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Imperial Hunters/C18 Secret Realm
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C18 Secret Realm

After an unknown period of time, the intense pain woke Yao Yun up from the loss of blood and unconsciousness. His entire left arm was in excruciating pain, to the point where it cut into his heart. He knew that his bone was injured, and that his arm was probably going to be crippled. Yao Ling tried to get up, but he didn't have the slightest bit of strength left. His entire body was lazy as a thought flashed through his mind: Just lie there quietly and wait for death. However, every time this thought flashed through his mind, Yao Yun would once again ignite the desire to live. Closing his eyes, he slowed down and then silently recited the scripture from the "Jin Pilotoga Piro", praying for the God of Healing's blessing. This was the fourth scripture recorded in the [Thousand Hands Demon Subduing Taroni]. It corresponded to the head of the Twelve Divine Generals, the Great General Gongpiro. In reality, this scripture recorded an ancient Qi skill that could stop bleeding and relieve pain through sealing the acupuncture points.

He knew that it was impossible for him to climb out, and the only thing he could do now was to try to climb up as high as possible to avoid the surging river and the incoming torrent. In addition, he could also make it easier for others to find him, of course, if someone found him here.

He climbed to a high slope and was so tired that he no longer had the strength to move. The injury on his left arm was still very painful, and Yao Yun understood that she could no longer move recklessly, or else she would rapidly consume the remaining strand of energy. He was sitting with his back against an old stone Buddha statue. The loss of blood and the heavy rain had quickly caused his body to lose heat, and his brain was starting to feel muddled again. His fingers were stiff, and he was even beginning to struggle with his breathing.

His mind was blank at times as he let his thoughts run wild. Suddenly, he saw something emerge from the river and swim to the shore with great speed. It seemed like it was a person! Yao Yun simply couldn't believe her eyes. She thought she was hallucinating, but he looked at it again and again. It really was a human, and it even seemed like it was a woman wearing a flowery skirt.

How could a woman suddenly emerge from such a swift river? However, regardless of whether it was his opponent was a person or his own imagination, he didn't have the strength to do anything. He didn't even have the strength to cry out. All he could do was quietly stay here and wait for his opponent to discover him.

If this was a normal day, Yao Ning would think that this was a mountain villager like the legendary little girl who harvested mushrooms. However, in such a heavy rain, in the middle of this wild and wild mountain of ferocious beasts, a woman suddenly popped out of the river and happily skipped around. As long as Yao Ning still had a trace of sanity, she wouldn't think that this woman was normal. However, so what if the other party came with ill intentions? Right now, Yao Yun was only left with half a life. No matter what happened, he could only let himself be manipulated by others and leave it to the will of the heavens. "Haha, perhaps this is a ghost girl, seeing that I've killed a monster to repay her, I'm not sure." Haha, maybe this is a ghost girl, seeing that I've killed a monster to repay your kindness, I'm not sure.

The woman was getting closer and closer to Yao. From her clothing and the tight headscarf, Yao saw that she should be a Rohin, but it was strange. Something seemed to be hanging on her chest, swaying along with her heartbeat. Yao knew that in Rakhine, many of the Rohingyas lived on fishing for generations, not only because they were good at water but also because of the many ancient fishing techniques, and for this reason these roaming Rohingyas were also the targets of traffickers in South and Southeast Asia. The snakeheads often used smuggling as bait to lure the Rohingyas into selling them as slaves on fishing boats in places like Thailand. Perhaps this woman had discovered that there were only a few people here, and had decided to fish in this river instead?

However, Yao Ling's optimistic thoughts were quickly extinguished. A trace of fear rose in his heart, because as the other party got closer, he could clearly see that the item hanging on the woman's chest was not clothing or decoration. It was a fucking tongue! A long, lolling tongue coming out of her mouth! It was impossible for a normal person to have such a long tongue hanging outside! What the fuck!

The woman's speed was very fast, and before long, she was in front of Yao Ling. She had a deathly pale face, dark green eyes, and a purplish-black tongue that would occasionally twitch in front of her chest. He reached out and picked up a stone that was lying on the ground nearby, and with all his strength, he smashed it towards the woman's head. There was a loud bang, and the stone hit the woman's face, but the woman didn't seem to notice, and the moment her head was hit, she didn't react at all. Instead, she jumped up to Yao Ling's side, swinging her black purple tongue, which was emitting a fishy smell, and started sweeping her face, greedily licking a piece of cake.

F * ck! This didn't make sense! However, he couldn't explain what was happening in front of him. Even if the other party was a ghost, how could it have escaped in broad daylight? Even if it was a ghost, how could it have emerged from the river? They would often cast illusions to confuse lone mountain dwellers or hunters. Those who were experienced in this kind of illusions would bite the tip of their tongue and spray blood at the other party to break it. It often had miraculous effects. Yao Yun believed that these so-called hallucinations were nothing more than certain animals that could use their own bioelectric substances to interfere and change the brain's activity, causing the other side to have hallucinations. Once the tip of the tongue was bitten, intense pain would naturally interfere with the brain's ability to receive signals from these hallucinations, which would then be used to dispel the hallucinations. However, in many cases, the person who is hallucinated is often restricted in their movements, and biting the tongue is the only viable option.

Yao Ling hardened his heart and bit down hard on his tongue, spraying it out along with his saliva. He had practiced the "Thousand Hands Devil Taroni Scripture" for a long time. Although he was exhausted, his breath was still there. He spat out blood straight towards the woman in front of him.

The woman's ash-gray face exploded, but she did not react at all. Her long tongue swept across Yao Ling's eyes, and she immediately stretched out two dirty and festering hands that exuded a fishy stench. She bent over and grabbed Yao Ling, easily lifting him onto her shoulders.

Yao Ling wanted to struggle, but she didn't know if this was a human or a ghost. Her hands were cold and slippery, like a pair of iron pincers firmly clamping around her body. How could he have the strength to resist?

The woman carried him on her shoulder and hopped back down the hill to the river. Then, without any hesitation, she jumped into the water and swam towards the middle of the river. She dived into the water on purpose to sink straight to the bottom of the river.

In the fifth scripture of the "Thousand Hands Demon Subduing Dragonal Scripture", "Nana Suo Lou", which recorded the methods of hunting aquatic animals, the "Nana Suo Lou", referred to the Western Guardian God of the Secret Sect, which translated the Sanskrit into "Big Fish, Whale, Giant Claw", which was also the meaning of the King of Fish and Dragons. At the same time, in addition to hunting, this scripture also detailed the secret arts of how to move about in the water. The ancients did not have any oxygen cylinders, and those who were skilled in water quality could only stay underwater for at most an hour or two with the help of the breathing technique. Moreover, they could not move too violently, otherwise their time would be greatly shortened. The ancients wanted to prolong their time underwater, so they could only invent some simple auxiliary equipment, such as a simple oxygen bottle made from pig urine, carrying one or two when diving. However, this pig urine bubble had a large volume of oxygen, so it was not convenient to use. Moreover, the situation underwater was complicated, and they also had to fight with ferocious beasts, making it even more inconvenient. This thing was not only able to store oxygen, but also had a mechanism to produce oxygen. The ghosts would hold it in their mouths and breathe in and out slowly, and once the oxygen content in the Raindrop Guan Yin had dropped to a certain level, it would automatically replenish the oxygen in the water. With the addition of the breathing and breathing technique from "Nana Suo Lou", as long as they didn't do any intense activity underwater, they would be able to hide indefinitely at the bottom of the water.

He secretly bit down on the Raindrop Guan Yin to stabilize his mind, using the Turtle Aura to reduce his breathing rate to the lowest. Coupled with the oxygen in the Raindrop Avalon, even staying underwater for a day wouldn't be much of a problem. Although he had taken the Herbalist Powder in advance, he couldn't stay away from treating his wounds for too long. Moreover, this strange thing that came from an unknown source and carried him on its back didn't know what to do, but he had used up all his strength. It was basically impossible to escape from this incomparably strong zombie.

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