Imperial Martial Emperor/C1 A genius who has come to his senses
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C1 A genius who has come to his senses
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C1 A genius who has come to his senses

Ancient Desolation Plains, vast and endless. There were countless races everywhere!

This place contained an inexhaustible number of Natural Treasures, as well as an inexhaustible number of Spiritual Objects.

An Omnipotent Expert could topple mountains, overturn seas, and descend from the heavens to the earth. They were the beloved children of the world, and they were known as the masters of all living things!

Savage Bull Mountain Range, Savage Bull City, Battle Tribe.

"Qin Fen, hurry up and bring the ladder over. What are you waiting for!"

"Yeah, this kid is looking down on Eldest Brother more and more, and he's even treating himself as Young Manor!"

"Idiot, useless trash!"

The youth was expressionless as he strenuously carried a wooden ladder that was several times bigger than his body. As he listened to the ridiculing and sarcastic remarks, he suddenly felt as if sharp blades were stabbing into his heart.

"Are these people so mean and ruthless? "Perhaps it's because I've been showing off too much these past few years, that's why they want to step on me all the more ?" The youth mechanically placed the wooden ladder back into place while lowering his head. He walked out with a bit of loneliness and pain.

"Young Manor Lord, you've come. The stage has already been set up ?" Just as the youth was about to walk out of the wide courtyard, a luxuriously dressed, dignified, and noble young master suddenly appeared within the courtyard.

"Qin Fen, are you blind? Can't you see that Young Manor is standing here? Hurry up and greet them!" He was just a vulgar follower, yet before he could say anything, he already started to speak badly!

At this moment, Qin Feng slowly raised his head. His calm, dark eyes looked at his follower with disdain. Before he could retort, a heartless, pitying sneer appeared on his face.

"Two years ago, I don't know who laid at my feet like a pile of mud. But now, this mud can actually climb up the wall!"

Qin Feng's rebuttal was like a sharp knife, slicing away all the memories of the past.

"Impudent! This old man will hack you alive right now!"

"Bastard, do you still think you're the genius who shocked the entire Barbarian Cow City with his words!?"

"Come here and fight! I will break your leg today!"

In a split-second, other than the young master who remained in the yard looking down on them from above, the rest of the people in the yard cursed at Qin Fen with ferocious expressions on their faces.

Qin Fen, on the other hand, was completely unmoved. He ignored the insults and insults coming from around him as he calmly looked at the high-spirited Young Manor in front of him. His calm gaze was deep, and outsiders had no idea what he was thinking.

"War guard, are you going to violate the clan rules?!" A crisp sound suddenly rang out from outside, immediately silencing the entire courtyard with a hubbub.

He saw a young woman in white leisurely walk over from outside the yard. She moved with graceful steps. In just a few moments, she had passed the crowd and stood beside Qin Fen.

Even though the young girl was only 14 or 15 years old, her clear, beautiful, and tender face already revealed a refined temperament. It was difficult to imagine just how devastatingly beautiful she would be when she grew up in the future ?

"Enough, give face to Eldest Miss. At the end of the year, it will be the Family Competition. According to the rules, all of you can challenge Junior Brother Qin, but he is not allowed to refuse!" The Young Manor Lord finally opened his mouth to speak. However, his words were laced with thorns, and there was an obvious threat contained within them. Moreover, there were traces of greed that faintly appeared in his gaze when he looked at the young lady.

After a moment of silence, Qin Fen frowned slightly. He seemed to have no intention of doing so, but he took a step forward and blocked the girl behind him. Although his expression remained calm, the sneer on his face seemed to grow more and more fearless.

"Hmph ?" After Qin Fen had cut off his gaze from the young girl, the young prefecture lord immediately let out a profound snort. He then arrogantly turned around and left.

"Qin Fen, just you wait ?"

"At the end of the year, I will challenge you ?"

After making a few threatening remarks, those followers of theirs hurriedly followed the Young Manor and left.

"The world is finally peaceful and quiet!" Qin Feng could not help but sigh inwardly.

"Big brother Qin Fen." The girl seemed to be infatuated with Qin Feng's back, but she also seemed to be hesitating. In the end, she still held onto Qin Feng's arm, and a charming smile that would make the world jealous appeared on her young face.

"Qingwu, the current me ?" Is it even worth it for you to call me that? " Qin Fen dragged his arm that the girl was hugging tightly. Realizing that he couldn't get his arm out as he wished, he immediately said with a bit of bitterness and discomfort.

Qin Fen knew that ever since his cultivation had stopped a year ago, and he had been defeated in one move, Qingwu was the only one in the family who still respected him.

"Brother, didn't you tell Qingwu before that only those who are willing and willing to give up can have it?" Even though life is a bit dull now, isn't that nice? " Although her voice was still young and tender, the feelings within it were extremely rich and mellow.

"That's right, to be willing, to be willing, to be willing ?" Qin Feng gave a self-deprecating smile. He suddenly recalled his previous life in the Barbarian Cow City. He was brimming with anger, fresh clothes, and high spirits ?

However, after a few breaths of time, Qin Fen was pulled back from the cruel reality. Looking at Qingwu's delicate face, he felt disheartened and dispirited.

When she saw Qin Fen's painful, low, and arrogant head, Zhan Qingwu immediately furrowed her brows. She felt a bit of heartache, but she seriously said: "Brother, Qingwu, although I know that you're in a difficult situation now, I firmly believe that you will personally take back your dignity and honor ?"

Just as Zhan Qingwu spoke to here, her young and tender face suddenly flushed red. Then, she softly said, "Brother, do you still remember that year's promise to Qingwu ??"

"Ah ? the wind, frost, moon, and flowers are beautiful, I want to support Qingwu with a tomorrow with only laughter and no worries ?" As the beautiful memories came to him again and again, Qin Feng lifted his head. His eyes were no longer filled with loneliness and pain. Instead, they were filled with a strange glow.

As Qin Feng listened to the girl's undisguised words and recalled the promise he had made, his ice-cold heart finally started to melt slowly. His slightly bent back finally straightened. It seemed that the unyielding youth from before had returned ?

"Yeah, I was willing, I was willing. If I didn't give up, how could I have gotten it!?" "Since I was able to shine in the four directions before, I can definitely rise again now!"

While he was laughing, Qin Fen suddenly turned around and left. Although his back was still lonely, his steps were firm as always. The aura he exuded was no longer dispirited or desperate. It was once again brimming with a strong, confident radiance.

Staring at Qin Fen's lonely back, Zhan Qingwu stomped her feet in anger. She pouted and said, "Idiot." Then, like a happy fawn, she hopped up to Qin Fen and walked side by side with him, bathing in the warmth of the sunset ?

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