions, she had done all sorts of crazy actions to find a way to relieve them, such as self-mutilation, promiscuous intercourse, sexual intercourse with death, drug abuse, extreme sports, and even going on a crazy killing spree with a group of robbers. Until she met Yao Ling, she felt that there was a sliver of hope in this impossible plan. This man that suddenly appeared might be able to help her complete her salvation, rescue her and also save her father. However, Ashley still did not dare to reveal his own situation to Yao Yun. He did not dare to tell her everything from the beginning because this was too bizarre and too sinful. She did not know what Yao Yun would do when she found out, nor did she dare to take the risk. However, after hearing that another innocent woman might have died tragically, she could no longer control her emotions. She needed to cry, or else she would not be able to bear it any longer.

She thought that perhaps she was afraid, perhaps there was something else she could do, so she comforted her, "Relax, although I came here with you for the sake of earning money, I'm not a fugitive, I won't do anything that is too dangerous. It's fine, we will smoothly finish this work and return safely.

Ashley raised her head to look at Yao Ling. She had an impulse to tell him her secret, but in the end she resisted. She wiped away her tears and said, "Ha, it's alright now. Can you give me a bottle of beer? Give me another cigar and I'll smoke as well."

Yao Yun chuckled as she thought to herself, "It would be better to smoke the cigar on my Big Brother's body in such a good environment; it would really be a waste of my feelings." But he got up and took one out of his bag and handed it to Ashley and unscrewed a bottle of beer for her. " "Cheers," Ashley said, and drained his glass. "Fuck, take it easy. I know you have a lot of sense, but we're not in Beijing. Don't get drunk."

"Can you tell me about your past?" Ashley asked curiously. She wasn't just trying to find something to talk about. She was indeed very curious about Yao Yun.

In the past, there wasn't anything special about me. Actually, hunting is just a hobby of mine, after all, it's a skill passed down from my ancestors. I was also young at the time, and loved to meddle in other people's business, so I went up to help them get away. In the end, I did not expect that the person who got beaten up was really a big character, this bro was previously a member of the government, but later on he was dismissed from his position and he had quite a bit of money. He had a lot of business in Africa, and seeing that I was reliable, he told me to follow him. After that, there was a war, and we fought ferociously. We didn't dare to stay there any longer, so we got old goat to sell us off and come back home. Our big brother couldn't stay idle, his African business was ruined, and his domestic business was covered up with a lot of money, so he went to the North Korean side to do business. In the end, he met with the border guards of the North Korean side, and our big brother got shot and was caught, we wanted to save him, but we couldn't, at most we lost our lives, and could only run back as fast as we could. Luckily, we met an acquaintance. With the head-slaying Thunder Belt, we hid in the mountains at the border for a few days before escaping back to the country through the secret passage that they smuggled. Later on, when we asked around, our big brother saved his life, and his family spent a lot of money to redeem him, but we were not able to treat him in time after getting shot in the waist. Since he was crippled and collapsed on the brick bed, we were too ashamed to go and find him.

"Just as Ashley was about to express his opinion, he suddenly heard that something had happened in the stronghold, causing a commotion." "Let's go out and take a look." Saying so, Yao Yun went under the pillow and took out a handgun from under his waist. Then she carefully pulled Ashley along with her as she stepped over the trip rope and went outside.

The stronghold was brightly lit. Many villagers had gathered in a bamboo tower not far from Yao Ling. In the distance, there were still many people running towards this direction. "Damn it, this is bad. Something has happened, I was f * cking careless." Yao Ling ran towards the bamboo building while saying with regret, "I also thought that thing wouldn't come tonight, I didn't expect …"

Ashley comforted him: "Don't worry, it's not necessarily monsters that come to hurt people. Maybe it's something else, maybe it's Rohingyas?"

"Then it's f * cking over."

His face was pale, and his forehead was covered in sweat. He tightly pursed his lips, and even his white moustache had shrunk. When he saw Yao Ling and the others, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and began to chat with Ashley in English. At this time, there was no longer any need for Ashley to translate Wu Bo's words for him. The strong smell of blood was already stimulating his nose, and the two dark red legs on the ground in the bamboo house had already explained everything.

He had seen many bloody scenes, he had seen pictures of monsters hurting people in the village, and he had already mentally prepared himself. However, when he saw the corpse on the floor, he could only silently recite the words' f * cking horse 'a few times in his heart.

This was a female corpse. The head of the deceased had been completely flattened. It didn't shatter, but was flattened by the explosive force. It was stuck to the floor by the sticky blood and brain matter. The upper body of the corpse had been cut open from the middle. The internal organs were exposed, and the skin and flesh near the two sides of the breast had been torn into strips. The gaping wound extended from the throat all the way to the belly. There was still a small part of the flesh below that had not been damaged, and a large hole had been dug through the lower part. Organs from the outer epidermis to the uterus had all been hollowed out, leaving only a small piece of flesh on the buttocks.

Ashley walked in and when he saw all this, he felt his legs go weak and fell to the ground. At this moment, the others had already rushed to the scene. The girl and Jin Bian helped Ashley up and sat down outside, and Yao Yun's mood had already been thoroughly ignited. With an ashen face, he turned around and saw Wuji and shouted, "Pick up your things, and enter the mountain!"

Wuji stopped him and advised: "Third brother, calm down. It's not too late for you to enter the mountains after you understand the situation here."

"Hmm? Did you find anything? " He knew that Wuji had always been calmer and more meticulous than him, so he must have sensed that something was amiss.

Wuji came close to his ear and whispered: "Brother, look. The floor is full of claw marks. Look at these, they are very deep, but there's something strange about them."

At this time, Yao Yun had calmed down. He wiped off the bloodstains on the floor and reached out his hand to touch them, carefully observing the claw marks. As expected, although these marks were very clear, they couldn't be hidden from their eyes. From the description given by the old black sheep and the villagers, the man-eating monster was quite huge, similar to a big bear. It was normal for it to leave deep claw marks on the ground with its huge body and sharp claws, but the claw marks on the floor were not caused by a beast weighing several hundred kilograms. Although the claw marks were deep, the edges were unusually neat. He turned around and carefully looked at the bite marks on the deceased's leg. With this look, there was indeed something strange, those wounds were indeed bite marks, but from the look of the wound, it didn't seem like the huge monster that everyone had described. Looking at the wound, this thing that was killing was not even as big as the dog in the village.

"Who found the body?" Yao Ling asked.

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