Imperial Martial Emperor/C13 a difficult process of metamorphosis
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C13 a difficult process of metamorphosis
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C13 a difficult process of metamorphosis

Qin Fen sat cross-legged in the pool of blood quietly amidst the commotion. If it wasn't for the fact that his pale face was twitching in pain, he would have been in a miserable state as a fighter about to be killed.

In fact, Qin Feng had lost all sense of what was happening outside his body. His mind was completely focused on the dazzling golden skeleton that was fusing with his body with great difficulty.

Just as Slaughter Qingyi shouted out the words "Heavenly Art, Immortal Golden Body", a golden skeleton that radiated light and looked extremely illusory formed in his body.

When Sang Qingyi shouted out the last word, "Devour", a majestic and irresistible Devouring Force immediately came out from the golden skeleton. Then, it went along Qin Feng's meridians and directly penetrated into the Class 1 Giant Wolf inner core that he was holding, where he was only able to move his right hand.


The Devouring Power of the Rank 1 Giant Wolf Core began to circulate at high speed along Qin Fen's eight extraordinary meridians.

As time passed second by second, this majestic Devouring Power started to become weaker and weaker. However, the inner core's energy that was contained within was evenly absorbed into his flesh and blood.

"Zzzz ?"

An indistinct ear-piercing sound could be heard from within Qin Feng's body. Under the stimulation of the inner core, the dazzling and scorching Undying Golden Body actually increased the speed at which it dissolved into his flesh.

"Ah ?"

The sudden increase in his speed was accompanied by an indescribable pain. In an instant, it forced Qin Fen to start howling in pain unconsciously. The dark brown veins on his exposed skin bulged inch by inch, and large beads of sweat gushed out of the pores on his body.

If the previous pain caused by Qin Feng's fatal injuries was "one", then the current intense pain from the fusion of his golden skeleton and his physical body was "ten".

Furthermore, this intense pain could not be described with words. This was because the source of this pain did not originate from the physical body, but rather directly from the soul.

"Zzzz ?"

The excruciating fusion was still ongoing, and Qin Fen had completely entered into a state of unconsciousness. If not for his strong will to survive and his rock-solid dao heart supporting him throughout, his fire of life could have been extinguished at any moment!

"Qin Fen ?" Suddenly, Qin Fen, who was on the verge of death, seemed to hear a shout coming from the sky ?

In that instant, a massive figure appeared within Qin Fen's consciousness. This was a memory that came from the deepest part of his soul. Although it was blurry, it was etched deeply into his heart!

"Boom!" Qin Feng's life force that was about to be extinguished suddenly surged again.


With a bellow, Qin Fen's tightly shut eyes flew open. His twisted and ferocious face was filled with an unyielding will and a longing for life!

"Heavenly Art, Undying Golden Body, explode!"

Right at this moment, Slaughter Qingyi, who was in the back of her mind, suddenly roared out crazily. A mysterious and unfathomable Qi suddenly emanated from her body, and then it poured into the dazzling and illusory Imperishable Gilded Body with lightning speed.

"Qin Fen, use the 'Heavenly Art'. Is it a dragon or a worm ? This is it! " Suddenly, Slaughterer Qingyi's face turned ferocious as he shouted with a serious tone. His voice pierced the depths of Qin Fen's soul!

"Fuck, my life is not up to me!" Qin Fen, who was sitting cross-legged and had a sluggish aura, roared out in anger!

"Heavenly Art, activate!"

"Immortal Deity Technique, explode!"

For some unknown reason, at the moment when Qin Fen's fate was decided, he had not only activated the "Heavenly Art", but he had also subconsciously started to circulate the "Immortal Deity Technique".

"Whew, whew, whew ?"

In an instant, with Qin Feng as the center, the surrounding spiritual energy within a radius of ten meters exploded outward. One by one, the spiritual energy condensed in the air before rushing into Qin Feng's body like a torrent of lightning.

Qin Feng was sitting cross-legged in a pool of blood. However, he was like a bottomless black hole. He didn't reject the incoming surge of spiritual energy and accepted it all!

In just a short moment, Qin Feng's bloodied body had swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye. He was like a balloon that was being filled with air.

"Eh? "Wow, it doesn't hurt anymore?" Qin Feng lowered his head to look at his rapidly expanding body. For a moment, Qin Fen was slightly surprised, but at the same time, he was also at a loss ?

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that after activating the "Heavenly Art" and "Immortal Deity Technique", such a strange situation would actually occur.

Just as Qin Feng was at a loss and unable to come up with an answer, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth that was hidden within his meridians suddenly erupted.

"As I thought, the Immortal Deity Technique and the ? Heavenly Art ? are from the same branch!"

However, this time, after they surged out of the hidden meridians, they did not merge into the flesh again. Instead, they quickly intertwined with the boundless nature spirit energy that had wildly surged into his body, and quickly merged into the dazzling golden skeleton as if they had seen a delicacy ?

"Zzzz ?"

After a short period of peace, the dazzling, illusory Undying Golden Body began to fuse with Qin Feng's body at an even faster speed under the stimulation of the dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

"Ah ?"

At the same time, Qin Feng couldn't help but scream. The pain was even more intense than before, and it caused his mind to go blank ?

"Hmm?" While Sang Qingyi was carefully observing Qin Feng's body, she suddenly noticed the surge of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth surging out from within his body. She was shocked and the usually calm and steady him couldn't help but blurt out: "The incomplete? Immortal Deity Technique?? It seems like this kid had another fortuitous encounter! "

As the seconds and minutes passed, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan finally paid a heavy price and completely annihilated the three huge wolves in the magical power cage.

"Shua!" The cage quickly dissipated and Fang Wu and Fang Yuan who had finished their training bent down with their knees up, panting heavily. Their faces were pale and the mana in their dantian was almost depleted.

"Ah Yuan, go help Miss Qin get up. We'll discuss this after I've taken a closer look at Qin Fen's condition." After a while of breathing heavily, Fang Wu looked at Qin Fen with a complicated expression and spoke with a serious tone.

"Got it, Brother Wu." Fang Yuan, who was also covered in blood and breathing heavily, knew that the current situation was a little complicated and strange. He very rarely agreed, then quickly ran to the side of Jing Qi, who had experienced a lot of ups and downs and was on the verge of collapse, and quickly bandaged her up.

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