Imperial Martial Emperor/C23 The Invincible Qin Fen
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C23 The Invincible Qin Fen
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C23 The Invincible Qin Fen

Qin Feng started to run like an ostrich while covering his face with his hands. He hid his face in an instant.

However, it was all because he was too dazzling, too dazzling!

Just as several people from the Fang family were rushing past, Qin Fen was unexpectedly recognized by someone.

"This brat is Qin Fen, that evil Qin Fen that dared to kidnap the little princess of the Fang family!" A shout of surprise instantly swept across the entire martial arts practice field ?

In an instant, the countless Fang Family disciples that were just spectating to watch the show immediately boiled over!

"Good my ass, you thing that you are inferior to, eat this father's move!"

"Big bastard Qin, today young master will uphold justice on behalf of the heavens and beat you to death!"

"Hey, asshole ?" Where do you think we should run to?! "

In the blink of an eye, most of the members of the Fang family started to revolt. Countless colourful, colourful moves were launched at Qin Feng with a loud bang!

As for the small group of Fang Family disciples who had yet to make a move, they were not the kind ones. They all hurried over to call for their friends and participate in a major event!

As for Qin Fen, he was still fuming as he tried to escape. However, when he found out that his identity had been seen through, he decided to stand on the spot with a straight face. He did not hide his face and did not continue running as fast as he could.

Just as Qin Feng was about to run to the two's side, countless brightly colored, great techniques had already begun to follow them.

Boom ?

The two tight-uniformed men instantly conjured a protective light barrier and clashed with the incoming hordes!

In the blink of an eye, the figures of countless Fang Family disciples flashed, and their shocked expressions were immediately reflected on their faces.

The two tight-uniformed men explosively retreated a few steps at this moment, taking advantage of this to counter the incomparably tyrannical impact.

"People from the Seven Killing Halls?"

The loud noise had just stopped when a wave of surprised voices immediately sounded.

The Fang family's youths were shocked and bewildered. They could not understand why Qin Fen, the person who dared to kidnap the little princess of the Fang family, would have such a mysterious expert protecting him!

On the other side, the two tight-uniformed men looked even more depressed as they viciously stared at Qin Fen, who was still unharmed even after the disaster had happened. If their gazes could kill, then Qin Lie would have been riddled with holes by now!

In fact, it was not the fault of the two men to feel dismal and murderous. They had been through an unexpected calamity just now and had accidentally caused a violent collision with a dozen of the Houtian realm warriors of the Fang family juniors.

Fortunately, they were already at the Nascent Realm, and these juniors didn't use their full strength because they were afraid of the clan rules, but even so, they almost made a fool of themselves on the spot.

"In the name of the hall master, we must protect Qin Feng to his heart's content today. You should leave first!" While his mind was still in a state of turmoil, a hardworking man suddenly spoke with a strange tone. It was to perfectly explain his mission, and at the same time contain some other meaning.

"Eh? I understand, this kid is under the protection of Seven Deadly Palace today, but maybe tomorrow! " A quick-witted person instantly understood the man's intentions when he opened his mouth, and immediately said it out loud.

"That's right, since we can't beat him up today, then we can have our revenge tomorrow!" So... Brothers, don't worry. This kid is still a fresh fish meat! " In the blink of an eye, more and more people reacted, and the countless clamoring sounds quickly became one.

"Hahaha ?" "This child is worth teaching!" What added fuel to the fire was that the tight-uniformed man had immediately expressed his wish with a clear attitude.

Qin Fen, who had luckily escaped death and breathed a sigh of relief, was hit on the head in an instant. He looked at the two men in tight-uniformed men gloating over his misfortune and felt so angry that his face was about to turn green!

"Your mother! If I want to see you make a fool of yourself, I'll fight it out with you! " In a split-second, a flame ignited in Qin Fen's heart. He was thoroughly enraged. He looked at the Fang family with a strange expression.

"You, boy!" Just when everyone in the Fang family felt that something was wrong, Qin Feng suddenly locked onto the leading Fang family disciple without leaving a trace as he charged towards him at lightning speed.

Puff ?

A long and heavy sound of exhaust instantly rang out, and the Fang family's people all had faces full of disbelief. However, they all immediately retreated, looking constipated, as if they were living a life worse than death.

"Ah ?" Qin Fen, you ? Despicable, shameless! I am going to die! "

At the same time, a shout filled with pain that made one wish they were dead instantly resounded throughout the entire Fang family estate!

As for the two men, they immediately retreated in shock as soon as Qin Feng made a move. They shouted anxiously as they retreated, "Retreat! This brat is going to be burned to death!"

Unfortunately, time was of the essence, and Qin Feng's movements were too fast. In less than a second, Qin Feng had already locked onto his target. In less than a second, he had already released a pungent smell.

"Run! This kid is crazy!"

"Mom, there's no way we can live this life anymore!"

"I beg the heavens, hurry up and destroy this moving gas bomb on the spot!"

In the blink of an eye, the Fang family's people, who had the same hatred for the Fang family as well, started to howl in anguish.

Everyone turned around and ran, leaving behind a pile of chicken feathers and a gaze of sympathy for that unlucky bastard!

At this time, Qin Fen, who was like a broken tin pot, started to be unforgiving.

After feeling disgusted with his first target, he immediately let go and instantly locked onto the second Fang family disciple, roaring as he started his pursuit!

"Hey, thief, where are you going? Eating your Uncle Qin ? "Bullshit!"

And the second unlucky fellow ? In an instant, his face turned ashen. He tried his best to not get rid of Qin Fen, but his heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife. He begged with all his might, "Qin Fen, Brother Qin, Master Qin ?" This little brother has admired you for a long time. You have forgotten that we even met that year ? Let this little brother go! The fat guy next to you dislikes you. He was just talking crazy words and using his skills to attack you just now, go chase him, I'm begging you! "

"Nonsense, Brother Qin. Don't listen to this villain ?" I'm just playing with the sauce, and I'm very impressed by Brother Qin's unafraid of power and nobility, how can he say such rude words! This skinny guy is the one who mocks you the most! " In that instant, the fatty who was directly betrayed by others turned furious from embarrassment. It was as if he had eaten a dead child; it was extremely disgusting!

However, he did not forget to immediately begin his counterattack, "Damn Taoist friend, I will not die! Brother, rest in peace! " They began to mutually explode!

"Hehe!" You two brothers really cannot be separated from Meng and Meng ? Come on, your father will fulfill your wish. The next one is you, Fatty! "

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