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C19 Zombie

Just as Yao Ling was struggling to not be able to escape, a shadow seemed to pass by him in the murky water. It even brushed against her body. He was surprised. He knew that there were many poisonous snakes and giant snakes in the water. There were many unknown ferocious fish. If his blood was scattered in the water, it would attract many beasts.

The zombie grabbed Yao Ling and dragged her downstream. He felt that there was something following them from behind. He wanted to turn around to look, but was unable to. The water was very turbid, so he couldn't see far. While he was struggling to come up with a countermeasure, a large hand suddenly grabbed his neck from behind and pulled him away. The white-clothed female zombie quickly floated up to the surface of the water.

When she emerged from the water and was able to breathe the air, Yao Ning felt her whole body relax, even the pain had lessened a little. Moreover, he could feel that the message from the hand grabbing onto him was not hostile.

After being dragged ashore, Yao Yun finally had the chance to see that the person who saved him was under the bridge. After all, there were very few people in this desolate mountain range, and this matter under the bridge was extremely related to it. It was reasonable for him to appear at this place at this moment, but he did not know how long he had been observing in secret, nor did he know why he wanted to save him.

"Your wounds need to be treated as soon as possible, or your arms will be crippled. There is a lack of medicine and equipment here, so I'm going to take you home for treatment," he said.

"Home?" "Do you have a home here?" Yao Yun curiously asked him.

"My grandfather has lived in this mountain for over 70 years. I think this should be my home." After he finished speaking, he squatted down to pick Yao Ling up and carried her on his back. Afterwards, he climbed up the mountain with large strides. Although he carried a very heavy person on his back, he was still as dexterous as before. Yao Ling leaned on his back and felt that there was a lot of mucus on his body. He smelled like fish and he remembered something he had just met underwater. He asked, "Is there something big in this water?"

"Yes, it's the Black Dragon." No further information was forthcoming from under the bridge, but he quickened his pace and ran up the hill. Yao Ling chuckled and asked, "You're also a hunter, right?"

Hearing him ask this, the man under the bridge suddenly stopped. He lowered his head and asked Yao Ling, "How do you know?"

Yao Ling said dispiritedly, "The thing under the water earlier was actually raised by you. It was you who summoned it to take away that zombie. "The Japanese who have such means should have only the descendants of Okayama's family under the bridge."

"Hahaha, I've really underestimated you. I didn't expect that in China, there would still be people who would know about my family."

So, that bear was raised by you as well? Such a perverted animal, only the ones raised under the bridge would be able to do so. " He looked coldly at the man below the bridge, as if he did not care about his own life or death. In truth, he knew that since he had spent so much effort to save her, there must be a reason behind it. No matter what, he would not harm her. "Sure enough, nothing happened under the bridge, so his soft" "En" "was a sign of acknowledgement. Yao Ning suddenly felt a sharp pain in her leg, followed by an itch, then her eyelids sunk and she fell into a deep slumber.

When Yao Yun woke up again, she was already lying on a clean bed. The wounds on her body had already been bandaged up. At this moment, she was sitting beside him, using needles to prick his legs.

"You're awake. Don't move, you're almost done." He used a needle to prick Yao Ling's skin and smeared some sort of liquid on it. Yao Ling felt the skin on her legs become numb and unstoppable, and he couldn't help but think to himself, This little bastard can't be that sick to the point where he can even play with men?

After waiting for a while, he received the needles under the bridge and wrapped Yao Yun's legs with gauze. He then moved a chair to sit in front of him and the two of them stared coldly at each other.

Finally, he opened his mouth and asked, "How much do you know about my family?"

Yao Ling gave a cold laugh and said, "Taitai Lang? Who doesn't know about him?" "Does your little Japan really think that there is no one in China?"

"Go on."

"The underworld originated from the time of the dead, and was the most glorious era in Nara. It was once crowned by the emperor, and the story of Taotalou originated from the underworld. You have three ultimate skills, Beast Hunting, Indoor Technique, and Celestial Elixir Refinement, which is why you are able to serve the royal family. And because of this, I deduced that the bear was your family's pet. Abnormal, extremely abnormal. "

Under the bridge, Dong Eight's face remained expressionless. After a long time, he let out a long sigh and then kneeled down on the ground, sobbing.

Yao Yun had never liked the Japanese. Other than the hatred between the people, she felt that the Japanese were hypocritical and cunning, that they would usually suppress their natural instincts, and that once they were given the chance, they would double their evil deeds. Therefore, when she saw them crying on the ground, she sneered in her heart and said, "You must have done too many immoral things, you know you're afraid." However, Yao Ling was in the enemy's lair with injuries all over her body, so it could be said that her life was in the hands of the bridge, so it wasn't good to provoke her too much. She decided to just silently watch him cry, thinking in her heart: "Serves you right!"

After crying for a long time under the bridge, she finally stood up to help Yao Ling up. She said to him, "Come with me, I'll show you some things."

He helped Yao Ling out of the room. It was only then that she realized the place they were standing was a bunker or base dug into a cave. It wasn't a very large base, but it looked like a military base. The bridge led him to a room that was similar to a laboratory. The room was filled with all kinds of old instruments and equipment, as well as bottles and jars that resembled mountains.

Under the bridge, he walked up to something wrapped in a white curtain. He tore it off and said, "The one here is my grandfather."

So it was like that. My guess is correct. Yao Ling looked at the glass jar in front of her as she secretly felt pleased with herself. This glass jar was filled with an unknown liquid. The corpse of a half-cut old man with white hair was soaking inside it, but this person had been cut off from the waist down, but his upper body was muscular, and from the outside, he looked as strong as a young man. However, his wrinkled old face and long white hair proved that he was already very old.

He walked in front of the glass and tapped the thick cylinder wall with his finger, as if he was teasing the half corpse inside. Sure enough, as he knocked, the corpse in the jar suddenly opened its eyes. It glared fiercely at Yao Ling, as if it wanted to rush out and bite him a few times. The anger in her heart flared up. With a glance, she saw a female model on a table not far away, which she placed in front of her as if she was playing a prank. Then, she vigorously swung her butt back and forth, acting like she was ruthlessly doing the model. Her face was filled with vulgarity and pleasure, as if she was having sex with a woman.

The half-man in the jar seemed to have received a great shock. Although his four limbs were fixed up, his body was still shaking unwillingly. His eyes were as big as a cow's, and the white hair on his head was also trembling as if it was alive, like a floating white sea serpent.

"Damn it!" That's enough! " He raised his hand and pulled out the katana under his ribs as fast as lightning, accurately stopping the blade on Yao Ling's neck like a pool of autumn water. As long as he made a little move, he could cut off Yao Ning's head.

With this grandson's' Drawing the Saber 'technique, I am already no match for him. Yao Yun clearly understood his own situation in his heart. He gently removed his hand from under the bridge, drew the blade away from his neck, and said to the bridge, "What are you trying to tell me by showing me this? Are you a good person? But you don't want to kill him, do you? "

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