Imperial Martial Emperor/C25 secret information of the Fang family
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C25 secret information of the Fang family
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C25 secret information of the Fang family

Listening to Fang Potian's heavy tone as he tried to recall and explain, the last bit of confusion and puzzlement in Qin Fen's heart was finally lifted.

According to Fang Potian's narration, a major event that had been brewing for several years began to take form. It was as if a cocoon had been peeled off, revealing the complete meridian.

It all started three years ago when Qin Fen became famous in the Dou Shou Courtyard ?

Not only had Qin Feng gained a great reputation, but he had also unknowingly entered the eyes of the other forces. The Fang family had been the most valued out of all of them, for they had ruthlessly humiliated him.

According to Fang Potian, after the conflict had ended, Qin Feng's information had been piled on Fang Xing's desk like a snowflake.

Moreover, at the start, the Fang family wanted to rope him in to serve the Fang family, but if they failed, they would take the opportunity to strangle him and prevent future troubles!

However, Fang Potian did not expect that the Battle Tribe would also value him. The Seven Slaughter Hall had wanted to take action several times, but they were all afraid of the tight protection from the Battle Tribe, so they had no choice but to stop.

Just when Fang Potian was about to forget about this matter, the assassination attempt a year later caused Qin Feng to change his fate. At the same time, Fang Potian also changed his mind.

Actually, it wasn't just Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian who changed their minds on their own accord. On that very night, the third generation Patriarch, who represented the Fang family's will, suddenly woke up without any forewarning. After passing out a short and incomplete Divine Soul Decree, he once again fell into an endless slumber.

And this short divine decree was directly passed to Fang Wenshan and Fang Potian; it was obviously a message from them!

"Hidden Dragons appear in the city ?" Fold Wings... "Get close!"

The few words that were left behind caused the two of them to stop what they were doing and start to study it day and night.

Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian were the Fang family's two most powerful cultivators in all of Barbarian Cow City. They had seen all sorts of things, so their skill in maintaining their Qi was not weak.

The two of them had a solemn expression as they sat together. After pondering for several days without rest, even though they could deduce a few possibilities, they still did not dare to make a decision without making a decision.

The third generation Patriarch of the Fang Clan hadn't spoken for decades, and had just laid down quietly in the ancestral land. If it wasn't for the destruction of the Fang Clan, then he definitely wouldn't waste his life force, which was on the verge of drying up.

The message that suddenly came out was definitely of great significance. The meaning contained within it couldn't be inferred from the words that appeared on the surface.

In the end, they still decided to take the few possibilities that the two of them had deduced and go ask the third generation forefather. However, what made sense to the two of them at the same time was that the third generation ancestor completely ignored them, just quietly lying inside the stone coffin.

Under extreme helplessness, Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian looked at each other with bitter smiles for a good while. Then, they could only rely on their own deductions to proceed.

In fact, although the soul decree passed down by the third generation Patriarch was incomplete, its basic meaning was still easy to deduce.

"Hidden Dragons appear in the city ?"

These words clearly said that there was an especially awesome person that appeared in the Barbarian Cow City, but why didn't the two of them infer that it wasn't an organization or power?

According to Fang Wenshan's conjecture, a dragon was unrivalled and unstoppable throughout the world. Generally speaking, they would only travel alone.

"As for the folded wings ?" This sentence had some meaning to it!

If the hidden dragons in front of them were to see this, the number of people here would be countless!

But if you added the last line, "Close!" When speculating together, Fang Wenshan and Fang Potian's first reaction was:

"Something big is about to happen in the Barbarian Cow City!"

How should he put it?

Hidden Dragon... folded wings! If the hidden dragon had broken its wings and entered the Barbarian Cow City, it would definitely attract the bloodshed of various forces. As one of the four ruling families, the Fang family would definitely be treated as a thorn in their side!

However, if the hidden dragon had broken its wings in the Barbarian Cow City, then this matter would have some connections ?

In addition to the "intimacy" from the third generation Patriarch, Fang Wenshan and Fang Potian had immediately set a target for the Fang family for the next ten years!

Hiding in seclusion, carefully inquiring, accumulating strength, unifying all forces and individuals that could be united!

As for Qin Fen, after his dantian had been destroyed by someone, although Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian had changed their previous decisions and endured the pain of not coming into direct contact with him, he was still the main focus of attention.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed. With his Dantian crippled, Qin Fen had managed to maintain his cultivation at the Lesser Heaven stage without falling.

This incomprehensible phenomenon caused Fang Wen Shan's eyes to light up. After discussing it with Fang Potian for several times, the two of them suddenly understood the true meaning of the ancestor's Divine Soul Decree.

In addition, over the past two years, the Fang family had made numerous public inquiries, yet they had never found any traces of an expert from outside the Barbarian Cow City ?

After Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian had gone through a series of rigorous reasoning and judgement, they finally took out the Fang family's secret scripture "Immortal Deity Technique" at last, and gave it to Qin Fen, who had sunk into a low state.

After listening quietly, Qin Fen immediately understood. He finally understood why the Fang family would waste so much effort to change him out of the Battle Tribe. They would also tolerate him messing around in the Fang family.

So all of this was because of the stone coffin in front of him!

Qin Feng stared at the huge stone coffin with a complicated expression. His stormy thoughts were unable to calm down for a long time.

Actually, when Fang Potian mentioned that ambiguous divine decree, Liu Ming's heart was suddenly struck by a thought. He immediately confirmed that the "Hidden Dragon" that the Fang family's Ancestor was referring to was most likely his own master, Slaughterer Qingyi.

This was because Slaughterer Qingyi had made his first move in the Barbarian Cow City the day Qin Feng had been attacked, and the Fang family's ancestor's soul decree had also been sent out that day.

As for what the Fang family's Ancestor said about the 'folded wings'... It was very possible that they had sensed that the person who slaughtered Qing Yi was neither a human nor a ghost, but they were unable to fathom his depths at the moment, so they sent out a decree for Fang Wen Shan and Fang Potian to warn the Fang family's members to be careful, and if necessary, express their feelings of closeness; no matter what, it was better than provoking an unfathomable old ghost.

"Qin Fen, do you know how similar you are to my Fang family's Patriarch?" Suddenly, just as Qin Fen was lost in his thoughts, a sudden sigh woke him up.

"What?" Qin Fen was stunned. He and the Fang family's unfathomable ancestor looked alike. What kind of trick was this?

Qin Fen's forehead was full of black lines as he subconsciously asked, "May I ask why the patriarch said that?"

"Humph!" Brat, this old man is just narrating a fact to you! " He glared at Qin Fen, who had a strange expression on his face. Fang Wenshan suddenly felt a headache. Was this brat a stone? How could it be so smelly and hard!?

"The third generation Patriarch had led the Fang family's elders and children into Barbarian Cow City. Relying on his incomparably strong fleshly body and tenacious willpower, he established a foothold here and built a huge foundation for himself!" Fang Wen Shan calmed down his irritation from Qin Fen's words and recalled in a low voice, "Dozens of years ago, I had just reached adulthood and was fortunate enough to see the last of the ancestor's might. Even the clan leaders of the four ruling clans would have to respectfully bow to their ancestors upon seeing the forefathers!

Qin Fen, the Immortal Deity Technique that you're practising is passed down from your ancestor. If you have any problems now, you can tell your ancestor about it.

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