Imperial Martial Emperor/C22 The Old Slippery Fang Potian
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C22 The Old Slippery Fang Potian
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C22 The Old Slippery Fang Potian

Gulu... Kacha...

In the blink of an eye, the solemn and dignified Seven Killing Hall turned into a tavern's dining hall.

"Hmm, this grilled fish is not bad. It's just that the heat has aged a little, covering up the fresh smell of the fish."

"Eh? Why does this spirit rice have a whooshing smell!? "Old Fang, your family's purchases must be full of private things. If you kill him, I'll personally buy things for you in the future. I guarantee that you will be honest and that the goods will be genuine!"

Qin Feng, who was stuffing food into his mouth, didn't notice that Fang Potian's expression was turning uglier and uglier. While he was sweeping through the delicious dishes like a whirlwind, he was also shaking his head and complaining about the chef's poor culinary skills and the fact that Fang Potian didn't know what was going on.

More and more, Qin Feng burped after eating his fill. He glanced at Fang Potian, whose face had long turned black, and began to mutter to Fang Potian, "I say, Old Fang, the delicacies at this table are so terrible. Do you eat these every day?" Sigh, the more powerful you are, the more you'll blame others. Forget it, when I have time in the future, I'll introduce you to a good chef. "Hmm ?" It's so comfortable! "

All of a sudden, an extremely strong and rich burp sounded out, along with a mixed smell of all kinds of food. The pungent smell instantly entered Fang Potian's nose and mouth.

Fang Potian immediately retreated a few steps back, covering his mouth and nose with a hand as he angrily shouted with disgust, "Brat, you really treat my Seven Killing Hall like a restaurant and even asked for a chef to cook for me. You brat, let's invite a doctor for you first!"

"Whaa... haa..." "Meaning?" Qin Fen reacted instinctively when he heard the threat. He stared at the angry Fang Potian with panic in his eyes, trembling as he stammered, "Old Fang, Hall Master Fang, Master Fang, don't scare me. I'm too young and too timid, if you try to scare me again, I'll smash my head into your face, causing your pants to fall off and you to the ground and you won't be able to scream!"

"Humph!" With a cold snort, Fang Potian looked at the stubborn Qin Fen and finally understood what it meant to be base and invincible!

He shamelessly used his little life to threaten others. This was the first time he was threatening someone!

"This old man... "Oh my god!" A helpless sigh escaped from his mouth as Fang Potian stared gloomily at Qin Feng. The corners of his eyes began to twitch with anger as he said, "Kid, this old man has never seen someone as shameless as you! Forget it, this meal is the ceremony for us to welcome new disciples from Seven Killing Hall. It is the same reason as the Black Armored Army of the Warclan killing others.

Kid, you still have around an hour. After an hour, the items mixed in with the delicacies on the table will flare up. As for what they are mixed with ? This old man is not sure either, but the end result should be diarrhea, sneezing, smelly farts and the like. Of course, it will last a little longer! "

"What the hell?" How many smelly farts? How long is it going to be? How should I resolve this? " In that instant, Qin Feng was stunned!

When he thought about how he would be so energetic as he paid his respects to the Fang family's Patriarch and Fang Wenshan in the afternoon, and how they would be having friendly and solemn talks ?

"Puff ?" A stench uncontrollably came out from his body. Then, he would definitely see Fang Wen Shan distancing himself away from him with a disdainful expression. He decisively ordered Fang Wen Shan to hit him from left to right.

Moreover, from now on, the name of "weasel" would follow Qin Fen for the rest of his life, because this was f * cking outrageous!

"*!" Fang Potian, this grandpa Qin will fight it out with you! " In an instant, Qin Fen exploded with anger the moment he thought about how he would be branded as a weasel in the future. He went straight into a berserk mode, completely losing his mind. He only knew that the grinning middle-aged man in front of him was the culprit!


In the blink of an eye, Qin Fen's eyes were bloodshot and his aura was soaring. His clothes fluttered in the air as his strong legs jumped up into the air. He was already over fifteen meters tall. He landed right on top of Fang Potian.

His arms, which weighed a thousand pounds, were covered in blue veins and had clear lines. Borrowing the force of his dive, he smashed down with a thunderous bang!


A loud sound echoed out ? Suddenly, a mysterious magical light shield appeared above Fang Potian's head, and in an instant, a fierce collision took place between Fang Potian and Qin Feng.

"En!" A muffled shout came from Qin Fen. He had been so angry a moment ago, but now, he was forced to retreat a dozen steps as if he had been struck by lightning!

The nonchalant Fang Potian merely swayed slightly before he was once again as awe-inspiring as a mountain. However, the mana shield above his head had suddenly turned into a shining sword, locking down the battered Qin Fen with a slight tremble.

"Humph!" You overestimate yourself! " Fang Potian glared disdainfully at Qin Fen, his expression changing rapidly. In the end, he gave an ambiguous order in a cold voice, "Left and right, throw this brat out of Seven Deadly Slaughter Hall, and then tie him up in the afternoon. Humph!"


Two tight-uniformed men instantly appeared beside Qin Feng. They directly suppressed him without hesitation. After greeting the frosty faced Fang Potian, they hoisted him onto their shoulders once more and left the Seven Killing Hall's encampment with large strides!

"Iwelbeback!" Qin Fen, whose face was full of shame but was ruthlessly suppressed, made an extremely wise decision in an instant. He tightly stuffed his head into the creaking hole, but still continued to roar in anger.

This was the typical way of not losing the battle, of not losing the battle, and of being a dead duck with a tough mouth!

"Pfft, idiot!" Hearing the incomprehensible bird language, Fang Potian looked at Qin Fen who looked like an ostrich with disdain. He cursed out the anger in his heart, "You're still being stubborn. There's still time for you to cry!"

An hour later, the Fang family's Martial Arts Practice Field was bustling with noise and excitement.

Two men in tight clothing suddenly appeared. Qin Fen, who was expressionlessly stuffing his head deep into the crevices, threw his arms down. With a strange expression, he immediately scuttled over thirty meters away, neither moving further nor closer.

As for Qin Fen, he jumped up under the curious gaze of the Fang family members. He was about to curse when he suddenly felt a swelling pain in his stomach ?

Puff ? Puff ?

Qin Feng's expression immediately changed. He covered his face and ran like a rat. His movement speed was so fast that he could leave afterimages.

"Eh? "Hahaha ?"

A burst of laughter rang out at almost the same time. Countless Fang family members had expressions of sympathy and complexity on their faces, but they were all wantonly laughing out loud!


As for the two tight-uniformed men, they let out a vulgar low laugh like they knew it was going to happen. At the same time, they maintained a distance of ten Zhang as well.

Kneeling for the name of the villain, temporarily using the name War, Fang as the surname, both men and women are allowed!

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