Imperial Hunters/C6 Tragedy
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Imperial Hunters/C6 Tragedy
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C6 Tragedy

He had never been as excited or nervous as he was today. The extraordinary and bloody scene in the photo gave him a huge shock, and the adrenaline rush caused him to kill a bottle of pure wheat to ease his emotions.

"Did you promise her?" He seemed to be very dissatisfied with the relationship between Yao Yun and Ashley: "Brother, I'm not talking about you, but don't even think about that fake foreign girl. We promised old donkey's parents that we would definitely find out who killed the old donkey, and the old donkey had saved us before, if it wasn't for him, we would still be in jail. He died so miserably, we can't just ignore him."

Hearing his words, Yao Yun threw away the photo material in his hand and explained to Wei Wuji in a serious tone: "It's not that I don't care, nor am I thinking about that girl. Bro, think about it carefully, killing an old donkey is not that simple. He was a forest ranger hired by the Forestry Bureau. Even if he ran into a poacher, he would at most take the old donkey's life. How could he be tormented so miserably? I think there must be a reason for this. The water here must be very deep, and it's not something we can figure out overnight. "Now that the old donkey's wife has left with the others, leaving behind his parents and his two year old daughter who he has to take care of, we still need to investigate the old donkey's death and the murderer. We need money to investigate the old donkey's death and the old donkey's death, but now that the old donkey's wife has left with the other people, leaving behind his parents and his two year old daughter who he has to take care of, we need money to investigate the old donkey's murderer and death.

Wei Wuji took a sip of his wine and nodded: "You are right. I am just afraid that the woman will order someone around. How much can she pay? We're not poachers, and she's part of the animal protection organization. What can we do to be valuable? "Even if I earn money, I won't be able to earn much."

"I don't think this little girl's business is that simple. Her foundation does have a lot of business, and now these people have organized legal hunting, so they have to earn money. Only with money can they set up protection zones and hire patrols. And look at the pictures she gave me. Honestly, when I think about what our ancestors did, I feel the blood in my chest churning up. Didn't you complain that you didn't have the opportunity to kill some of the great beasts that turned into monsters like our ancestors? "Now that we have the chance, if we can hunt a few big guys that specialize in harming people, even if we die, we would have the face to meet our ancestors. Cheer up!"

When Wei Wuji heard the rise of Yao Yun, he felt a surge of pride. He agreed: "Hmm, motherf * cker, let's do it! All these years, we've been really frustrated. If it wasn't for the old donkey saving us, we would have been drowned in a pig cage by those grandsons of ours. "Follow Brother Yu to the north and start mining. If not, the big idiot would risk his life and take us to hide in the mountain bubble for a few days, and we would be f * cking killed together with Brother Yu …"

When Yao Yun heard him mention the past, she immediately became annoyed. She waved her hand and advised, "Brother, let's not talk about the past anymore. We will only look at the present. I haven't been doing well all these years, but he still has some use for the skills left behind by my ancestors. God rewarded me with a bowl of rice, I'll take it! "Tomorrow morning, I will go find Ashley. As for you, you'll have to take care of what's on your hands. I estimate that we'll have to head south in a few days time."

The next morning, Yao Ling called Ashley and asked for her company's address. Ashley happily drove over to pick her up. Arriving at her office, Ashley didn't ask for tea or coffee, but instead opened a bottle of macallan and respectfully handed over a box of cohiba cigars. Knowing the price of the liquor, Yao Ling stuck out her tongue, thinking that this woman was very generous with her money.

"Third brother, have you seen those photos? "That was the information sent by our staff in Myanmar. I have written it down for you in Chinese. Do you have any thoughts about it?"

Yao Ling drank the whiskey in her cup and took out the note from the brown paper bag. She pointed at it and said, "This is a case of a wild beast attacking the village. Why would it involve Luo Xingyan?"

Ashley's eyes lit up, and she said excitedly, "You also think this wasn't done by Rohingyas? In fact, there were three reasons why the locals suspected that Luo Xingyan was actually a human. Firstly, the wild beast that attacked the village was too cunning, it was unlike an ordinary wild beast. It was very likely that it had been trained before. Second, the husband of the victim was a jeweller. Usually, he would leave some valuable jewelry in a large pillow, but the pillow was gone. Thirdly, and most importantly, the local villagers have always had a blood feud with the migrating Rohingyas. They often attack each other, and there just so happens to be a circus for the Rohingyas. Not long after their arrival, two people were burned to death by the villagers. The locals suspect that the Rohingyas are taking revenge.

Yao Ling thought for a moment and said, "According to my judgement, this shouldn't be the case for Luo Xing Yao. This is a case of a simple wild beast attacking a village, as for the things here that are against common sense, it's normal. Otherwise, why would you look for me?"

Ashley nodded in agreement, and then asked Yao Ling, "Third Brother, in your opinion, what kind of wild beast made this? "The area is rather wild, and there are many wild beasts in the nearby mountain forests."

Yao spread out the photos on the table and pointed to one of them. "You see, this kind of loft is very tall and it looks quite sturdy from the photos. Only bears can destroy this kind of house in the jungles of Burma." "Look at this one. The victim's face is basically missing a layer of flesh. Look at this face, it's almost comparable to the work of a good skinner. This is licked by a bear, the bear is a monster and cruel, it belongs to anyone but some kind of primate. The bear likes beautiful faces, sometimes licking his face, sometimes it's covered with a layer of flesh." Take a look at this photo, and you'll see that this is a pregnant woman, look at the blood stains, the woman died after holding on for a long time, and these are the traces of her crawling, and the intestines, and so on, this bear is very abnormal, the animals like to eat from the bottom half of their prey, buttocks, thighs, a few bites to eat the internal organs, the animals eat is very simple, the environment in the wilderness is bad, predators are also many, so animals are used to hunting as soon as possible to eat the heat and high nutritional value part of the prey, leaving the rest of the carcass slowly, of course, before eating it all the other beasts will come to snatch it. But look at this bear, it was as if it was playing with this woman on purpose. After cutting her open, it must have slowly eaten the fetus, then allowed the woman to slowly die after being stimulated by her body and mind before eating much. "Normally, the animals that would commit such abnormal behavior would either be primates or bears. Considering the characteristics of this case and the local environment, it should be a bear, a perverted giant bear."

He looked at Ashley, smiled and said, "As for the last question about the pillow, I'm not too sure. Maybe it was the bear, maybe someone stole it while the situation was still chaos, but even if someone stole it, it has nothing to do with the crime itself. So here comes my question. What do you expect me to do? Kill the bear or capture it alive? "Also, how much are you going to pay me?"

Ashley did not expect him to ask about the main topic so quickly. He immediately took out two cash checks and handed them to him: "This is the reward for this operation, do you think you're satisfied? In addition, I have received news that one of our competitors has sent out a veteran hunting expert. If they were to capture this man-eating beast first, then we would be in a passive position. "Therefore, I will fully support you in this matter. If you need money or any resources, just ask. As long as it's within my means."

Yao Ling looked at the numbers on the cheque, nodded in satisfaction, and accepted it. Then she asked Ashley, "I guess your company also took over this kind of work in the past? "Are there any successful cases for me to see?"

"No, to be honest, this is the first time." Ashley replied seriously.

Yao Ling curiously asked, "Forgive me for talking too much, but what benefits do you guys get by doing this?"

"Yes, although we are an animal protection foundation, but we cooperate with many protected areas. You know, operating these protected areas requires a huge amount of money, and just relying on the kind donations isn't enough, so we would normally run some projects to earn income. For example, we have planned hunting activities, which can earn money and can also balance some overbred animal groups. Besides, I'm not lying. We're friends, and I have my own personal reasons for taking this job, but it's not convenient for me to tell you now. "

"Okay, that's fine. I won't ask for anything else, as long as it's legal and no one comes looking for trouble. I'm only responsible for hunting the cannibal beasts, the local government, and the villagers. As for the equipment I need, I'll give you a list. " However, he did not step out of the door. Instead, he turned his head to look at Ashley. After a moment of silence, he said, "Let's keep in contact." Then he turned around and left.

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