Imperial Martial Emperor/C26 Slaughterer Qingyi was forced to leave temporarily
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C26 Slaughterer Qingyi was forced to leave temporarily
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C26 Slaughterer Qingyi was forced to leave temporarily

After Qin Fen figured out that Fang Wenshan and Fang Potian didn't want to do anything bad to him, countless questions came pouring out of nowhere and occupied Qin Fen's mind.

"Mm ?" "Eh? Uncle Qin really does have ?" Qin Fen, who had been overjoyed, started to speak without thinking. His mouth was full of dirty words.

Two times!

A clear brain suddenly popped up, only to see the black faced Fang Wen Shan directly slapping Qin Fen's head, his eyes spewing fire as he roared: "Who are you speaking to? "Ah, when I was dominating the entire Barbarian Cow City, you brat, I wonder who you were hiding in your stomach? Hmph!"

"Awoo!" A cry of pain escaped Qin Feng's mouth as tears welled up in his eyes. With both hands covering his head, he collapsed to the ground. He looked like he was seriously injured and would be leaving this world soon.

"Scram!" "Kid, do you really want to take a one-day trip to the Fang family's Discipline Hall?!" The red-faced Fang Wen Shan immediately roared ferociously. He raised his right hand that had just landed, and a colorful vine suddenly appeared in his palm.

"F * ck, it's true!" Feeling the thick murderous aura emanating from Fang Wenshan's Divine Weapon, Qin Feng's facial expression changed drastically. His body stiffened as he fell to the ground. His slender but strong legs stomped on the ground, causing him to be knocked back several meters.

Sssii! *

Just as Qin Fen retreated, he saw the colorful vines fall down with a loud bang.

In the blink of an eye, numerous bolts of lightning shot out from the colorful vines and drilled into the ground. In just a moment, a pungent smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

"Old Fang, you're ungrateful, I won't play with you anymore!" Looking at the place where he had just fallen down, Qin Fen suddenly felt a sense of fear. He stood up and turned his head to run. As he ran, he did not forget to use his big mouth.

On the other side, Fang Wenshan watched as Qin Feng gradually ran away. He put the vine back into his storage ring as if nothing had happened, and after looking at Qin Feng's back thoughtfully, he smiled with a strange expression, "Slick!"

"Hehe, this kid still doesn't trust us." Fang Potian, who had not spoken since he had finished explaining the sequence of events, was even more outspoken.

"Mm, that's understandable." Nodding his head in agreement, Fang Wenshan casually said, "Heaven Breaker, I'll leave this brat to you. Give him a good beating. I feel like he still has quite a bit of potential!"

"Yes!" Once he got to the point, Fang Potian immediately went from being the brother of the clan head to being the hall master of Seven Killing Hall, replying with incomparable respect.

"Alright, that's enough for today. If you let that brat write down his cultivation experience in a bit, then we'll choose a few mortal disciples that don't have any cultivation aptitude to practice it. There might really be a miracle! " After Fang Wen Shan respectfully bowed towards the sarcophagus, he was just about to leave when he suddenly thought of something else. Immediately, he opened his mouth and spoke with gleaming eyes.

"Yes, Patriarch!" This brat dares to say a word, but this old man will personally tell him why flowers are so red! " Fang Potian had a stern expression on his face as he spoke of Qin Feng. However, his eyes revealed a rare smile, but the words that came out of his mouth were still as calm as ever.

As for Qin Fen, after escaping from the Fang family's secret grounds, his expression suddenly became extremely serious. After he ran back to his own small courtyard, he started to call out with a low voice, "Master, master, where are you? What exactly happened just now? "

It turned out that just as Fang Wenshan was about to personally ask the question in his heart, Slaughter Qingyi had suddenly warned him to quickly leave that place.

If Fang Wen Shan was compared to Sang Qingyi, Qin Fen would obviously believe in his master more. After all, his master had given him hope to rise again, so he had gotten to know him earlier.

Therefore, Qin Fen had no choice but to join in the joke. Relying on his roguish attitude within the Fang family, he managed to escape the danger.

Of course, Qin Feng didn't care about whether he had been exposed or not. He was relying on someone else to take advantage of him and lead a miserable life.

"Not bad, your reaction is quite fast!" Suddenly, Slaughter Qingyi appeared out of nowhere in front of Qin Feng. Although she was praising him, the meaning behind her words made Qin Feng feel extremely displeased! Brat, the way you pretend to be a fool is quite similar to this old man's demeanor! Even though it's just your skin, with your aptitude, it's still not bad! "

Qin Fen's eyes rolled back as his face twitched. Just as he was about to ask, he choked back, "What kind of master is this? Was it fun to hit your disciple? [What do you mean I am not bad at all? Young Master, no matter what, I am still a once in a century genius in the Barbarian Cow City.

"Enough, don't be wronged. Get down to business." Seeing the unconvinced look on Qin Fen's face, Sang Qingyi seemed to enjoy the situation, but after adjusting his mood, he formed a mysterious seal, and then spoke with a serious tone: "Qin Fen, I almost showed myself earlier, it's so close!"

This old man has indeed sensed that there is a half-dead old thing in a remote place in the Barbarian Cow City. It seems that this Fang Clan is not an easy target!

"Fine, you should leave this place for now if you have the chance. Otherwise, this old man will be eaten alive sooner or later!"

"What do you mean, master?" After listening to Slaughter Qingyi, Qin Fen's mind was filled with a buzzing sound. He was filled with suspicion, and the expression on his face gradually became cold. He stared fiercely into the depths of the Fang family estate and asked again, "Teacher, could it be that the thing in the sarcophagus will harm us?"

"Yeah, more or less. However, it is not beneficial for this old man and I do not have the slightest interest in you. Slaughterer Qingyi said with a depressed look on her face.

"Master, how about we leave here!" After a moment of silence, Qin Fen spoke with determination and no hesitation.

"Un, not bad!" This old man was not mistaken after all. You did not disappoint Master, nor did you waste his painstaking efforts! " Suddenly, Tu Qingyi's emotions changed drastically. She instantly became full of heroic spirit as she spoke resolutely, "Hahaha ?" This old man has been dominating the world for countless years, and a half-dead old ghost isn't enough to make us master and disciple back off, much less escape in the wind! Alright, you can stay here peacefully. For the time being, this place is more suitable for you to cultivate.

Eh? Since people have come so quickly, this old man should disappear for a while. Don't miss them, my good disciple! "

Before he could finish his sentence, Slaughter Cyan had already disappeared from the room, leaving behind a sullen Qin Fen who was staring thoughtfully into the depths of the Fang Residence.

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