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Imperial Martial Emperor/C10 Qin Fen's hand
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C10 Qin Fen's hand

In the blink of an eye, the summoned wolves chased after the Wolf King without any hesitation, quickly disappearing into the darkness of the Savage Bull Mountain Range.

Just as they wanted to let out a breath of relief and ease their tensed minds, they suddenly realized that the situation they were facing hadn't turned for the better because of the departure of the two level 1 Giant Wolves. On the contrary, the three of them actually felt the pressure instantly increase by a large margin ?


The giant wolf that was fighting with Fang Qi had changed from the previous attacking and dodging style, it's over 10 feet long body emitted a terrifying and brutal aura, moving step by step, its sharp and strong front paws completely ignored Fang Jingqi's counterattack, and it greedily devoured the space in front of her, while its bloodthirsty and brutal eyes stared straight at Fang Jingqi, whose aura had already started to go into disorder.

At the same time, not far away, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were caught up in a moment of life and death ?

Their Fa Li cages began to show signs of dissipation as the three giant wolves worked together and clashed against each other without rest. They did not wait for the price to pay for their attacks.

And what was even worse was that the giant wolf that was about to be killed by Fang Wu and Fang Yuan together, suddenly ignored their fatal strike, giving the two a resentful look before using all its strength to ram into the magical power cage that was pressuring him.


A loud noise echoed out, and under the pincer attack, the cages that had been crumbling for a long time finally came to an end. They collapsed with a loud bang, leaving only the two brothers, whose faces were deathly pale and had their backs against their backs facing each other.

"Awoo ?"

The howls of the wolves that were filled with pain, bloodlust, and fury resounded throughout the world. The four equally bloodstained giant wolves glanced at the wolf that had used its life as the price to break through 'an inch or so', falling onto the ground. The wolf's corpse that did not even have a breath of air was now lying on the ground.

An even more intense battle broke out. However, this time, it completely turned into a one-sided battle. The three people of the Fang family were completely dissected within a short period of time, each fighting on their own ?

Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were still alright, after all the both of them had rich combat experience, and adding on to that, even though they were in danger from the attacks of the two huge wolves, they would not be in danger in the near future.

However, Fang Jingqi's situation was not looking good. Her footsteps were light and her expression panicked, this was the most direct sign that the mana in her dantian was almost depleted.

And what was even worse was that because of her momentary cowardice and lack of resolution, a attack that was not particularly threatening had instantly turned into a scythe of the god of death, just an inch away from her waist.

Although Fang Jingqi relied on her Level 1 personal protective soft armor to escape, but because of this, she also paid a heavy price in terms of her magic power and her five organs being moved, causing her extremely dangerous situation to directly turn into a hopeless situation!

"Bastard, how dare you!" Seeing Fang Jingqi, who was in dire straits, Fang Wu roared angrily.

"Aqi, be careful!" After Fang Yuan received the huge wolf's multiple claws, he roared at the top of his lungs and moved closer to Fang Jingqi with all his might.

"Kill!" Looking at the wolf claw that was getting closer and closer to her head, Fang Jingqi poured all of the remaining mana in her Dantian into her weapon. She waved it with all of her strength and roared with a determined expression, "Aunt is going to fight it out with you!"


A deafening explosion sounded out. Fang Jingqi was knocked away by the impact as if she was hit by a mad bull, and the level one divine weapon in her hand directly shattered into pieces after receiving most of the impact.

"Pu, pu, pu ?"

Countless mouthfuls of blood spurted out uncontrollably. Fang Jingqi, who was already lying on the ground, could no longer fight back. As she looked at the huge wolf mouth that was getting closer and closer, Fang Jingqi closed her eyes as if she was resigned to her fate.

In the nick of time, a thin black shadow suddenly appeared behind the giant wolf that was about to kiss it. It was like an invincible Martial Emperor.

This sudden scene instantly appeared in the depths of Fang Jingqi's soul. Even after countless years, she still could not forget it!

"F * ck, I'm not showing off. Do you think I'm a sick cat?!" The teenager was filled with killing intent as he stood straight beside the wolf corpse that had crashed onto the ground. His frail body and the fiendish aura that had shot up into the sky instantly formed a scene with an extremely strong visual impact.

"It's actually you ?" "Qin Fen!" Her tensed mind finally relaxed, and endless fatigue immediately surged into her heart, then she muttered to the unconscious Fang Jingqi in an extremely weak voice.

She had never thought that when she was on the verge of death, it would be Qin Fen, whom she had always despised, who would come forward to help her.

"Don't say too much, hurry up and adjust your breathing." With a faint smile on his grave face, Qin Fen spoke gently.

"You ? I... "Howl ?" All of a sudden, Fang Jingqi could no longer hold back the grievances in her heart and started to spew out, like a child who had not returned home in a long time and saw her family, she completely broke down in emotion as she started to sob softly.

Meanwhile, Qin Fen shook his head after glancing at Fang Jingqi, who had a complicated expression on her face. Then, he took a deep breath and charged like lightning towards the 'Liangbao Brothers', who were on the verge of collapsing.


Qin Fen was like a cannonball. He turned around in a panic. His eyes were filled with fear as he saw the huge wolf's strong, sharp front claws slashing at him.

"Bang!" The sound of a violent collision could be heard as a man and a wolf collided. The collision actually created an ear-piercing sound after the collision of metal and stone.

"Awoo." He saw that the giant wolf had been knocked away by Qin Fen when it had turned its head. It rolled on the ground a few times before standing up in a sorry state.

Qin Fen, on the other hand, was only able to slow down his murderous aura slightly. He immediately dashed towards the wolf like a bolt of lightning.

"Damn, what did you eat to grow up? Why are you even fiercer than a demon beast?!"

"What the hell, Brother Wu, if we knew that this brat was so violent, why would we stand up for him!"

Just as the battle that made people feel their blood rushing began, two extremely disorderly cries sounded out, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan both stared wide-eyed, their mouths open so wide that a demonic beast's core could be stuffed inside.

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Qin Fen, who had initially wanted to "beat the crap out of him", roared out in anger. Then, his aura exploded once more as he yelled out, "Immortal Deity Technique, explode!"

In the blink of an eye, Qin Fen was like a vicious beast in human form as he engaged in a close combat with the wolf. In less than a breath's time, he had gained the upper hand and completely suppressed the wolf.

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