Imperial Martial Emperor/C17 Back to the Fang Family
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C17 Back to the Fang Family
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C17 Back to the Fang Family

Just as Qin Fen was "in a state of fear", the first level python tattoo fruit in his stomach had already transformed into a majestic life force under the overbearing and direct stimulation of the "Heavenly Art". It quickly entered his slightly torn meridians and his slightly dried up body.

"Ka, ka, ka ?"

An indistinct muffled sound could be heard from Qin Fen's body. Following that, streams of black and viscous objects that stank like rotten fish began to slowly pour out of his pores.

"Aooo ?" "Howl ?"

In that instant, Qin Feng felt a burning sensation in his body as he felt extremely comfortable. He couldn't help but exclaim, "Comfortable, great!"

At the same time, Slaughter Qingyi no longer had her usual frivolous expression. Instead, she had a stern expression and a mysterious energy began to radiate from her body. She then carefully entered Qin Feng's blood vessels.

"Calm your mind and speed up!" With a heavy tone, he gave a loud shout and at the same time carefully monitored the boundless amount of life force merging together. After a while, Sang Qingyi finally revealed a satisfied smile and sincerely sighed, "Mmm, the results are quite good."

Accompanying Slaughter Qingyi's heartfelt sigh, the boundless life force finally entered Qin Fen's meridians, and the tiny cracks that were hidden within them were completely healed in an instant.

"Inhale ?" After inhaling a long breath of fresh air, Qin Fen, who had been assaulting him with a foul stench all this while, nearly fainted. Looking at the black, sticky substance emitting a foul smell, his heart was filled with joy. And just like that, they flew off! "

If Slaughterer Qingyi's forehead was not filled with black lines, he would have immediately fallen to the ground and vomit for three minutes if he did not consider his unparalleled dignity as a teacher!

"Pfft." At the same time, a snicker instantly entered Qin Fen's ears. He saw that after the defeated Fang Jingqi heard Qin Fen's shameless wails, two seductive blush appeared on her pale face, and she directly gave Qin Fen a big cleaning eye!

Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, on the other hand, subconsciously raised their hands to cover their noses and mouth. They coldly glanced at the stinky Qin Fen and disdainfully said, "Serves you right!"

As for Qin Fen, he knew that he had truly offended the famous "Liangbao Brothers" of the Fang Family, so he simply took out some spare water and clothes from his storage ring and hid in the depths of the forest that no one could see. After quickly cleaning up and changing into some clean clothes, he finally returned to his original spot refreshed. I won't take a single cent! "

Qin Feng's current state was like a monologue in a play. The words he said sank to the bottom of the sea without any response. The awkward atmosphere made Qin Feng feel that he was in a bad mood no matter what.

On the other hand, although Fang Wu and Fang Yuan had chosen to ignore Qin Fen, their actions of sweeping through the battlefield were not slow at all. Their proficiency in their techniques had made Sang Qingyi, the "fierce man" who boasted of being experienced and knowledgeable, gasp in admiration and feel inferior to himself ?

It was a "hard work" that had nothing to do with Qin Feng. The wolf corpses on the ground were quickly dissected and sorted into a neat pile. Even the wolf hairs that were scattered on the ground were all taken away by the two of them ?

As the seconds and minutes passed, the distant horizon was finally filled with the white of a duck. A red sun slowly rose as the warm sunlight once again illuminated the vast Barbarian Cow Mountain Range!

Shortly after dawn, four distinct silhouettes could be seen dashing through the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range. Each of them had the intent to return home as soon as possible, unwilling to waste even a single second of their time.

When they arrived, the five of them were led by the domineering Fang Ming. Moreover, they were in high spirits and were constantly brimming with cheers and laughter ?

However, when he returned, there were only four lonely figures left. Fang Ming, who led the team, had long betrayed his trust and ran for his life. However, he was not sure if he was dead or alive.

As for the four people who luckily survived, other than Qin Fen, who had been reborn from his misfortune, the other three members of the Fang Family's direct line of descent were all in tattered clothes and were covered in bloodstains. Moreover, all of them had light injuries on their feet, as if they had suffered heavy internal injuries.

However, they had survived. Compared to the situation where Fang Ming had been chased to the death by a Rank 2 Giant Wolf King and two Rank 1 Giant Wolves, although the situation was dire, it was still countless times better!

After a series of unending journeys, even Qin Fen, who had been reborn, found it difficult to endure. However, the three members of the Fang family were still supporting each other as they continued on their journey ?

If they were hungry, they would just casually nibble on some of the food they brought along!

If they were thirsty, a single mouthful of clear water would be enough to let the three Fang family members drink the Bejewelled Nectar Elixir!

Tired, the three of them actually supported each other and encouraged each other. No matter what, they just didn't want to stop and return home!

Travelling through the dust and wind, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were directly blown into a pauper by the sandstorm, and they were both peerless beggars with sharp eyes and godlike shapes!

On the other hand, although the little princess of the Fang family and Fang Jing Qi did not look so miserable that even their own family could not see them, they were still covered in dust.

As for Qin Fen, although he had tried very hard on the way back to join the three Fang family's small team, he could only shake his head helplessly after his efforts had failed. He could only silently follow behind the three of them and silently take up the task of guarding and cutting off their backs.

Just as the fiery red sun was about to set and the boundless night sky was about to gradually cover the land, the three members of the Fang family supporting each other finally walked out of the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range.

"Hahahaha ?"

Just as Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were laughing heartily, Fang Jingqi's thin and weak body suddenly shook. An abnormal blush appeared on her small face that was as pale as snow, and she laid straight on the ground.

The sound of wind breaking sounded out. Qin Fen flashed forward like lightning and hugged the unconscious Fang Jingqi into his arms.

"Cnm, Qin Fen, get lost!" When Fang Yuan, who was slightly slower, saw that Fang Jingqi had fallen into Qin Fen's arms, he instantly lost all reason. All of his remaining mana flowed out from his body, and he looked as if he was about to devour someone!

"Boom!" A firework rose high into the air, and in an instant, it violently exploded again. The loud sound of the explosion resounded through the skies for a long time ?

This was the Fang family's "Gathering Arrow". As long as the people of the Fang family saw or heard it, no matter who it was or what they were doing, they would immediately attack!

"Qin Fen, I will only say this once. Put down my junior sister, or else, your father will die ?" I have to pull you along as well! " After releasing the "Assemble Arrows", the murderous Fang Wu stepped in front of Qin Feng. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with a strong killing intent. With a ferocious expression, he gritted his teeth and shouted angrily.

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