Imperial Hunters/C7 Tragedy(2)
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Imperial Hunters/C7 Tragedy(2)
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C7 Tragedy(2)

Ashley looked at Yao Yun's back as he left. His heart was full of guilt. This person had saved him before, but now he had dragged him into an extremely dangerous situation for his family's private matters. How could he not be guilty? But what else could he do? He was well aware of the power and character of his father's group. A weak girl like him was like an ant trying to shake a tree. Now, all he could do was play along and use his father's wealth to open up a way for him to get out of this situation. His father had become more and more irrational in the recent years, and his actions had become more and more unfathomable. It wasn't impossible for him to have a falling out with his father, and even Yao Yun and Wei Wuji would be implicated. What else could he do? After all, he was his own father. There was no way he could just sit by and watch him fall to the abyss, couldn't he?

In the evening, Ashley called the girl over and told her, "There's a list, it's the equipment and supplies Third Bro Yao wants. You're an expert, go and get it for him, you have to be quick. He said he can't leave until a week later."

The little girl nodded, took the list and glanced at it, and was immediately attracted by the contents on it.

"Hehe, this third brother is also very interesting. I took a look at the things he wanted. There are some top tier professional equipment, and some …" "Haha, it's hard on you."

The little girl also opened her mouth and silently smiled.

Ashley looked at the girl and suddenly felt a sense of pity. All these years, she had already treated this girl who came from an extremely difficult life as her sister, even though she was her father's confidante. Thinking about what happened to the girl, Ashley suddenly started to waver. His father's actions might have been logical, or at least not for no reason. Those poachers were way too cruel and detestable. Forget it, let's not think about this and relax a bit.

After work, Ashley took the girl to a restaurant near the workplace. She felt conflicted, both stressed and happy that she had seen hope, so she and the girl had a lot of drinks.

The little girl inherited her father's alcohol tolerance. Although Ashley was considered good at drinking amongst women, he was still far from being good compared to the little girl. After drinking the wine, the little girl naturally revealed the boldness and wildness that she inherited from her mother. In just a short while, she had already finished two bottles of beer with a bowl of salad and continued to persuade her drinking as if nothing had happened. Although she didn't know the secrets and plans that Ashley had in mind, she also knew that her elder sister had something on her mind.

When the two of them drank the third bottle of Erguotou, Ashley felt that she was already drunk. Her self-discipline made her reject the girl's suggestion of another bottle of Erguotou. After settling the bill, the little girl helped Ashley out of the restaurant. They were planning to dump the car there and take a taxi back.

Ashley felt like her head had turned into a merry-go-round. In order to maintain her consciousness, she used her nails to dig at her hands. She was not afraid of making a fool of herself, but was worried that she would lose control of herself and tell the girl the secret that was in her heart.

Suddenly, a young man standing to her right caught Ashley's eye. He looked familiar, not very tall, very thin, with a very large head that was out of proportion to his slender neck, and the bangs on his head. His face was very pale, perhaps because he was in a bad mood, or because he was nervous. The young man kept staring at Ashley, his gaze focused on her chest. This made the girl a little angry as she glared at the man.

The other party seemed to have noticed his loss and hurriedly gave her an apologetic smile before lowering his head to pack his backpack as if nothing had happened. At this time, a taxi slowly stopped at the side of the road. The little girl hurriedly supported Ashley as she prepared to get on the taxi, but completely caught off guard when a person rushed over, knocking Ashley and the little girl to the side. If it weren't for the little girl's agility and strength, the two of them would have definitely fallen down on the road.

The moment the girl thought that someone was trying to take a taxi, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. The man who had knocked them away had already rolled onto the ground, while he was still tightly hugging the pale faced young man in his arms, the two of them were wrestling on the ground, the young man had a knife in his hand, the blade's body was already completely inserted into the young man's ribs, he fiercely twisted the handle of the knife, trying to speed up the young man's escape, but the man who had been hugging him, no matter how much he struggled, only used his arms to wrap around the young man's body, he was much stronger than the young man.

Ashley was also much more clear-headed by this time, but before she could react, she was already dragged far away by the little girl. At this time, the young man had already used the knife to cut open the right side of his opponent, who no longer had the strength to trap him, and the young man pulled out the lethal weapon. It was a Japanese knife, and it was not a cheap ground stall, and the unusual patterns of the knife and the ancient equipment indicated that the dagger was not an ordinary weapon.

Just when the young man was preparing to throw himself at Ashley, two very blind men stopped him. This time, the young man lost his fierceness and killing intent, he hesitated for a moment before gently putting down his knife and standing on the ground with his head in his hands. The reason for his cooperation was very simple, the two people who stopped him were in plain clothes, both of them had guns in their hands.

This was the embassy district, and there were a lot of plainclothes and security personnel wandering around. They couldn't just ignore the murder case, so they saved Ashley in time. The two plainclothes men rushed over and kicked away the weapon, and then pressed down the skinny young man to control him. Ashley could not bear to ignore this and came to the side of the person who was stabbed to death, he was the one who saved her.

Ah!" "How could it be …" Ashley cried out in alarm when he saw the man's face. The man who saved him was the man he met a few days ago, Chou Han. His best friend, Wang Anqi, was the Indian boyfriend. Qiao Han's light gray suit was completely dyed brown by blood, his waist was completely pierced by the sharp katana, fresh blood was still gushing out of the wound like a red spring. Ashley was shocked by the sudden murder, how could this be so coincidental, Qiao Han just happened to appear here and block this strike for him.

However, Ashley's shock did not last long. Soon, she saw a small, shiny gold badge on the collar of the gray suit, which she was extremely familiar with. Ashley had an identical badge on his chest, which was the symbol of the IFWA Foundation. Ashley immediately understood what had happened. She shook her head in pain and pulled the girl away from the chaotic scene. The murderer who was pressed down to the ground stared at her back without saying a word.

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