Imperial Hunters/C4 Medicinal Liquor(1)
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Imperial Hunters/C4 Medicinal Liquor(1)
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C4 Medicinal Liquor(1)

The group followed the child to the backyard of the pet shop. They discovered a relatively spacious open space, where several large pits had been dug, some pits containing burnt coal, and some pits even had large black pots on top of them. The owner of the pet shop was squatting beside one of the pits, barbecuing and eating. The owner was not very old, around the age of 24 or 25. He had long hair and a dark complexion with a long cape. His appearance was similar to that of the boy. He was probably related by blood. When he saw the shop assistant leading the way, he knew that it was a customer who bought wine, so he immediately put down the bone in his hand and started chewing on it. He stood up, wiping his hands with a tissue as he called out to the crowd: "Guests, are you here to buy wine? Fatty Wang and I just finished the call and you guys came over.

Wang Anqi sized up the boss and replied, "Yes, we're here to buy wine. How are you selling this wine?"

The owner smiled and asked, "Didn't Fatty Wang tell you the price?"

"Yes, but I think it's a bit too high. Can you make it cheaper?" Wang Anqi was a bit impatient. Perhaps it was because this boss's appearance was too annoying, but he had a dirty, sneaky smile on his face.

The shop owner shook his head and said, "My wine should not be cheap, because I am not some swindler. I am a real Dark Ape Wine, made using ancient methods, and I can tell you to pick the goods and materials. I will kill them in front of you." If it's not effective, I'll give you a full refund. We've been doing this business for two years, otherwise, Fatty Wang would not be able to introduce it to you. "

Wang Anqi saw that he was not willing to let him off easily, so she continued to haggle with him, but the boss changed the subject and continued, "But today I can give you a discount. Why, because I'm not lying to you, our Dark Ape Wine is made from honest old leaves, it has to be old monkey, live and after beating it to death, it has to be removed from its brain and organs, and then it can be cooked with our local herbs and rice, and then it has to be fermented with ancient methods, and then it will be distilled and filtered. Only then can it be called real Black Ape Wine." But don't worry, it's not too good to just use an old black ape to cure your husband's small ailment. The medicinal strength of the ape is too strong for your husband's body to handle it, and also afraid that you yourself won't be able to take it. "" Heh heh heh. "

Wang Anqi saw that he had a lewd smile on his face, and although she wasn't happy in her heart, she felt that he could give her a bargain. She asked him, "You're a real person. How much do you think it is?"

"Mm …" "How about this, I was originally selling it for 220 thousand, do you really want it, 180 thousand, for some lucky chance, how about it?"

Wang Anqi turned around and muttered a few words to her Indian boyfriend before agreeing to the boss's offer.

When the pet store owner saw the deal was done, he was overjoyed. He invited the few of them to a room opposite to his room to choose the Black Ape. As soon as she entered, a pungent smell came from the house, making them want to cry. Wang Anqi backed away and said, "Aiyah, why does it smell like that?"

The owner of the pet shop smiled and said, "You don't understand, do you? This is just the taste of the black ape, and the more it tastes, the better it tastes. The owner of the pet shop laughed and said," You don't know this, the more it tastes, the better it tastes.

The boss seemed to be a Southerner, but perhaps he had been doing business in Beijing for a long time. As he chattered on, he walked into the house and pulled down a large piece of cloth, revealing the cage underneath. Everyone was shocked to see that there were indeed six or seven black and hairy Blackleaf Monkeys inside.

This was too crazy! Ashley would never have thought that this person would dare to openly slaughter a State Protection animal to brew wine. It was insane; she really couldn't stand to watch the pet store owner viciously kill Ye Monkey. She immediately turned around to look at the little girl, signalling her to prepare to make a move.

At this time, the pet store owner had already taken out the largest black leaf monkey from one of the cages, and carried it to a chopping block made of tree trunks. He held onto the monkey with one hand and picked up an iron hammer on the table with the other.

Seeing that the situation was urgent, the little girl stepped forward to stop him, but then she suddenly saw that the owner's raised hand did not fall down for a long time, he just stood there motionlessly as if someone poured a layer of cement on him. The monkey was already scared to the point of spraying sh * t all over him, but he did not move at all, he just stood there holding the hammer.

This strange scene made everyone look at each other in confusion. They couldn't even feel the strong stench of the monkey's excrement anymore. Wang Anqi was a little scared. She asked Ashley, "Did you do something to him?" "Didn't we say that …"

Just as Ashley was about to explain, the door to the yard behind him creaked open. The hunter who had saved him and his companion walked in together.

They walked into the house. The hunter said to his companion, "Si'er, explain it to me. I have something to ask him."

That Little Four immediately walked up and first freed the monkey in the pet store owner's hand and locked it in his new cage. Then he took the remaining half of the cigarette from the Hunter's hand and poked it towards the pet store owner's throat, the burning cigarette butt immediately heating up a blister on that spot. Then, he took out a leather bag from his pocket and took out a big yellow toad from inside, then he brought the toad's head closer to the bubble. The moment the toad came in contact with the bubble, it opened its mouth and bit onto it. It then spat out its secretions, and after a while, the pet store owner's face turned sallow, white foam flowing out of the corner of his mouth. After a while, he vomited non-stop, but his body seemed to have recovered to its normal state and was able to move around.

"Fucking Yao San-er!" Fourth Elder Wei! "You two bastards dare to scam your father!" From the looks of it, he seemed to know these two hunters.

Yao San who once shot a wild boar to save Ashley grabbed the boy and carried him to the chopping board. He then picked up the hammer that he used to use to kill Ye Hou and coldly said: "Old Meng, don't blame us brothers for being ruthless. I told you not to listen, I told you to put these black apes back, I told you to tell me the history of the grandson who sold your black ape. "Since you don't want to, then I'm sorry. Selling that grandson, Wu Ape, has harmed a friend of mine. Since you want to keep it a secret, then I'll need your little brother's hands." With that said, he pressed the left hand of the young servant onto the chopping block, then raised the hammer and was about to smash it down.

"Don't! I say! "I'll tell you everything!" Old Meng didn't bother to wipe the filth off his face. He struggled to turn his head and said to Yao San, "It's not that I'm not f * cking willing to tell you, I really don't know where that grandson came from!" Don't! "Don't hit my little brother, I'll tell you everything I know!"

Yao San was expressionless, but the hammer in his hand didn't smash down. He slowly moved it to the side and grabbed his younger brother's neck, waiting for him to speak.

"That person, we don't know his real name. Everyone in our village calls him Chief Wooden Armor, which is our language. It means October, because he will come to our village every October and trade some mountain goods for our rice." One year, he brought two dead apes and said he ate a lot of nourishment. Coincidentally, my family used to make black ape wine before liberation, and I still had the ancestral formula passed down from my great-grandfather. I bought two dead black apes with rice and some money and made them into wine and sold them to the boss in Beijing. They all said it would work, so I went back to my hometown and asked someone to buy the black ape from him at the price of ten thousand dollars each. He said he could catch them alive, but he wanted fifty thousand yuan each, and he could deliver them to Beijing so that I wouldn't run into any trouble. Not long ago he delivered these, and then told me that this might be the last deal, that he was going abroad, that he did not know when he would return, and that I was still worrying about it, and that I wanted to give him a large sum of money to tell me where the apes lived, but he refused, saying that the place was now very good, and must have died, and that he was going abroad to seek refuge. "What I've said is absolutely true. Third brother, third master, please let me go with my brother. We still have a mother to support in our family, and that's what we need to do, third brother!"

Yao San listened to him and nodded, then said to him, "Don't blame us brothers for being ruthless. Chief Wooden Armor killed one of my friends, and even if we have to travel through thousands of lands to find him, we must still find him. Today, we have saved you and your business has already been targeted. He glanced sideways at Ashley.

Wang Anqi saw that the situation had gone awry and wanted to flee with her boyfriend. Just as she turned around, she suddenly saw three big white dogs crouching behind her, staring at her fiercely. She immediately cried out "Ah!" Ashley had seen the brutality of the three Dugas when they attacked the wild boar, and he was afraid that her shouts would anger the three Dogos, so he quickly hugged her and told her to calm down.

At this moment, Yao San was kneeling on the ground and whispering to old Meng. Old Meng's face was filled with joy as he nodded. Yao San got up and walked over to Ashley and said, "Do you still know me? "Let's talk later."

"I've been looking for you for the past few days, but I still haven't thanked you for saving me that day." Without waiting for Yao San to speak, Ashley spoke first.

"It's nothing, it's just a small matter. Besides, I was the one who drove that wild boar down from the mountain. If it wasn't for me, you probably wouldn't have bumped into it." After saying that, Yao San lit up a cigarette and talked to Ashley, "I want to discuss something with you. Aren't you guys part of the animal protection organization? Can I give this batch of Leaf Monkeys to you?" "I don't think we need to call the police. Give them a chance to start anew, they're still young."

Ashley didn't bother to say anything else. She answered almost without hesitation, "Yes, but I have a request. You must agree to it."

"Yes, go ahead." Yao San exhaled a mouthful of smoke and stared at Ashley. It was as if he wanted to see through her, causing her to feel uncomfortable all over.

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