Imperial Martial Emperor/C24 one-day epiphany
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C24 one-day epiphany
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C24 one-day epiphany

In the blink of an eye, a strange scene that left people tongue-tied appeared in the Fang family manor. This scene was still fresh in the minds of the countless warriors on the plains even after countless years!

Qin Fen felt at ease. He felt refreshed and refreshed, but all that was left of the fleeing Fang Family juniors were dejected expressions and painful memories!

The group of elite Fang family juniors were all scared stiff by an outsider and immediately retreated without fighting back. Moreover, they did not even want the arrogance of the Fang family and had faces full of fear and unease. Even if there was a slight movement in the wind, they would immediately open their mouths and beg for forgiveness, scrambling to shout out the Patriarch's mighty name and cry out the injustice of the heavens ?

"Hey, where should we escape to? Eating your Uncle Qin ? "Bullshit!" Within a few hours, Qin Fen shouted out the mantra that had reached deep into his soul countless times, causing all of the Fang family's elite children to be chased to the point where they had nowhere to go and nowhere to go!

Of course, there was pressure there, so there would definitely be resistance there!

Countless members of the Fang family were unable to escape, and their stamina was on the verge of running out, so they resolutely chose to fight back. They believed in the certainty of victory; in the belief that a powerful dragon would not oppress a snake ? But the result was always disappointing and thought-provoking!

Qin Fen was like a ferocious beast in human form that had gone berserk. It only took two or three strikes to beat down the opposing party, instantly losing the ability to counterattack. Qin Fen silently stuffed his head into the crevices as he endured Qin Fen's weapon!

Once was like this, every single time was the same!

The Fang family's disciples fought back countless times, but all they got in return was Qin Lie's relentless suppression.

Gradually, as time passed, the remaining Fang family members all felt despair in their hearts. Each of them looked dejected as they looked at the people who had been tricked by the Fang family, silently shouting that the heavens were unfair, and at the same time fleeing into the distance while wailing in pain.

At this time, Qin Fen was in close combat again and again, gradually entering a profound state. A strange feeling quickly swept through his heart as if it was all a dream. He wanted to grab hold of it but realized that he was always lacking a little bit!

A burning anxiety gradually filled his heart, and Qin Fen instantly erupted. His eyes were bloodshot, his aura extremely unstable, and he roared again and again as he rushed towards the fleeing Fang family disciples. In three moves, he would mercilessly hit one person, and then the other.

In a trance, Qin Fen gradually comprehended something. The mysterious feeling gradually became clearer. The feeling of being filled with wisdom filled his entire body!


Qin Feng spat out a mouthful of turbid air. His pitch-black eyes shone with a bright light. He stood there calmly, giving off the feeling of a monarch descending upon the world!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A clear and melodious sound came from within Qin Feng's body. It was as if purple smoke was coming out of his body. In just a few moments, Qin Feng was completely enveloped by the smoke and was quickly melting into the world.

"Hahaha ?" A hearty and hearty laugh came out of Qin Feng's mouth. He finally understood why Fang Potian had tormented him so much earlier!

In fact, from the first day of Fang Potian until now, Qin Feng had been tormenting his opponent for no reason. It turned out that Fang Potian had been preparing for the moment of enlightenment.

The reason why he had to lift the barbell on the first day was to allow Qin Fen to break through the limits of the human body's physique time and time again. He would also be able to adapt to the sudden increase in his strength.

The second day of dodging the flying needles had allowed him to allocate the natural energy within his body in a very reasonable manner. He could find a balance between the sudden explosion and the constant flow of water.

As for the baptism of the third day at the Seven Slaughter Hall, it was Fang Potian's final ultimate skill.

The drugs mixed in with the delicious food not only had side effects, but they also stimulated Qin Feng's senses. Coupled with the inhumane and targeted training two days ago, Qin Feng finally comprehended the Dao of the Heavens. Although his cultivation base hadn't improved, his strength had instantly increased by several times!

Just as Qin Fen was rejoicing over his hard-earned victory, two domineering figures suddenly appeared behind him. They both stared at the ethereal Qin Fen with bright eyes as they laughed, "Kid, how do you feel right now?"

"Many thanks to Patriarch Fang and Hall Master Fang for your care. Qin Fen will never be forgotten!" Qin Feng tidied up his clothes solemnly and promised loudly with gratitude.

"Un, his attitude is quite sincere! "Alright, come with us." Looking at the members of the Fang family who were staring at him with an aggrieved expression, Fang Wenshan instantly felt slightly ashamed. He suddenly turned around and left, at the same time telling Qin Feng where to go next.

Qin Feng immediately stood up and ran towards the depths of the Fang Residence.

At the scene of the crime, after several hours of Qin Guan's rampage, peace was finally restored. However, the Fang family's elites, who had nothing to live for and reeked of stench, were left behind.

Half an hour later, in a secret garden in the depths of the Fang family estate.

"Qin Fen, this is the Fang family's secret location. Only the three of us are aware of what happened today, so we can't reveal it to anyone. Do you understand?" Fang Wen Shan took the lead with a calm expression, but the words that came out of his mouth contained a biting cold killing intent!

"Huh?" Qin Feng looked at the scene in front of him in astonishment. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth was wide open to the point that a beast core could be stuffed into his mouth!

"Patriarch, this ? What exactly is going on? " Qin Fen, who was somewhat lost in the chilling cold of his killing intent, suddenly became quick-witted. After carefully examining the strange scene in front of him, he stuttered as he opened his mouth to ask.

Qin Fen, who was extremely bold, suddenly felt scared. However, the scene in front of him was too weird and too shocking!

He saw Fang Wenshan standing beside a huge stone coffin that was filled with an ancient aura with killing intent. Fang Potian, who was only slightly weaker than him, had already completely sealed off Qin Fen's escape route, as if he was going to swallow him up and kill him!

"Un, my courage isn't bad. At least I didn't wet my pants!" Glancing at Qin Fen who was rolling his eyes in confusion, Fang Wenshan shook his head noncommittally before speaking again, "Heaven Breaker, why don't you give this little schemer a general explanation?"

"Yes, Patriarch!" After that, the expressionless Fang Potian suddenly walked over to Fang Wen Shan's side. A deep respect appeared in his eyes as he gave a bow to the huge coffin, then he said with a heavy tone: "Qin Fen, the one lying here is my Fang family's third generation ancestor, and you ? The main reason why the Fang family has been able to take great care of and endure it is because of an order that was suddenly given out by the third generation Patriarch a few years ago! "

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