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C5 Medicinal Liquor(2)

"Actually, it's not a big deal. After all, you saved me, so I want to treat you to a meal. Can I give you some face?" After Ashley finished this sentence, he silently prayed in his heart: Don't refuse, don't refuse!

Sure enough, after a slight hesitation, Yao San nodded and said, "Eat. No problem. Tell me a place and I'll be there on time."

"Alright, then I'll see you tomorrow night. This is my name card, do you mind leaving me your number?"

Yao San took the business card and looked at it. Then, he took out his phone and dialed a number, hung it up and said, "Okay, you can call me tomorrow. You can send someone to get these apes. Boss Meng has already promised me that he won't go back on his words. I will take my leave." After he finished speaking, he whistled and the three dogs leapt out of the room like a gust of wind, following Yao Sanyang as they left.

The one called Wei Si also walked out of the house at this time, carrying a towel wrapped around his chest, which seemed to contain a little monkey. His face was gloomy, and he walked into the courtyard without a word, and looked up at the sky. The large eagle had appeared again, hovering above their heads at some point, and Wei Si took out a black whistle and placed it in his mouth.

Just as Wei Si was about to leave, Wang Anqi saw Yao San leaving with his dog, so she asked for more Dark Ape Wine: "Hey, don't go. I don't care how you mess with me, he already promised to sell me my wine, this has nothing to do with me. I just want to buy a bottle. If you ask him to give me a bottle, I'll leave. I won't tell anyone about this."

Your name is Wang Anqi. Your mother is a doctor, and your father works in the Finance Department," he said to her, his face expressionless. The Indian, Johan, is a businessman with a small company that outsource to Tata. You've only known him for three weeks, and he's impotent as soon as he puts on a condom, right? You want wine? I want you to f * * king f * * king f * * king f * * king f * * k off and take the Third Brother of India and f * * k off! "Try wasting your breath on me again.

Wang Anqi stood rooted to the spot. For a moment, she didn't understand how the other party could possess so much information about her. But no matter what, she didn't dare to say another word. Wei Si scanned the crowd and spat at the foot of the Indian before slowly walking out of the door. The Indian, on the other hand, was not angry.

On the next day, Ashley called Yao San to have dinner at a restaurant in the embassy area. When she drove to the parking lot of the restaurant, she found a person smoking a cigarette on the cement counter in the flower pond. It looked like Yao San. After parking the car, Ashley quickly ran towards him. Yao San also saw Ashley and stood up to greet him.

"Third Brother, can I call you that?" Yao San smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what it's called. It's a code name after all."

"Hey, third brother, why did you bring a little bird?" "So cute." Yao San wanted to stop him, but it was already too late. The little bird didn't wait for Ashley's hand to touch it, it just stretched out its neck like lightning, and used its long and sharp beak to peck a hole in Ashley's finger.

Ashley retracted his hand as if he had touched a burning red coal, complaining, "It hurts, why is this bird so fierce?"

"This is a Shrike, very fierce. Don't you dare provoke it." Yao San rolled his wrist and pulled the Shrike back into his sleeve. Then he said to Ashley, "Let's go. I haven't eaten since noon. I'm really a little hungry, but I'm calling you a spendthrift."

Ashley was a regular customer of this restaurant. The waiter led the two of them into a small, two-person room, then closed the door and went out one after another. She and Yao San were the only ones left in the room, causing the atmosphere to suddenly become a little awkward.

"Let's go straight to the point. You took so much trouble to find me, I don't think you're just here to thank me. What's the matter?" Yao San asked her bluntly.

Ashley took a sip of water and then asked Yao San, "What do you think? What other purpose do I have? "

Yao San stroked the Shrike's head as he said in a measured voice, "I guess it's still about the temple? "Didn't I tell you before, that the temple was indeed built by my ancestors, but it has nothing to do with me now, I say it's useless, so you can just tear it down if you want, as for the idols in the temple, they were all from the Qing Dynasty, they aren't that old, but they are still a thing though, I, a poor man, have no place to put them back, they are all wasted, so I might as well just give them to you, make a collection."

Ashley suddenly became serious and spoke to Yao San as if he was talking to a partner, "Third Brother, I plan to build a bird protection observatory at the original site of the temple, but I will do my best to protect some of the ruins, those idols, ancient trees, etc. I will also properly protect them. When my plan is completed, I will show them to you.

Yao San was at a loss and said, "This …" To be honest, I don't understand why you did that, but if it really is the case, then it's for the best. I thank you. " After he finished speaking, he raised his wine glass and toasted.

"En, don't thank me yet. I have another request. I don't know if you are interested."

"Tell me, I want to hear something." Yao San thought, "Sure enough, this girl still has something to ask of me."

Ashley seriously told him, "Well, I've heard a bit about you and your ancestors. I know you're a hunting expert, and although my company is an animal protection foundation, we can also operate some legal hunting programs, which can not only get a large amount of money to invest in animal protection, but also monitor the movements of the funds used to protect the animals. We can ensure that all governments specialize in providing funds for the legal hunting, and more importantly, we can supervise the specific implementation of the legal hunting to ensure that customers do not violate the rules and regulations. Therefore, I also need some experts. Firstly, I can act as a leader and lead those clients to hunt in accordance with the relevant regulations and regulations. Secondly, I will also participate in some hunting competitions to earn some fame for the foundation. "So, I'd like to invite you and your friends to join our team. I wonder if you're interested."

Yao San fell silent. He did not say anything for a long time. After holding back for a long while, he finally managed to say, "Eat. Eat first, hur hur."

"Mm, I won't force you. You should consider it. If you're interested, contact me again. Let's talk about something else. Actually, I'm curious about you as well. Can you tell me your real name? "

Yao San didn't say anything until he finished the steak on the plate and chewed the last piece. Then he said, "Yes, my name is Yao Ling. My brother is called Wei Wuji. "

At this moment, Ashley's cell phone rang. She answered the phone and whispered a few words into it, then informed Yao Yun, "Third Brother, let me tell you this, those Black-Leaf Monkeys have already been received by our protection station. We will arrange for a veterinarian to inspect them, and then we will see if they are released to a protected area or how to deal with them according to the situation.

"Alright, thank you. Also, if it's convenient, please let me know when you're free. I want to go too. If I don't have time, please leave one or two for me. I want to personally go to Lone Dragon River and release Lone Dragon."

"Hmm, what, you don't trust me?" Ashley asked him.

Yao Ling wiped the oil from her mouth, then shook her head and explained, "Not really. If you don't trust me, then you won't entrust these monkeys to you. I want to ask those Ye monkeys to help me lead the way."

Ashley curiously asked, "You're just a Huntress, why did you save those leaves monkeys?"

Yao Ling sighed and said, "I've only inherited some skills from my ancestors. Hunting is just a pastime, it's a different story from those poachers." I have a friend who works in a protected area by the Dulong River. He once called me and said that he found a group of foreigners poaching in the protected area, and he was killed not long after. I have always wanted to avenge him, but … Indeed, he had the intention but not the strength. Speaking of which, perhaps it was due to the lingering grievance of that friend of mine. Not long ago, Wuji had drank too much at the Ten Li River one night, so there was no need for him to play around with the eagle. After coiling in the sky for a short while, it suddenly rushed down and came back with a black leaf monkey in its feet. This thing is for the protection of animals and the amount of animals that are caught is too great. The average person definitely wouldn't sell this thing, so I thought this matter might have something to do with the death of my friend. Thus, I secretly looked for that shop. This Dark Ape Wine is indeed good stuff, he's a pure ancient brewing method. I have a very sharp nose, and once I passed by their house I would be able to smell that aroma, so I concluded that their family had a leaf monkey, so I directly went to their house to ask about it. Since he didn't tell me about the sale of the wine, I called the police. "I didn't expect this old Meng to have some tricks up his sleeve. He knew that I had some tricks up my sleeve, so he wasn't afraid of me calling the police. I had no choice but to use force. You guys saw what happened that day as well."

Ashley heard him out of his thoughts, raised his glass and said, "Third brother, let me toast you, we are friends, but I really hope you can come to my company. Ashley listened to him out of his thoughts, raised his glass and said," Third brother, let me toast you, we are friends, but I really hope you can come to my company.

Yao Ling curled her lips and pondered for a moment. Then, she said, "Let me think about it. If I can think it through, then I'll call you back."

She took out a brown paper folder and gave it to Yao Ling, confidently saying, "I have heard of the achievements of your family. You are no ordinary hunters, your ancestors hunted ferocious beasts that were called demon level. Perhaps this is the reason why you are so proud. Look at this. I just received the information not long ago. If you change your mind, give me a call. "I've paid the bill, so I'll be leaving first. I hope we can meet again soon."

Ashley's heart trembled the moment she left the room. She was really afraid of offending Yao Yun. If she lost this person, it would be very difficult for her to find another opportunity to fight against her father. No matter what, she had to take him down.

The development of the situation was a bit out of Ashley's expectation. Yao Yun didn't ask her to wait any longer, and on the way home from the restaurant, she received a call from Yao Rong, "I'll take this job. We'll talk tomorrow at your company." Ashley had never been so excited, had never believed in ghosts and gods. She said to herself, Thank God for sending this man, hoping to save my father, cleanse him of his sins, save his soul.

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