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C16 Solve the problem

Qin Feng felt a mix of emotions as he looked at the smiling 'Liangbao Brothers' and the astonished Fang Jingqi. The killing intent that filled the air suddenly froze for a moment, and he opened his mouth with difficulty: "Brother, when you were breaking through just now, because of various reasons, you might have damaged your foundation. You guys know how troublesome this kind of injury is, so ?"

Qin Feng, who looked like a new student, suddenly stopped, causing Fang Wu, who was completely on guard, to suddenly tense up. In an instant, he understood the situation the three of them were currently facing.

"Brother Qin, please make it clear. After all, we once killed an enemy side by side. As long as it's something the three of us can do, we will not hesitate to go through fire and tread on water!"

In fact, Fang Wu's words came back to him in the blink of an eye with another meaning hidden within them: If I can do it, I won't hesitate, but if I can't do it ? At this moment, their two cousins were facing each other with full vigilance, perfectly expressing their attitudes!

Of course, Qin Fen immediately understood the hidden meaning behind Fang Wu's words. He also knew that his request was indeed a little difficult, but when he thought about the future of his martial arts, he immediately let go of his target with his sharp eyes. He then looked Fang Wu in the eye and calmly said, "Brother Fang, you are indeed straightforward.

First of all, I hope you all keep today's matter a secret. Of course, you all said that ? I don't think anyone would believe it either.

Secondly, I need a Rank 1 Spirit Medicine or a Spirit Master of the same rank as me. This is related to my brother's life and death, so I will take it as a loan from you.

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Fen had already taken several steps forward and entered his attack range. His aura soared and he appeared calm, but he was preparing for yet another stunning attack!

"Brother Qin, please wait for a moment. We brothers will discuss this later!" Looking at Qin Fen who had suddenly launched an attack and was determined to get his hands on the elixir, Fang Wu's expression changed once again as he shouted impatiently, "Ah Yuan, junior sister, brother Qin has encountered such a difficult problem. Which one of you has elixirs?"

"I can only give you three breaths of time!" Don't blame me for being ruthless. This is truly a matter of life and death! " Coldness was like a thousand year old ice. Although Qin Fen hadn't made his move yet, he was like a volcano on the verge of erupting. His aura was extremely violent and unstable.

"Hmph, you've gone too far!" "Don't say that I didn't bring this kind of treasure with me, but even if I did, I would have already eaten it!" It was as if Fang Yuan who was targeted by a ferocious beast had exploded, and when he heard Qin Fen's arrogant and condescending tone, he could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He shouted at the top of his lungs, "Brother Wu, let's fight it out with him! Although the three of us are heavily injured, but under all of our attacks, we can still determine who will be the victor! "

"Good, then I'm sorry, Brother Fang. Karma is ?." Qin Fen and I will bear the burden! " Licking his lips a little, Qin Fen smiled instead of getting angry. His sharp gaze contained a little bit more cruelty and killing intent as he stared at Fang Wu who seemed to be intentionally moving. He was secretly making preparations for an assault, as if he was picking a 'soft persimmon'.

"Shut up, Ah Yuan!" The expression on his face changed over and over again, and it seemed like he was going to pull back at any moment. He hurriedly turned around and looked at the little princess of the Fang family and Fang Jingqi anxiously with a "wind tight and breath" look, while secretly channeling his mana, then said with a guilty heart, "If it wasn't for the urgency of Brother Qin just now, would we be able to live until now!"

At this time, Qin Fen had already secretly activated his "Immortal Deity Technique". Endless power flooded his body once again. The murderous aura had already locked onto Fang Wu who was the closest to him and acting very strangely.

Even before he finished speaking, Fang Wu had already formed several mystical seals with Fang Yuan at the same time. The two streams of mana, which were strong but lacking in power, had already merged into one, just missing the final burst!

An unexpected life-and-death battle was about to begin!

"Enough, Qin Fen!" At this critical moment, a weak voice suddenly sounded out. Fang Jingqi, who had a pale face and a weak aura, suddenly stepped forward, and exposed herself to Qin Fen's effective attack. She continued with a complicated tone, "I have a pill that can protect my life, I can give it to you, but I hope you can escort us back to the Fang family after you consume it!"

It was Fang Qi, Jing Jing, who took out the pill. Although she was calm, she was filled with disappointment and pain.

"Fine, bring it over. You have my promise!" Qin Feng intentionally avoided Fang Qi and Jing's burning gaze, but he did not disperse the < Immortal Deity Technique >. He only spoke plainly.

"Sou!" The sound of wind breaking could be heard as a green pill suddenly appeared in Qin Feng's hand. The sealed pill was still sealed, yet it was emitting a strong fragrance. It was exuberant and full of vitality! "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee ?" ? "

"No, little junior sister, that is the life-saving treasure that uncle gave you!" A shout rang out at the same time, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan's expressions were ashen, glaring at Qin Fen. Their auras surged as they shouted in anger, "Combination attack, square inch!"

All of a sudden, a slightly pale hand grabbed onto Fang Wu's arm. Fang Jingqi's eyes were red, he shook his head bitterly and said in disappointment, "Forget it, cousin brother, he saved my life before!"

"Sigh ?"

Looking at the wronged look on the little junior sister's face, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan both sighed secretly, and then they both scattered and stood by her side in shame. They both had the same defeated look, but with a hint of helplessness mixed within!

Qin Fen, who was fully on guard on the other side, finally confirmed that Fang Wu and Fang Yuan had both left at the same time, and without hesitation, he stuffed the dark green pill into his mouth. Then he quickly circulated the "Heavenly Art" to help his body absorb the medicinal effects faster and better.

As for Slaughter Qingyi, her calm face showed no emotion. However, her bright eyes showed that she was satisfied with the decisiveness with which Qin Feng had chosen to kill her.

"First level Python Tattoo Fruit, its quality is still okay!" After appraising the exuberant Class 1 Spirit Fruit in an indifferent tone, the two Slaughterers' eyeballs rolled as if they were trying to distract Qin Fen's complicated emotions. They actually started teasing him, "Brat, this pretty girl probably has her eyes on you. Otherwise, with her background and background, if she risked her life, she might not necessarily be able to escape!"

"WHAT?" Qin Fen's mind was still blank, but he subconsciously retorted, "Impossible, your Uncle Qin beat her shitty little ass with his own hands. If she didn't find trouble with me, I would have burnt incense. How could he have fallen for me?"

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