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Imperial Hunters/C14 Phantom(2)
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C14 Phantom(2)

The young girl who was leading the way for Yao Lin stood up. She timidly explained that it was a show of force and she was frightened. Even though there were so many people by her side, she still couldn't stop shaking.

Hearing her finish, the man under the bridge nodded, turned around, and explained to Yao Yun, "This girl said that she and the dead woman are friends. This woman's husband is out on an errand, it's inconvenient for her to get pregnant, so you should stay home and rest. She said that the dead man had gone to bed after dinner, and she knew that her husband was not there, so she worried that she was not safe by herself, and she took advantage of the rain to visit him. She said that her home was right next to it. When she stood at home, she could see the bamboo building, but she did not notice anything strange. She also did not hear anything unusual on this side.

Right at that moment, Wu Bo suddenly walked in from outside. His face was paler than before, and he seemed to be very angry. He held a piece of plastic cloth in his hand, which was wrapped in a bloody mess of flesh and blood. With a quick glance, Yao Ling realized that this mess consisted of the internal organs of the deceased as well as the formed fetus in his stomach.

Wu Bo walked in front of Yao Lao, stretched out his arms, and said something that shocked everyone below the bridge. He translated Wu Bo's words to Yao Yun with a trembling voice, "He said that these things were thrown onto the buddhist statues near the village entrance. When they found them, they were still in this pile …" They found a tuft of white beard, and they suspected... "I suspect that this is your friend, the Black Goat, so I went to look for it in its house, only to find that it had disappeared."

"Fuck, tell him, this can't be done by that old black sheep!" Yao Ling furiously grabbed that long white fur and looked at it, then said with even more firmness, "This isn't a fucking beard, this is hair. The old black goat doesn't have hair, and this is a bald man!" "If he is missing, then he must have been viciously attacked as well!"

When the people of the stronghold heard his words, they suddenly broke into a commotion. Many people started shouting, and the people of the stronghold immediately translated to Yao Ling, "These people said it was Rakshasi. What did they say? The White Haired Ghost King came out?"

"What Rakshasi?" Yao Ling asked in a curious tone. After a short conversation with Wu Bo, they continued, "There is a local legend that the mountain range is the land of the Raksha Devils. They all live in man-eating Raksha Devils, and their king is a ghost king with white fur. These Rakasha ghosts used to be in India, but were later defeated by the godly monkey Hanuman, and the veterans hid in the mountains here, and from time to time they would come out and kill people, eating women and children, and sometimes they would take beautiful girls to be wives. "

Yao Yun didn't say anything. He just stood there like he was in a daze. Only Wei Wuji knew that at this moment, he seemed to have a plan in his mind and was thinking of a way to solve this case.

"Third brother, are you alright?" Ashley asked him with concern.

"Tell Wu Bo to find me two people in the village, a man and a woman. It would be best if they were husband and wife, or a couple, and it would be best if the woman was pregnant. I want to take them to the mountains to catch ghosts."

After saying that, Yao Ling wordlessly walked out of the bamboo building. Ashley and the others followed Yao Ling into the room. As soon as they entered, Wuji asked excitedly, "Third Brother, if I'm not wrong, are you going to use the eighteen days magic dance passed down by our Wei clan to catch that fella?"

Yao Yun opened a few bottles of beer and passed them to everyone. His expression was just as excited as Wuji, as he said, "Fourth Bro, based on the situation that we've gathered together these past few days, my initial judgement was not wrong. The so-called Rakshasi King that harmed us is actually a bear, but this bear is a little special, regardless of its appearance or its habits."

Ashley was curious, and she said, "Special? What's special about bears? Furthermore, what happened just now was too strange … I don't think... Is there really a ghost? "

Yao Ling sneered and said, "Ghost? Where did this ghost come from? The so-called ghosts were nothing more than humans' inner demons. We don't need to care about what happened in the bamboo building right now, we are only talking about the previous situation, and indeed there was a ferocious beast that came to eat humans. According to the description, this should be a South Asian special breed of bear, the lazy bear, of course, there are some mutations of this lazy bear, its appearance is bigger than ordinary lazy bears, and its appearance also has some changes. As for its habits, for example, it likes to prey on women and children, likes to torture prey and so on, it is very normal. "These animals kill their prey for fun, not just to survive. They even torture their prey to death, but to satisfy their perverted habit of doing so." After saying that, Yao Ling took out the beer in his hand and said to himself, "This kind of wild beast must die."

"Then what is the Eighteen Heavenly Demons Dance? Why do you want Wu Bo to find you a couple? Are you going to use them as bait? " Ashley was even more curious.

Yao Ling nodded her head in satisfaction and said, "Yes, Wuji and my ancestors were ordered to set up the Tou Shuo Temple in the Western Mountain, where we secretly trained the hunters that we recruited from the surrounding tribes and the people. They had once written a joint book, the Thousand-hand Demon Subduing Dhoroni Scripture, which was divided into two parts: the north and the south. Our Yao Family relied on hunting, and our Wei Family relied on skills. The two factions complemented each other, with nothing that couldn't be broken. The lazy bear that we are going to catch is actually not that amazing, so it's hard to find it. We just need to rely on a simple search and we won't have enough manpower, even if we move our troops inch by inch to search it, we might not be able to find it. So we can only think of a way to lure it out on its own. I remember that in the Southern Scriptures of my fourth ancestor, there was a volume of the Shuroganda Sutra, in which the method of luring monsters to appear by means of sixteen days of dancing was detailed. To put it bluntly, it was to stimulate the voices, colors, and noses of the perverted beasts into a trap. "However, with our current condition, it will be difficult to organize the Sixteen Heavenly Demon Formation. We can only try to simplify it and hope that Wu Bo can find me a suitable candidate."

Ashley smiled with a reddened face and said, "No wonder you two are so excited …" "Look, Fourth Bro is so happy that his eyebrows are running all over his face. I just want to show it to an adult."

Yao Ling happily said, "Your understanding isn't wrong, but our show is a bit more complicated than an adult's. You'll know when the time comes."

The next day at lunch time, Wu Bo brought a man and a woman over to meet them. The two of them were young, the man wasn't tall, he had strong muscles, and the woman also had a pretty face with a hump and buttocks. Wu Bo said that the two men were called Dechinsu, a native of the village, but had been working in places like Thailand. They had been trained by their boss for several years before performing an adult show. The woman's name was Madan, and she was one of the most famous local whores in the area. She didn't have any special traits, just that she was pregnant.

After listening to Wu Bo's introduction, Yao Ling could not help but burst into laughter. He asked, "Fourth Bro, look at these two. Do they work together?"

Wuji also grinned as he looked at the two of them, "It's not like we can't tell by looking at them this way. Just tell them to show off for a bit."

Jin Buyi also chimed in from the side. "Right, right, right. Tell them to act it out for us."

Wuji was the most annoyed of this man, so he said to him: "Where the hell are you going to be? Do you know what we're doing? Scram to the side and speak less. "

Wu Bo nodded at their request and said, "Easy, easy." He clapped his hands, and Madan took a video recorder and played some music, and the two of them began to play along with the explosive tempo. That Decinghu was clearly a pro player, with all sorts of poses.

Yao Ling stood up and said, "That's enough, stop and stop. We won't be able to hold them off after a while." He turned to Wei Wuji and asked: "What do you think, is it okay?" Wuji slapped his thigh and praised: "That's f * cking okay. Look at that waist of yours, that little god. No trouble at all. After we finish eating, tell them to come to my room and train alone!"

After the meal, Wu Ji led the two men back to his bamboo house. He ordered someone to surround the house with gauze, making it impossible to see the situation inside. He then ordered everyone to not to enter two hundred meters around the bamboo house. Fourth brother definitely has no good intentions, it's just to see that! " Ashley said half-jokingly, half-seriously. Yao Yun explained to her, "Actually, it's not what you think. The magic dance for 16 days is really just a dance, relying on the dancers' form to attract the attention of the people watching. We don't have the conditions here to restore the true sixteen day magic dance, but luckily, the one we want to lure is just an animal, so training those two a little shouldn't be a problem. "

"Damn, then you guys told those two people to do an adult show just now!"

"Haha, since we have nothing better to do, let's just watch the show and drink. At least you can give us some benefits. Besides, aren't you happy watching this?"

Yao Yun told everyone to go back and rest, and prepared to enter the mountains to hunt that man-eating beast at dawn the next day. However, in his heart, he had been bitterly pondering about another matter: the death of that pregnant woman and the disappearance of that old black sheep, who did it! Yao Yun felt that this stronghold must have some kind of unspeakable secret. Could the disappearance of the Black Goat and the death of the pregnant woman be related to this secret? Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to kill a pregnant woman without making a sound and take away the old black sheep. One must know that the people here all lived in bamboo houses, and even the slightest movement would attract the attention of others, especially since the old black sheep was not easy to deal with. Although he was injured, it was almost impossible to get rid of him without making a sound.

He sat up on the bed and lit a cigar. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. When he raised his head, he saw that it was the girl who had brought him here. The girl held a wooden tray filled with bottles and jars in her arms. She gave a curtsey to Yao Yun, then gestured for him to take a shower as if she wanted to massage him.

"I thought you looked familiar. Is it Sauna's way of doing things? You're pushing the gas!" Knowing that she wouldn't understand, Yao Yun waved her hand to refuse. Then, she picked up the jar of essential oil and powder from the wooden tray and began to compare them, which meant that these things were too fragrant and that they would irritate the wild beasts when they went hunting in the mountains.

She nodded her head and bowed again, then picked up the wooden basin and was about to leave when she suddenly discovered that there was something white on top of her head. He grabbed the girl, reached out his hand to take that white object from her head, and found that it was actually a bunch of white hair, exactly the same as the hair he found on the organ of a dead pregnant woman.

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