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C2 Do I have a choice

A sleepless night ?

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunlight shone into the city, countless mortals began to rush towards their lives. When the first ray of sunlight shone into the city, countless mortals began to rush towards their lives.

Countless fine beads of sweat had already soaked his clothes. The veins on his neck were twitching from time to time, indicating that Qin Feng was in extreme pain.

"Phew ?" Qin Feng spat out a mouthful of turbid air. The extreme pain had long numbed his entire body. If it were not for the fact that his promise to Zhan Qingwu was still encouraging him, he would have given up on his iron body.

Besides not being able to store any Fa Li in his broken Dantian, Qin Feng also wanted to condense a bit of Fa Li. He had to work a hundred times harder than others, and there was a heart-wrenching pain in his Dantian.

He stretched his numb body in great pain. As Qin Feng stood up, an old voice came from outside the room, "Second master, the patriarch wants to speak with you!"

"Second Master!"

Two years ago, because of Qin Fen's great talent and potential, the Battle Clan's clan head had openly declared that he was the adopted son of the city. The people close to him would respectfully address him as "Second Master."

Of course, "Big Sis" was the Battle Clan's little princess, Zhan Qingwu.

"Right." Qin Feng answered without thinking. He staggered out of the room and looked at the old man in black standing outside. He smiled and said, "Let's go, Uncle Gu."

Looking at the young man's young and pale face, Uncle Gu gave a rare nod in response before taking the lead to walk.

Uncle Gu was Zhan Qingwu's father's housekeeper. Although he was an outsider, he was seen as a relative by the Zhan Clan's Patriarch. He was also the one who doted on Zhan Qingwu the most over the years. Even Qin Fen was taken care of.

"Second Master, let this old man say one more word. A normal and ordinary life is not a bad thing!" A trace of regret flashed across Uncle Gu's cloudy eyes. At the same time, he said indifferently.

Qin Fen didn't say anything, but the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of bitterness. He silently followed behind Uncle Gu, quickly passing through the back mountains and arriving at the main hall.

After respectfully knocking on the door, Uncle Gu left. The instant he passed by Qin Feng, a pill was instantly stuffed into his hand.

"Is the situation today actually so dangerous? Even Uncle Gu has to act so secretively ?!" Qin Feng stuffed the pill into his mouth without any hesitation. When the medicinal strength of the pill had completely dissipated, he straightened his back and walked into the room as if he was risking his life.

The main hall was very wide, and of course there were quite a few people seated there as well.

In the first place, the patriarch, Zhan Hu, and the three great elders sat there in a straight line. Although they hadn't spoken a single word, their intimidating aura had already filled the entire hall.

Below the left of the four were the management elders of the various halls within the Battle Tribe. Behind them were a few talented and talented members of the young generation of the Battle Clan.

On the other side, there was a dignified looking person who seemed to have been in a high position for a long time!

Presumably, this old man was the reason why the clan leader summoned him today!

In reality, after Qin Fen's dantian was destroyed, Zhan Hu had clearly distanced himself from him. He wouldn't even call him once every month, let alone when he personally taught him before.

If it wasn't for Zhan Qingwu accompanying him as usual, Qin Feng would have long left the Zhan Clan and wandered to the ends of the earth.

"We pay our respects to foster father and the three Grand Elders!" Although Qin Fen complained inwardly, he still hurried forward and greeted respectfully.

"En, sit down." Zhan Hu's bright and spirited eyes were still filled with a deep indifference. Although he could faintly make out the expression of someone sizing him up when he closed his eyes, he still responded with a word akin to gold.

Qin Feng tried his best to suppress his dissatisfaction. Ignoring the impatience and scorn of the three great elders, he thought to himself, "Old age is not a thing." Then he turned around and walked to the most secluded corner.

"Men should strengthen themselves!" Although Qin Fen had already sat down, his hands were tightly clenched inside his sleeves. His nails were digging into his flesh, reminding him of the excruciating pain.

"Cough." Zhan Hu let out a small cough before straightening his back. His peak Innate realm cultivation instantly erupted. He shouted from above, "Qin Fen, come forward. Let me introduce this old man to you!"

"Hur hur, taking a walk for the monkey!"

"Today's trash is going to be overjoyed!"


As Zhan Hu's voice faded, undisguised mockery reached Qin Fen's ears. Amongst them, the young prefecture lord and the war guards who had been arrogantly flaunting their might towards Qin Fen in the small courtyard were the ones who were the loudest at schadenfreude.

Obviously, the members of the Battle Tribe in your living room knew what was going on today. The Battle Tribe had only hidden it from Qin Feng.

"Impudent! Esteemed guests are in front of us! How dare you be so rude!? Every one of you shall be punished for one day!" The Great Elder on the left side suddenly spoke. Although he was opening his mouth to punish the Heaven's Chosen of the Battle Tribe, his intention of protecting them was extremely obvious.

Zhan Hu, on the other hand, continued to look coldly at Qin Fen. Not only did he not change the grand elder's decision, his eyes began to show traces of impatience.

Looking at his godfather, who was extremely familiar but also a stranger, Qin Fen's heart felt as though it had been stabbed by a knife. The last bit of his fantasy about Zhan Hu was immediately shattered ?

Although he already knew that Zhan Hu didn't take him in as his foster son, after spending a year with him, Qin Fen still harbored a trace of a fantasy about him after his downfall. This fantasy was called: "Family love!"

Qin Fen stood up with a wooden face and a pained look in his eyes. Under the gloating gazes of the juniors of the Battle Tribe, he finally calmed down after a few steps.

After giving Zhan Hu the last respectful junior salute, Qin Fen raised his head. His gaze was calm and at ease as he stared into Zhan Hu's eyes.

As for Zhan Hu, because of Qin Fen's sudden freedom, his heart tightened slightly. The impatience in his eyes turned into intense disgust.

"Humph!" A cold snort filled with disdain sounded out, but when Zhan Hu thought of the deal behind this matter, the disgust in his eyes turned into boundless frost, an iciness that lasted through the night!

On the other hand, the elder on the right was looking at Qin Fen with an increasingly happy expression.

"Qin Fen, this is the current Patriarch of the City's West, the one who came to propose marriage is you. Today, this old man will formally seek your opinion, but I agree with the other elders that this matter is good, what do you think?" Although Zhan Hu was calmly narrating the entire story, he was using an commanding tone. He didn't give a hoot about Qin Fen's feelings or face.

"Puchi ?" A wave of wanton mockery immediately arose in the hall. Even the elders who had been sitting quietly in the main hall were looking at Qin Fen playfully.

After a self-deprecating smile, Qin Fen looked straight into Zhan Hu's eyes. The bitter feeling immediately filled his heart, and his strong dissatisfaction was unable to be suppressed as he instantly spouted out:

"Patriarch, do I have a choice!?"

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