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C27 First Task

Creak ?

An old wooden door suddenly opened, and a serious looking Fang Potian pushed the door open. This startled Qin Fen, who was filled with anger.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng's ashen face was replaced with a despicable smile. The sinister look in his eyes had also disappeared. He was just like a small piece of meat that could make people hate and love each other.

"Qin Fen, because you're a member of our Seven Killing Halls' Hall, but because of your disrespectful behavior just now, I've been disgraced. Therefore, I've decided to assign you to the Barbarian Cow Town to gain some experience."

The thunderous roar struck Qin Feng dumb. In that instant, his mind went blank. He had even forgotten about his most adept juggling, playing, and rolling!

"Mm. Boy, now write down your cultivation experience. Your father's time is extremely precious, but your father's family rules are already unbearable!" Looking at Qin Fen's stupefied expression, Fang Potian was very satisfied with his blow. He immediately started to write down his cultivation experience while Qin Fen was trying to force him into a daze.

Half an hour later, Qin Fen, who had a bitter expression on his face, personally handed a thick stack of paper to Fang Potian. He had initially wanted to make up for it with his imagination, but at the very least, he was killed by Fang Potian's crisp and decisive actions.

"Mm, his attitude is quite sincere. But a death sentence can be carried out with great diligence, and it will be hard to escape from death. I'll give you ten minutes to pack your luggage, and then we'll immediately head to the Barbarian Cow Town! "


Staring at Fang Potian's smug expression in shock, Qin Fen collapsed on the spot. He finally knew what it meant to be the last wave of the Yangtze River, to die on the beach!

A few minutes later, a dazed Qin Fen stood in the small courtyard. He wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. He looked at the several figures that were flying over and silently cursed Fang Wenshan and Fang Potian.

Swish, swish, swish ?

The sound of wind breaking sounded out as nine young men in armor appeared in front of Qin Feng. "Greetings, Captain Qin!" A unified voice suddenly rang out. This was Seven Killing Halls, it was just a small team, yet it came and went like the wind and was very disciplined!

I am Fang Xiaoshan, the leader of the squad. After an hour, I will meet up with the caravan at the entrance of the Fang family estate. After making some preparations, we will head to the town together. The leader indifferently spoke after he cast a disdainful glance at the absent-minded Qin Feng.

"Okay, take a break outside the small courtyard. We'll depart in 15 minutes." Although he replied indifferently, Qin Fen had long since started to curse in his heart, "A venomous black-handed old bastard like you made a fool out of your young master ?" "Holy sh * t!"

If an idiom was used to describe Qin Fen's current mood, it would only be 'I want to cry but have no tears'.

His subordinates were already extremely dissatisfied with him, and they were all proud soldiers. However, not only did he not reveal his perfect side to them, he was actually in a very bad mental state.

Qin Fen seemed to be able to predict the difficulties and hardships of this trip!

Fifteen minutes later, after Qin Fen had deliberately dawdled for a while and had brought a good weapon with him, he finally walked out of the small yard. Fifteen minutes later, after Qin Fen had deliberately dawdled for a while and had brought a good weapon with him, he walked out of the small yard.

Actually, Qin Fen also wanted to walk at the front, but there was one serious problem that he couldn't resolve. "Damn it, I don't know the way!"

Helpless, Qin Fen could only follow behind Fang Xiaoshan and observe the Fang family's manor in dejection.

The Fang family estate was located on the west side of the Barbarian Cow City. It was the largest power in this area.

Therefore, the Fang family estate took up an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers. There were innumerable pavilions, hills, and rivers that could be seen everywhere. It gave one the feeling of a paradise on earth.

As far as the eye could see, the lush and verdant bamboos were arranged in two rows along the path, and the emerald green bamboo leaves gradually formed a circle shaped "roof" at the top, forming a height of over one hundred zhang. The rich spiritual energy of the world roiled in the garden from time to time, turning into a rain of spiritual energy that fluttered in the sky.

Looking around, the spirit grass was lush and verdant, filled with immortal flowers. The continuous rain of spirit energy stirred up the clouds and mist in the sky. The entire garden was faintly discernible in the swirling smoke, making it seem even more mysterious and beautiful. It was tall and aloof and cold and proud.

"The Fang family is so wealthy!" Qin Feng couldn't help but let out a sigh.

After more than ten minutes, under Fang Xiaoshan's lead, the group finally arrived at the Fang family's main gate.

A caravan that was a hundred meters long stopped at the side of the road. The shouts and shouts of the caravan's attendants and the hissing of the animals could be heard.

"Hahahaha ?" "Brother Fang, you're finally here. Please wait for me." A round, unknown object whizzed by. Before Qin Feng could react, it had already grabbed Fang Xiaoshan's hand.

"Brother Fang, big brother will have to trouble you with this trip. Here you go, this is a little gift from big brother to brothers!" After winking at each other for a while, a bulging, embroidered cloth bag appeared in Fang Xiaoshan's hand.

"Haha, this brother looks unfamiliar. Brother Liu Qian, may I know your name?" At the same time, this meatball-like object was still smiling. It cupped its hands towards Qin Feng as if it were deep in thought.

"Manager Liu, this is Captain Qin. He is responsible for the security of this trip." Fang Xiaoshan put away the embroidered cloth bag without leaving any trace, then he started to introduce the materials indifferently.

"Captain Qin, Old Liu is one of the stewards of the Fang family's External Affairs Hall. A large part of the food and clothing of our brothers came from Old Liu." Fang Xiaoshan looked to his left and right, revealing a lot of useful information with just a few words.

"Yes, Manager Liu, boy Qin Fen, I think we've met before." Qin Fen looked at Liu Qian with a strange expression.

"Qin Fen? You are that peerless genius who has risen again after being relegated to war? Didn't you just get taken away by the Patriarch today? " Old Liu's expression changed slightly with disbelief written all over his face.

"Didn't the rumors say that this kid would be severely punished by the family? How could he be entrusted with such an important task in the blink of an eye?" He muttered to himself. However, the expression on Liu Qian's face became even more amiable: "Captain Qin has such a good memory. Three years ago, you bought a Coldsteel Dagger from this lowly one. Is that thing working? Hehe!"

"Not bad, that thing is still considered superior. If there is a chance, please find some more for me, Manager Liu!" After a few simple words of greeting, Qin Fen seemed to return to his previous high-spirited self. In just a few moments, he had firmly placed the focus of the entire audience onto himself.

"Bang ?" Bang... "Bang ?" Suddenly, the loud and clear sound of several bells rang out.

"Captain Qin, the auspicious hour has arrived. Let's set off first. We need to get closer to each other along the way!" The instant the bell rang, Liu Qian's smile changed from the previous smile on his face as he spoke to Qin Fen in a serious tone.

Qin Feng also knew that time was of the essence when the various families were doing business. He straightened his back and gave the order boldly and confidently.

"Fang Xiaoshan!"

"Your subordinate is here!"

"You lead the way for the two brothers, but anyone who blocks you without a reason will be killed without mercy!"

"Yes!" Right after he finished, he saw Fang Xiaoshan point his two brothers, walking straight to the front of the caravan to build a road!

"The remaining brothers!" Qin Feng gave the order.

"Here!" His voice was as loud and orderly as ever.

"Every thirty meters, leave one person behind, three people behind. Do not slack!" A majestic and indisputable order resounded throughout the entire caravan.

"Yes!" The remaining six people then merged into the caravan, and in between their eyes, a thick murderous intent shot straight up to the sky.

"As expected of the Seven Deadly Halls, which is comparable to the elite teams of the four great families. It really lives up to its reputation!" After a quiet exclamation of surprise, Qin Feng naturally arrived at his carriage. He exuded a strong sense of confidence, and in the blink of an eye, he looked like a completely different person.

The Barbarian Cow Town was located fifty miles east of the Barbarian Cow City. It was the last human gathering place for human warriors to enter the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range.

The Barbarian Cow Town was established by countless human sages and was managed by the four great clans. The Fang Clan also had several shops in the Barbarian Cow Town, specializing in the business of explorers.

There were countless adventurers' shops in the Barbarian Cow Town like the Fang family. The biggest was the "Great Treasure Hall" that the four ruling families had jointly opened.

With the support of the four great families, the Mansion had started to eat both black and white. It didn't matter if the owner was happy or not, as long as they could get into the Mansion, the treasure would be placed on the table of the four great families.

As for the Fang family's store, because it had a good reputation, the number of customers it had brought over the past few years gradually caught up to the many treasure halls. Moreover, the number of customers continued to increase.

"A man with wealth is innocent!" This sentence was a true reflection of the Fang family's current situation.

Due to the increase in the number of customers in the store, the Fang family gradually caused the four great clans to be unhappy, and at the same time, they were also envied by some of the other middle class clans.

It was because of this that Qin Feng and the others had made this trip.

The rules of the Fang family was that every three months, the External Affairs Hall would send a caravan back and forth between the city and town. The rule of the Fang family was that every three months, they would send a caravan back and forth between the city and town.

A few years ago, the Fang family had only been operated by the External Affairs Hall alone. Although the Fang family had kept a low profile at that time, those greater than the Fang family had been too lazy to pay attention to the Fang family, and those smaller than the Fang family had not dared to provoke it.

However, things were different now. The Fang family's business was flourishing, and this had already caused countless people to be jealous of them both in the open and in the dark. Thus, the Fang family's caravan needed protection from the Seven Slaughter Hall's elite teams that were no weaker than the Four Great Clans.

As Qin Feng's eyes opened and closed, he had already sorted out the information Liu Qian wanted to tell him. Gradually, he had a plan to deal with it.

In fact, Liu Qian was just like Qin Fen, a person with another surname who controlled a region of the Fang family. Even though he was highly regarded by the Fang family, he still had his own little Jiujiu in his heart.

Even though Liu Qian seemed delicate and exquisite, he was happy to see anyone, but he had the same ambition in his heart. "I want to be the number one person in the External Affairs Hall!" This was Liu Qian's wild hope, but because of his previous identity as a foreigner and the fact that he didn't have any powerful external help, it was difficult for him to say anything for a while.

However, when he saw the power Qin Fen had displayed a few days ago, in addition to the miracle that Qin Fen had created, the wild ambition in his heart began to slowly take root again.

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