Imperial Martial Emperor/C12 survival of the dead
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C12 survival of the dead
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C12 survival of the dead

"Be careful, Qin Fen!"

Almost at the same time, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan finally met up again. The two of them were shouting angrily at the top of their lungs, and at the same time resisting the sharp claws of the wolves, recklessly using a set of mysterious hand seals in an extremely precious and short period of time.

"Combine attack, rise within a square inch!"


A loud sound rang out and in an instant, two boundless mana wrapped around the world's spirit energy. A dazzling cage that could be seen with the naked eye quickly took shape in the air, and with a loud bang, it fell down, covering an area of 30 meters!

Inside the mana cage, the intense battle instantly began. Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were completely deranged, not holding back at all as they engaged in intense battle with the three huge wolves of the first step!

"Cough ?"

After the sharp claws pierced his abdomen, Qin Fen, who had been lifted up into the air, once again coughed out several mouthfuls of blood.

His face was pale, but his sharp eyes were fixated on the giant wolf less than a meter away from him. His right hand, which was deeply embedded in the wolf's eye sockets, was still using force, wanting to pierce his own arm.


In that instant, the giant wolf couldn't help but tremble from the force of the fatal blow. It howled as it shook its head from side to side from the pain.

As the seconds passed, the injured giant wolf began to lose its strength. A stinky blood mixed with countless white brains began to flow out from Qin Fen's right arm, which had been stuck in its eye sockets.

One Second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

The time that usually passed in the blink of an eye had now turned into the torment of Qin Fen!

The intense pain on his body, coupled with the weakness that came from his body when the Immortal Deity Technique dissipated, made Qin Fen clearly feel like he was being summoned by the god of death!

Seconds were like a year!

This was Qin Feng's only feeling at the moment. If it weren't for his solid dao heart and strong will to survive, Qin Feng really wanted to submit to his body and pass out ?

"Boom!" A loud sound was heard.

In the fifth second of the year, Qin Fen could no longer hold on because of the loss of blood in his body. A huge mountain seemed to be pressing against his eyelids. As he fell asleep, the giant wolf collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

"Mm ?"

The intimate contact with the ground immediately caused Qin Feng to be even more injured. After a subconscious groan, Qin Fen struggled to pull out his right hand from the giant wolf's eye sockets. Using the last of his strength, he slammed his right hand onto the ground and mercilessly pulled his body out of the wolf's claw that was still stuck in his abdomen.


The intense pain made Qin Feng scream out loud. He was lying on the ground with his back hunched. The only thing that he could do was take something out of his chest with his right hand. But because he was too exhausted, he could only stretch out his arm powerlessly.

"God damn, play with me!" Her pitch-black eyes were no longer sharp, and only an intense unwillingness and yearning for life remained ?

"Sorry, Qingwu, brother ?" "I'll be leaving first ?" Feeling the rapid loss of life force in his body, Qin Fen did not panic at all. All that was left was a trace of guilt and a faint sense of unwillingness!

"Hold on, Qin Fen!"

Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, who were using all their powers to control the cage of mana, exploded. Their auras were tyrannical, killing in all directions, and after being cut apart again and again, the previously vicious huge wolf was no match for their current opponents.

"Qin Fen, you ?" I... "Sob, sob ?"

A very weak and shrill scream sounded out at the same time. Fang Jingqi, who was lying on the ground not far away with injuries all over and was on her last breath, instantly felt as if she was struck by lightning as her body trembled intensely. She crawled up and fell again and again with a very complicated expression.

In the midst of the heavy downpour, Qin Fen had silently entered his final moments of death. His eyes glazed over as he looked into the distance. His previous life, his entire life ? Countless memories began surging through his mind ?

"Kid, well done!" Just as he was about to die, a voice sounded in his mind. It gave Qin Feng, whose consciousness was about to dissipate, hope to survive!

"Master ?" "I ?" Qin Feng struggled as he mumbled to himself. His weak body made it difficult for him to even open his mouth to speak.

"Qin Fen, you are the successor of my Body Refinement Faction. You will only bleed and never beg for mercy!"

Master will now lend you the power of the soul. You must quickly dig out the beast core in front of you and then cultivate the [Heavenly Art] in your hands to help you soar into the sky! " Suddenly, the cyan robed Slaughterer Qingyi appeared in Qin Fen's mind as she spoke with a serious tone.

Whoosh. A thick stream of energy suddenly appeared. In just a moment, Qin Fen, who was wounded all over, stood up as if he was full of energy. "Teng"

Then, Qin Fen could not help but look at Fang Wu and Fang Yuan who were attacking the three level one giant wolves together, and he felt their extremely weak and powerful bodies. The strange situation made Qin Fen confused.

For a moment, he did not know what was going on within his physical body, but in that split-second, he immediately reacted. The full power should be an illusion, an external force, lent to him by Slaughter Qingyi.

And his extremely weak body was the result of his life force being drained away at a rapid rate!

After realizing what he was doing, Qin Feng didn't dare to waste another second as he waved his right arm to retrieve the core from within the wolf's corpse. Then, he sat down cross-legged in a pool of blood and began to circulate the [Heavenly Art], entering a deep meditative state in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Slaughter Qingyi, who was in her mind, instantly formed a set of complex hand seals. After which, with a majestic demeanor, she thunderously shouted:

"Heavenly Art, Undying Golden Body, Devour!"

In that instant, the mysterious energy that had filled Qin Feng with power transformed into an illusory yet dazzling golden skeleton that dissolved into his body in an inconceivable manner.


In the dark sky above the Savage Bull Mountain Range, thunder rumbled, causing Fang Wu and Fang Yuan who were speeding up to kill the giant wolves to shiver.

"Brother Wu, that's not right. Could Qin Fen have faked his corpse?" Fang Yuan's face was filled with shock as he unleashed a fierce attack. He looked at Qin Fen who had suddenly stood up in panic, making wild guesses as he opened his mouth.

"Hmm? "From what I see, it seems like the two of us should quickly kill these animals and bring our junior sister away!" Fang Wu was at a loss for words. He looked at Qin Fen, who was sitting cross-legged in a pool of blood, and was lost in thought.

"Qin Fen, you're still alive?" A weak voice sounded out once again. Fang Jingqi, who was lying on the ground with injuries all over her body, also looked at Qin Fen in shock. Her mind was suddenly blank, all that was left was this thin figure that she could never forget!

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