Imperial Martial Emperor/C18 burst conflict
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C18 burst conflict
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C18 burst conflict

"Damn it, he's just a good person!" With a sharp gaze, he looked in the direction of the Barbarian Cow City. Although Qin Feng's mouth was filled with angry complaints, his heart, which had always been decisive in killing, suddenly began to mutter a little bit ?

Because he was quickly calculating who would arrive first and when?

If the main branch of the Fang Family arrived first, Qin Feng was certain that he would not provoke any more conflicts.

However, if it was just a side branch, then the problem would be a bit unclear and unclear!

Without mentioning anything else, just the fact that the life or death of a candidate from a branch of the branch, Fang Ming, was unknown was enough to arouse conflict!

In addition to his irreconcilable enmity with Fang Ming, the most likely scenario was that the Fang family's experts intentionally covered up Fang Ming's injustice, and then directly killed Qin Feng on the spot before pouring the dirty water on him.

Of course, the Patriarch of the Fang family and Fang Wenshan might raise some doubts afterwards, but since this had already happened, there was a possibility that he and the branch family members could reach some sort of compromise. There was a very high chance of this happening!

In this split-second, countless thoughts flashed through Qin Feng's mind. However, the best option for him was to let go and return to the Barbarian Cow City on his own.

In that instant, Qin Fen made up his mind!

However, just as he wanted to let go and slowly place Fang Jingqi on the ground, a series of dense footsteps suddenly came from the distance. Moreover, the speed was extremely fast, in just a moment, ten breathless, murderous figures already appeared in Qin Fen's sight.

"Thief, stop! Quickly put down the Fang family's pearls!"

"Hey, little thief, do you recognize your Master Fang? Hurry up and kill him by pulling his neck apart! "

In a split-second, angry roars filled Qin Fen's ears. His figure became clearer and clearer. Qin Fen felt like he was hanging in mid-air. He couldn't get up or down!

"Familiar with... It's quite a lot! " He sighed silently and looked at the Fang family crowd that surrounded him in an instant. Qin Fen instantly changed his mind and hugged Fang Jing Qi tightly in his arms again, then shouted word by word, "Everyone, I'm a minister of the Fang family now. Family, please restrain yourself, I'll have to trouble you about that ?" Why don't you go and notify the Patriarch? "

"Bah!" A mouthful of phlegm was spat directly at Qin Feng's feet. A burly young man with a fierce face and a strong build scolded him angrily, "Qin Fen, don't even mention how you're only a reverend in name. Even if you're a guest elder, the crime of abducting the Fang family's Ming Zhu is enough for me to use my power to deal with anyone!"

This person's name was Fang Meng, and his cultivation was at the Houtian realm. He was a domineering and ruthless person from a branch family. Three years ago, in the gambling match between Qin Feng and Fang Ming that had changed the fates of many people, this person was the fuse that ignited the flame!

"That's right, Brother Meng is right, this kid is ungrateful. He doesn't care about the Patriarch's kindness, he actually dares to seize the Fang Family pearl. After we kill him together, the Patriarch might even give him a reward!" Unexpectedly, Fang Meng was not the only one with an invisible goal. As soon as Fang Meng finished speaking, the wretched looking young man on his left started to incite everyone to kill him!

This man's name was Fang Chi, and he was also in the Lesser Heaven stage. However, he was a treacherous and treacherous person, and although he had participated in the conflict three years ago, he did not directly take action. He was just hiding in the shadows, constantly fanning himself and igniting the devil's fire!

"Humph!" A cold snort that sounded like a bell came out from Qin Feng's mouth. It immediately caused the Fang family's youths, who were ready to make a move after being bewitched, to freeze for a moment.

Qin Fen's sharp eyes pierced into Fang Meng's eyes as he laughed, "Qin Fen, three years ago, I was able to suppress you with my bare hands. Today, I can suppress you with my bare hands!" "Come on, who's going first. Let your Uncle Qin see how much you've improved in these past three years!"

"Huala!" The crowd went into an uproar as loud whispers immediately sounded out. Everyone whispered to each other, stagnating in the middle of their conversation. Only Fang Meng and Fang Shi stood on the same spot with embarrassed expressions on their faces. They were in a dilemma and worried about their gains and losses!

As they saw Qin Fen, who was being surrounded but was still as heroic as ever, the young people of the Fang family finally calmed down. Then, after carefully looking at Fang Jingqi, who was being hugged by Qin Fen, most of them revealed hesitant expressions.

"Brother Wu, who fired the assembled arrows?" What exactly is going on here? " Several of the Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators turned their heads to look at Fang Wu, questioning his decision.

Fang Wu didn't answer their questions immediately. He just stared at Qin Fen with a cold, murderous look on his face, but the words he said were less harsh than before. However, the killing intent was still thick, "Qin Fen, I don't want to say the truth. Just put down my junior right now, or else ? We won't rest until we die! "

"Humph!" Fang Wu, do you think I'm scared! I'll answer you right now, if you don't see Fang Wenshan, then your Uncle Qin definitely won't let you go! " After hearing Fang Wu's obvious threat, Qin Fen, who had already become slightly relaxed, had become extremely stubborn. In the blink of an eye, he had adopted a decisive posture that would rather be broken into pieces than be satisfied with anything else!

"You f * cking don't know what's good for you, your father will kill you today!" The hot-tempered Fang Yuan could no longer suppress the anger in his heart, his momentum soaring. After pondering for less than a breath, he gave up on long-range attacks, directly using his short attack to attack the commander. He stepped forward, his hands forming a palm, directly striking Qin Fen's throat!


At the same time, Fang Wu also launched an attack from behind. The biting cold killing move was aimed at Qin Fen's back. The punch that was infused with all of his mana had already passed through his thin clothes and pierced his skin.

"Immortal Deity Technique, explode!" Qin Fen, who was forced into a dead end, instantly exploded the "Immortal Golden Body" in his body in order to protect Fang Jingqi, who had fainted, from getting hurt. However, in order to hide this heaven-defying opportunity, he shouted out "Immortal Deity Technique"!

In that instant, a powerful and mysterious energy of heaven and earth spread out from his meridians, pouring into Qin Fen's body!


A deafening shout suddenly rang. Qin Fen's frail body once again transformed into a humanoid beast filled with a savage aura. His savage aura and bloodthirsty gaze instantly intimidated Fang Meng and Fang Chi who were ready to make a move.

"Bang, bang!"

Two muffled sounds of flesh colliding were heard.



Fang Wu and Fang Yuan both took a step back, supporting their trembling and powerless right arms, both of them had blood trickling down their lips!

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