Imperial Martial Emperor/C11 life and death ten seconds
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C11 life and death ten seconds
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C11 life and death ten seconds

"Bang, bang, bang ?"

A very dense and heavy sound of a blow rang out. Qin Fen didn't care about the wolf claws in front of his face and continued to swing his fists. He felt as if he had been struck by a thick piece of steel; it was extremely hard and tricky.

"Fist, palm, elbow, knee ?"

The lightning-fast attack left afterimages. As long as it was a part of his body that was tough enough, Qin Feng would make full use of it.

"Phew ?" "Phew ?"

The biting cold sound of wind could be heard as Qin Fen's close-ranged attacks were just like a dragon leaving its lair. They were fast, violent, tricky, and like a tempest, they struck the head of the vicious wolf that was just inches away from him.

Within the span of a few breaths, he had struck the giant wolf in front of him tens of times, and at the same time, he had also blocked tens of sharp and sturdy wolf claws.

Of course, Qin Fen's crazy fighting style was to kill the enemy one thousand times and wound himself eight hundred times, but the effect was excellent. In just a moment's time, he had completely intimidated the giant wolf that was fighting him.

"Brother Wu, could this kid be a demon beast in disguise?" The rotund Fang Yuan felt the pressure greatly lessen after Qin Fen made his move. As he quickly moved closer to Fang Wu, he yelled out.

"Yi, this kid's mightiness is quite similar to my own style back then!" Fang Wu was even more at a loss for words. When he saw that Fang Yuan was about to reunite with him, he blurted out a few words that almost made Qin Fen spit out blood.

"* *!" Qin Feng cursed under his breath. If not for the fact that he was worried that the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth within his body would return to his meridians over time, Qin Fen really wanted to turn around and destroy his family.

In fact, Qin Fen didn't want to engage in such a primal and direct battle. He really didn't have any better ideas.

In terms of long-range attack skills, Qin Fen, who was once trained by the Battle Tribe, could be considered one of the most outstanding younger generation in the entire Barbarian Cow City. Unfortunately, his dantian had been completely destroyed and there was no magic power stored inside.

Helpless and in a dire situation, Qin Fen could only choose to shock everyone to the point where they didn't want to take it. At the same time, he also allowed himself to suffer in close quarters.

Fortunately, Qin Fen had already practiced the Fang family's remnant "Immortal Deity Technique" for several days, and his body had already been refined to a very strong state. In addition, after activating the "Immortal Deity Technique", his physical body's defensive capabilities and close combat capabilities had also risen to a new level, to the point where he could be comparable to a Pre-Sky Realm martial artist. In this short period of time, he was not afraid of any demon beasts.

Of course, the heaven-defying? Immortal Deity Technique? was Qin Fen's greatest reliance. It was also his weakness.

After activating the "Immortal Deity Technique", Qin Fen could only use it for a short period of time. If he couldn't kill the giant wolf within the blink of an eye, he would turn from a chopping block into a delicious fish.

In the blink of an eye, five seconds had passed.

Although Qin Feng had completely suppressed the level one giant wolf, he had still struck its head several times. Its eyes, nose, and throat had forced it to transform from a proactive attack into a passive defense. Its huge body had already begun to stagger and crumble, and traces of fear and cowardice could be faintly seen in its ferocious eyes.

However, Qin Feng had to pay a huge price for his brilliant victory. The wolf had taken care of Qin Feng's left arm, which was held above his head. Now, it was completely broken, and it drooped down powerlessly.

Moreover, his abdomen had just been clawed by a claw. A bloody hole with a diameter of over three centimeters was left there, and fresh blood kept gushing out, looking extremely sinister and terrifying.

However, Qin Fen had been prepared for this painful and arduous process. He had never expected that the giant wolf, which had been completely suppressed and had fallen into a desperate situation, would suddenly explode without any warning, despite the fact that it could be killed at any moment.

At the most critical moment, the sixth second:

Looking at the tottering wolf on the verge of victory, Qin Fen was overjoyed to see it. Although the attack was still ferocious, his heart was overwhelmed by the thought of advancing forward without a care in the world.

However, in that thousandth of a second, the giant wolf suddenly exploded.

Its eyes were bloodshot and its expression ferocious. It let go of the opening above its head, ignoring the attack aimed at its head. Its strong front claws instantly gathered strength, and with a hideous roar, it swung them at Qin Fen's head.

Suddenly, Qin Fen froze for a moment. His right leg that had been lifted and his right fist that had touched the wolf head retracted back with lightning speed. He took a step back and changed his attack from offense to defense.

Seventh second:

"Shua!" A stream of blood sprayed out straight from his mouth and landed on the head of the huge wolf that was still fiercely attacking.

"Hmph!" A painful sound was heard. Qin Fen's face immediately changed. He couldn't care for the bone-deep wound on his right arm as he retreated again. He narrowly avoided the sharp wolf claw that had grabbed his head.

In the blink of an eye, the scene changed dramatically. The position of attack and defense was reversed along with the blood flying all over the sky.

Eighth second:

The situation became more and more dangerous. The sharp claws of the giant wolf was not far from Qin Feng's chest. If it weren't for the fact that his body had been strengthened by the < Immortal Deity Technique >, he would have been cut open by now.

And what was even worse was that the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth within his body started to vibrate from time to time. It was an omen of returning to his meridians.

He had to fend off the bear-like attack of the giant wolf in a sorry state. Suddenly, he had an idea as he started to think of a countermeasure!

Ninth second:

Carefully and dangerously, he avoided each of the wolf claws. In his mind, he quickly came up with several countermeasures, but the result left him disappointed and panic-stricken. There was actually no other way for him to escape unscathed.

In a split-second, Qin Fen made his decision. "I got lucky. Right, I got lucky and escaped!"

Wrong, twenty years from now, you will be a good man again! "

Ten seconds:

Feeling the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth begin to separate from his body, Qin Fen suddenly jumped up. Instead of retreating, he charged straight into the sharp claws of the wolf that were waving around.

In a split-second, Qin Fen's abdomen, which was already dripping with blood, was pierced through by the sharp claws of the wolf once again. He was trapped in mid-air, only an arm away from the mouth of the wolf.

Qin Feng spat out another mouthful of blood. He had never been so close to death before. The wolf's red tongue and pungent smell were almost upon him. The wolf's mouth could crush his head with a single step.

The intense pain in his abdomen and the imminent death did not make Qin Feng feel the slightest bit of cowardice. On the contrary, his eyes suddenly lit up, and a trace of malevolence flashed across his distorted face. He shouted:


Qin Feng's right hand was conjuring a magic trick as he held a shiny dagger. He stabbed it right into the eye socket, the only fatal weakness of the giant wolf.


In that instant, a mournful wail resounded through the sky ?

"Puff ?"

At the same time, Qin Fen's face contorted in pain. He spat another mouthful of blood onto the wolf's head.

An extremely tragic, bloody scene of both of them dying together was presented before everyone's eyes!

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