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Imperial Hunters/C8 Departure(1)
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C8 Departure(1)

Very soon, the little girl had prepared everything according to the list that Yao Ling had given her. After bringing Wei Wuji to the company for inspection, she expressed her satisfaction. Due to the lack of time, the newly formed hunting team set off a week later. Other than Yao Sanwei, the little girl, there were also two other employees of IFWA, Jin Buyi, and Donggao. Of course, there was also the leader Ashley.

"How come your company still has Little Japan?" She seemed to be extremely disgusted with what was happening under the bridge.

Ashley smiled and said, "We are the Global Foundation, and we have people from everywhere. This side of China is basically filled with new recruits, but there is also a small portion of senior staff from the headquarter, from all countries. Don't look at his old age. He used to be a mercenary before, and he's quite familiar with Burma.

"Alright!" Yao Ling nodded his head in satisfaction. He replied, "Not bad. I can tell that he's an experienced soldier. I like this type of competitor. Don't worry, I'm not a nationalist." After saying that, he stood up and went to the wine cabinet to pour himself a cup of wine. At the same time, he muttered under his breath, "Damn it."

The members of the foundation took a picture of the group together and then held a small farewell ceremony, which made Wei Wuji, who was still angry from the early morning, a little impatient. However, Ashley explained to them that this was a corporate culture, so Yao Yun and Wei Wuji had no choice but to bite the bullet and participate, cursing out loud dozens of times in their stomachs.

However, they were quite satisfied with the next schedule. In fact, they were even a little confused. When the Foundation's luxurious bus pulled them to the business terminal, both of them were dumbfounded. "This is too low-key!" Yao Ling said with a smile. Jin Buyi pushed his glasses and introduced, "In order to facilitate business, the company bought a business plane four years ago and set up an aviation department. However, due to the recent financial constraints, we managed the whole plane to a management company. Actually, it's more convenient this way. This time, in order for you to complete your work smoothly, the boss specially assigned a business plane for our company to use. "

When the hunting team was about to board the plane, Jin Buyi pointed at the transport they were about to use and introduced it to the two inexperienced hunters. Finally, Wei Wuji couldn't help but interject: "Is this the G550 of the Gulfstream? A maximum of 0.85 Mach, a cruise speed of 0.85 Mach, more sunlight from the large windows, and 100% update of oxygen in the aircraft's environmental system every 90 seconds. The cabin pressure is much lower than that of an aircraft of the same height, which can reduce jet lag and the slowness caused by long journeys. Your boss is very attentive. "

Jin Buyi nodded awkwardly and did not say anything else. However, Ashley asked him curiously, "Wuji, how do you know so much about airplanes?"

Wei Wuji walked away as if he did not hear him. In order to avoid embarrassment, Yao Lin explained to Ashley: "Fourth Brother used to work at the airport before, and we used to work for a boss outside, so we often had to take the 550. Foreigners like this airplane, it's comfortable, fast, and the key is … The structure was very easy to modify, and it was very convenient to bring along something … But now there's a better G650, which is bigger and faster. "

"Yes, but the company's finances haven't been very optimistic lately, so HQ sold the 650 and bought the second-hand 550 at a very low price. However, it's basically completely new and the price..." "It's low, it's low, and it's really better for us." Ashley went on to hint at Yao: "Actually... "This plane has been modified after we bought it. It has a hidden compartment, plus the management company we commissioned, sometimes you can bring some more suitable equipment. Of course, if you don't have any special requirements, that would be even better."

Yao Ling smiled and declined to comment. She simply hung the travel bag in her hand on Jin Buyi's arm and happily climbed onto the Gulfstream G550. The three cabin crew members were already waiting at the top. They introduced themselves, but Yao Ling was not interested in listening to any of this. Instead, she looked around with Wuji.

Jin Buyi's face looked a bit unnatural when he saw their actions. Ashley hurriedly walked over with a smile and asked in a low voice, "What are you guys looking for?" Yao Yun rolled his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, "Four …" If I'm not mistaken, there should be four more hidden compartments under the overhaul panel at the back of the plane, and other compartments, but I can't find them for a while. It's not a bad job. It's Mexican, isn't it? Where did you get this plane? The previous owner was a dealer. "

Ashley awkwardly grabbed Yao's arm and pulled him to his seat. She muttered, "Don't worry about these things. I applied to come to this plane so that you can keep your energy."

He said in a low voice, "We just don't like that Jin's way of doing things. He's so, so, so, so f * * king arrogant. Yes, but he's actually just a f * * king idiot."

The beautiful flight attendants on the plane made Yao Ling and Wei Wuji's unhappiness disappear very quickly. This girl was called Ma Qi, and Yao Yun curiously asked her why she was called this name. She explained that it was because her family had a family heirloom that sold cheese, so Yao Yun immediately gave a thumbs up and praised: "Good name, she is indeed beautiful and tiresome."

Yao Ling quickly ate her sausage and placed it on a plate. Seeing that he didn't drink, the horse cheese poured him a glass of mineral water. Ashley sat at the side, sipping her glass of red wine and thinking quietly. She prayed in the air that God would hear her voice and bless them for the success of their plan. As for Wuji, he was discussing about the declaration for entry under the bridge. He was worried that something would happen to Old Bai while consoling him under the bridge. He had made a guarantee that everything would be ready.

With the speed of the Gulf Stream, which greatly shortened the travel time, and the lack of a turnaround, Ashley and his team soon landed at the Rakhine State airport in Burma. As a port city and capital of the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, which has a large Muslim population, it has become one of the most acrimonious areas in the ethnic conflict. A curfew was imposed recently, and the military has arrested a number of people. After the plane landed, Cheese asked everyone to wait patiently in their seats for a while. Soon, some security personnel from Burma boarded the plane to inspect the situation. These people usually received a lot of benefits from the management company, so the so-called inspection was just a formality. After all the paperwork was done, an IFWA MPV pulled everyone to the hotel where they were staying. They needed to spend the night there and take the water route to Meng Du the next day.

The group went to their resting place for a while, and then went out to take a walk with Yao Yun. Ashley was worried that they would be leaving alone, so he called for the little girl and Dongfang Ba Lang to accompany them to take a look around, leaving Jin Buyi behind to guard the hotel alone.

Wuji didn't have anything to eat on the plane. He was a little hungry, so he said that he wanted to have a taste of the local food. Ashley smiled gently and said, "That's right. I'm a little hungry too. I'm very familiar with this place. I'm under the bridge. Bring us to have some delicious food."

"There's a big fish market here. We can go there and see if there are any seafood dishes we like, and then I'll take you to a place where you can eat."

Everyone followed the bridge down to the fish market and bought some fresh and dried fish. When they came out, they found a small market not far away, so they went back to take a look. When they arrived at a smithy, a short man with tanned skin attracted Wei Wuji's attention.

Wuji pulled on Yao Lin's clothes and said in a low voice, "This person is our colleague, look!"

Hearing him say this, Yao Ling also glanced inside the blacksmith shop and said, "En," but she didn't say anything. The man sat in the shop for a while, and a man who looked like a boss came out and handed him a long bundle.

"Is there something wrong with that man?" Ashley asked curiously.

"It's nothing, that Ah San from India is with us, both are hunters." Yao Ling said as she continued to stare at the blacksmith's shop, as if she had something on her mind.

Ashley thought for a moment and said, "As far as I know, there are three hunter organizations that have received a local invitation. The other two families are all from the United States, but I've never heard of any Indians. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but it's not surprising that there's a hunter in this area.

Wei Wuji shook his head and explained to Ashley: "The fellow we are talking about is not just an ordinary hunter, but someone like us, who specializes in hunting man-eating beasts. This man was from Kerala, India, where some of the Kara Ripa Art practitioners, an ancient Indian martial art, would be given the title of Gurukar when they reached a high level. The schools and techniques that Gurukal excelled in were all different. Some people were skilled in martial arts, some in weapons, some in medical massage, and even some in divination. And some Gurukar excelled in hunting ferocious beasts. In order to protect themselves, people in some parts of southern India, regardless of their age or gender, had to practice kararipah, and they often had to practice hand-to-hand combat. In order to advance to the next level, they had to kill their partners before they could become soldiers, and those who were killed would be praised and remembered. Some people, in order not to engage in a life-and-death struggle with their companions, would choose another option: fight with wild beasts. Therefore, ancient India was also very popular in the animal fighting arena. Warriors who successfully killed beasts would be honored as Gurukar. In addition to defending their hometown against foreign enemies, they also had an important mission to hunt those hurt beasts. Thus, they were also known as Gurukar Hunters. "These people are definitely not ordinary hunters who rely on hunting to earn a living. They are people with respected statuses in the locality. They would only act when there are hurt beasts that are difficult to catch, so from my point of view, this hunter is the same as us, and they are all here for that Abnormal Bear."

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