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C3 Venerable

Ashley saw that the two men had gone far away. He still had doubts in his heart and wanted to stay in the temple to take a look, but the little girl thought it was too dangerous and insisted on taking Ashley down the mountain. Ashley wasn't a reckless person. She took out her phone and took a few pictures of the idol in the hall before hurrying down the mountain with the little girl. Fortunately, they didn't encounter any more dangers or beasts along the way.

At the foot of the mountain, the two of them arrived at Old Lin's house. Old Lin was worried that the two of them were still awake, so when he heard their return, he immediately came out of the house and invited them to come in to talk.

Old Lin saw that the two of them were covered in dirt and there were even scratches from tree branches on their bodies, so he asked, "How did you two end up like this? should not... Did I encounter something? "

Ashley didn't hide anything, he told Old Lin about what had happened on the mountain, and then asked him, "Master Lin, I would like to ask you, do you know the history of the Dushi Temple on the mountain? It's so strange there. "

Old Lin drank a few more cups in the evening, and since he was alone here all year round, it was rare for anyone to talk to him. He was naturally happy that the two ladies had come today, so he said, "I know a bit about the temple you are talking about, but I can't guarantee that it didn't work. I heard that there were two abbot's in this temple, and that when they were young they were part of the Moulan Coliseum's besieging army that was responsible for the royal hunting. One of them was surnamed Yao, the other surnamed Wei. They both knew how to hunt, and the emperor had a whole new level of respect for them. At that time, there were many wild beasts, and there were often places that specialized in man-eating wild beasts. Ordinary hunters would have to report this to the government and have them declare that they were in the capital, and the Royal Guards would send people to surround and hunt these vicious beasts, and the two brothers would often receive this kind of errand, and kill quite a few ferocious tigers and evil drakes. The people in all four directions would hear of their reputation, and say that these two people were the reincarnations of Yu Shuo Mountain, specially killing those demons that had turned into monsters. Later, when these matters reached the ears of the Emperor, he listened to the suggestion of the Emperor, the Emperor, who then built this temple in the Western Mountain and ordered the two Yao and Wei armies to set up their families here. Firstly, they would act as a substitute monk for the Emperor, and secondly, they would suppress the Ghost Sect in order to protect the capital city. This was probably the origin of the temple, but it didn't have much history behind it. After the Qing Dynasty ended, the temple was abandoned and its name remained unknown. During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards were too lazy to destroy it. However, I do know those two children when you met them on the mountain. Sometimes, I would go to that temple and sit there for more than half a day. I asked them about it, they said that this temple was the place where their ancestors lived, and the two armies surrounding Yao and Wei were their ancestors. Oh right, they saw that I was bored watching the mountain by myself, so they agreed to give me a dog as a companion. But they didn't send it back to me yet, so that's all I know. Do you guys not listen to me and insist on going up the mountain?

The wild boar had not descended the mountain and was driven down by them … Ashley thought, but said, "Yes, it's all thanks to them. Do you know how to contact them? I haven't thanked them yet. "

Old Lin shook his head like a rattle, and said, "I've also been very strange, every time I don't know how they got here, and I've never seen their cars before, so I didn't even know their names when I left. "How about this, leave me a phone number or something. Next time, if they come over again, I'll call you when I'm done."

After leaving Old Lin's house, Ashley was a bit tired, so he sat at the back and fell asleep. When the girl woke up, he found that he had already returned to the apartment building they rented. The two of them parked the car and entered the unit. The security guard greeted them, but there was a strange look in his eyes. Should I call the police?

Her mind was filled with the scene of the hunter chasing and killing the wild boar. Her heart was very excited, as if she had unintentionally dug out a treasure, the things that had been bothering her for so many years had finally seen a solution, but was this hope that it could be realized? She had no idea who those two people were, but her instincts told her that they were the helpers she was looking for. It was imperative that she find them now, but where could she start with a foreign woman whom she was unfamiliar with? He could not let anyone know about this, not even the little girl. After all, she was his father's confidante, and he could not let her know of his plans. Her mind was a mess, filled with bits and pieces of information. She could only sit on the sofa and slowly sort them out. After a long time, Ashley finally fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Ashley invited the head of a construction unit. This time, her plan was not only to build a bird observation protection station, but also to build a small temple from the protection station, offering up the temple and the statue of the deity from the Zhou Dynasty. In addition, she also wanted to keep the large peach tree and the ancient well in the yard. After arranging the construction work, Ashley handed over all the work at hand to the secretary to handle. For the next few days, he had the girl drive around the city with him, wandering around, hoping to meet the two men. However, she didn't find anything in the past two days.

At noon on the third day, old man Lin suddenly called and said: "Hey, I'm telling you, those two guys just came over here. They sent me a wild boar leg and I let them eat.

Ashley was so excited by the news that he quickly told the girl to drive her to the Ten Mile River. After finding a place to park the car, he was worried. The market was quite big, so it was not easy to find a person. Thus, he decided to separate himself from the girl. Just as the two were about to separate, the girl suddenly pointed to the sky in excitement. Ashley raised his head and saw a giant bird hovering in the sky. Looking at its figure, it was the one he met in the forest a few days ago. Ashley was extremely excited. She and the little girl raised their head and stared at the giant eagle while running towards the place where it had circled. After running for a short distance, they suddenly saw the giant eagle swoop down, landing somewhere.

Suddenly, the little girl pointed at a pet store that specializes in selling Dragon and Cat. Ashley looked towards the shop and saw a figure that looked like she had met a hunter in the West Mountain. She was overjoyed and was about to enter the shop to greet him, when a woman behind her patted her on the shoulder and shouted, "Ashley! "Why are you here as well!"

Ashley looked back and saw that the person who had called him was his good friend in the United States, Wang Anqi. She was a college classmate, had been his roommate for half a year and had been in constant contact with him ever since he graduated. Two years ago, when he heard that she had returned to China to develop, he had intended to get busy and invite her to meet him, but he didn't expect to meet her here.

"Ah, what a coincidence. I even said that I would ask you out if I didn't have any time to spare. Why are you here?"

Wang Anqi pulled over a middle-aged man who looked like an Indian and said, "This is my boyfriend, an Indian. You can just call him Chao Han, I brought him here to buy some stuff." With that, Wang Anqi gave a sly smile. She seemed to want to say something, but hesitated.

"Ah, are you here to buy a Dragon Cat?" Ashley asked her in surprise, knowing that her friend had always hated small animals.

Wang Anqi leaned forward and whispered, "No, this Indian only knows English. Let me tell you, he's good in every way. I'm very satisfied, but he's impotent …" I brought him here to buy medicine. "

"This is a pet store, what kind of medicine are you buying?" Ashley's instincts told her that Wang Anqi might not be buying drugs, but wildlife related items.

Sure enough, Wang Anqi looked around to see that there was no one around, then she said to her, "Hmm, I'm not sure either. He was also recommended by a friend. He said it was especially useful, and said it was made by some monkey. "Uh, Ashley, we're good friends, so don't spoil my plans. You can report it after I buy it."

Ashley was very angry, but she wasn't the first little girl to step into society, so she immediately agreed, "Okay, but I want to be there when you make the deal. I need to verify that their actions are illegal, so I won't hurt you."

Wang Anqi and Ashley had a similar collaboration back in the United States. She bought fur from illegal sources through a group of friends, then turned around to inform Ashley that she wasn't doing it out of a sense of animal protection or social justice, and that she didn't have a good relationship with Ashley and wanted to support her work. She just didn't want her friends around her to buy cheap and fashionable clothes like her. Of course, Ashley didn't know about Wang Anqi's little scheme, so he followed her into the pet store.

Walking into the store, Ashley confirmed that the man who was standing outside the cage watching the dragon and cat was the hunter he met a few days ago. However, he didn't turn around but instead concentrated on the cage, teasing the dragon and cat inside. Not far away, there was a dark-skinned youth sitting on a chair. He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old.

Wang Anqi walked up to the teenager and asked, "Is your boss here?" I made an appointment with him to buy some wine. " Her voice was very low, but when it came to buying wine, Ashley noticed that the hunter's cheeks seemed to twitch a little. Although it was very far away, she was sure she saw it clearly. Maybe something's going to happen today, Ashley thought. This man seems to be full of rage.

When the waiter heard that Wang Anqi wanted to buy wine, he immediately put down the box of rice and led them to the backyard. With a face full of smiles, he led them to see the boss. I'm going to see what Wang Anqi said about the monkey made wine. It's too cruel, I will make the people in this shop pay. Ashley suddenly shuddered. She was very scared, not of some poacher or monkey made wine, but of that thought in her mind. How could I have become like my father?

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