Imperial Martial Emperor/C19 Fang Wenshan
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C19 Fang Wenshan
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C19 Fang Wenshan

In the blink of an eye, amidst the cries of shock from the Fang family's youths, what seemed to be an intense battle had just begun, but it had already ended!

What was most shocking was that the cousin of the Fang family, who had taken the initiative to attack, was severely injured, while the passively defending Qin Fen seemed to be quite adamant about it.

Of course, the biggest reason was that Fang Wu and Fang Yuan's internal injuries had not yet fully healed, and with Qin Fen's recent transformation, it would be impossible to prohibit the use of the strong energy in his body in a short period of time!

"You overestimate yourself. Hmph!" Feeling the strong energy in his body, Qin Fen coldly swept his eyes over the Fang family's youths with a horrified expression. He then faced Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, who were still filled with killing intent, and arrogantly shouted, "Who dares to be so harsh, only your master, Lord Qin, is capable of doing so!"

The crowd went into an uproar ?

Looking at the Liangbao brothers, who had become famous with just a simple move, after a period of silence, the Fang family's youths seemed to once again see that peerless genius return to the mortal world!

It had to be said that Qin Fen's sudden appearance was enough to shake the hearts of the people. The valiant fighting strength he had released at that moment was enough to once again announce the rise of a peerless genius!

Therefore, the sudden outbreak of conflict was a declaration that Qin Feng would return to the Barbarian Cow City after his transformation, and the Fang family's youths who had expressions of shock on their faces were the best voice transmissions!

"What are you doing?" Just as the Fang family's youths were having all sorts of thoughts and shock on their faces, an angry shout suddenly sounded out.

A few burly figures surrounded a domineering figure that rapidly flew over from the distance. In a short moment, they appeared in front of everyone.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Several sounds of wind breaking instantly rang out. The domineering Fang Wenshan immediately pushed aside the anxious Fang Meng and Fang Dazhi. His gaze shot towards the depths of Qin Fen's eyes like lightning. He shouted in an exceptionally calm manner, "Qin Fen, what's going on?"

The Fang family's patriarch and Fang Wenshan finally arrived at this critical moment!

"Greetings, Patriarch!" In a split-second, the Fang family's youths no longer cared about Qin Fen, who was displaying his godly might, as they all cupped their fists and greeted him.

"Hm!" You can disperse. This place will be taken over by the clan's Seven Killing Hall! " Fang Wen Shan looked anxiously at the unconscious Fang Jing Qi, then said faintly, "Fang Wu and Fang Yuan stay behind, Seven Killing Hall follows the orders and is on guard for a hundred meters. Anyone who enters without cause will be killed without mercy!"

Before his voice had even faded, the tiger-like middle-aged men behind Fang Wenshan had already decisively started clearing the area. Any of the Fang family's younger generation members with even the slightest bit of delay would be picked up and thrown far away.

In the blink of an eye, other than Fang Wen Shan and a few other interested parties, there was no one else here. A hundred meters away, several Seven Killing Hall experts directly and tyrannically turned this place into a forbidden area.

"Alright, Qin Fen, hurry and bring Qi over." After the place completely calmed down, Fang Wenshan immediately revealed a fatherly expression, and impatiently hugged his precious daughter in his arms. A wave of powerful mana immediately poured into Fang Jingqi's body.

After a long while, when Fang Wen Shan's expression had returned to normal, Qin Fen began to explain every single word of the conflict. He then reported everything that had happened in the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range as a matter of fact.

On the other hand, Fang Wenshan, who was hugging Fang Jingqi tightly, listened quietly to Qin Fen's explanation, and carefully stuffed a spiritual medicine that emitted a rich fragrance into Fang Jingqi's mouth while she was still unconscious.


Just as Qin Fen finished explaining, a wave of scorching air suddenly spread out from Fang Jingqi's body. Then, she woke up with a faint 'wuu' as she opened her dull and lifeless eyes with great difficulty.

"Father, I ?" "Sob, sob ?" Fang Jingqi, who had just woken up, looked at her father, and the grievances in her heart directly turned into grievous sobs!

"Don't cry, my good daughter. Father is here!" Fang Wen Shan had instantly changed from the tyrannical Patriarch of the Fang family to a helpless and compassionate father. He frantically opened his mouth to comfort her, while affectionately patting her on the back.

After a long while, when Fang Jingqi finally calmed down from the violent emotions, Fang Wen Shan once again turned into the clan head of the Fang family, he coldly glanced at the composed Qin Fen and spoke with a calm tone: "Fang Wu, is what Qin Fen said true? Is there anything that I have intentionally left out? "

"Patriarch, it is indeed true! However, I can guarantee that at the moment when he was in urgent need of a level 1 elixir to save his life, he did indeed give birth to a strong killing intent towards his junior! " The dispirited Fang Wu did not deliberately distort the truth, but added on the intuitive feeling he had at that moment.

"Yes." Nodding his head, Fang Wen Shan didn't immediately make a decision. He only stared coldly at Qin Fen as the Fa Li in his body violently fluctuated. A small hill formed from Fa Li started to faintly appear behind him.

Feeling the gradually condensing atmosphere, Qin Fen seemed to feel the faint traces of killing intent. His "Immortal Gold Body" was suddenly activated at this moment. A unique and overbearing aura suddenly appeared on Qin Fen's body.

"Huh?" Just as Qin Fen was shocked by the activation of the 'Immortal Golden Body', Fang Wen Shan's eyes suddenly lit up. He blurted out brainlessly: "Did it work?"

"Yes." Qin Feng nodded in embarrassment and answered subconsciously.

"Hahaha ?" The heroic laughter instantly pierced through the clouds. Fang Wenshan stared at Qin Fen in excitement. After a moment of thought, he suddenly shouted, "Fang Potian!"

"Your subordinate is here!"

A green-robed middle-aged man with an aura not much weaker than Fang Wenshan's instantly appeared behind him and respectfully greeted him.

"Qin Fen, you are young and arrogant, and you are acting with complete lawlessness. In order to temper this child's character, you have specially arranged for him to be included in the 'Seven Killing Halls' and enjoy the treatment and tempering of a seed preparation!"

"Yes, this subordinate understands!" Fang Potian's cold eyes swept across the pale-faced Qin Feng as he decisively agreed.

"I... "Patriarch, the agreement back then was not like this ?" When Qin Feng heard the name "Seven Killing Hall", his face immediately became pale. He couldn't wait to express his dissatisfaction.

"Hahaha ?" This old man will go into closed door cultivation for three days to treat his injuries. Three days later, Heaven Breaker, you personally bring Qin Fen here to find me, hahaha! " A hearty laugh immediately interrupted Qin Fen's complaints. Fang Wenshan glanced at the astonished Qin Feng proudly, then immediately stood up and carried Fang Jingqi back to the Savage Bull City.

"Sigh ?" "Don't go ?" Seeing Fang Wen Shan gradually disappearing from his line of sight, Qin Fen immediately exploded with rage. He glared fiercely at the Heavenly Queen Fang Potian, and his first reaction was ? Run!

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