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C28 Free City

Along the way, Qin Feng quietly sat on his mount. He made a perfect demonstration towards his destination, a quiet, beautiful man.

After the caravan had set off, the plump Liu Qian had surrounded Qin Fen from the very beginning. He did not feel tired even though he was in the saddle.

After a long journey, although Liu Qian's olive branch was extremely obvious to Qin Fen, he made up his mind after considering the pros and cons: "We'll see!"

Of course, like Liu Qian, Qin Fen had great ambitions. But in a clan that had existed for over a hundred years, if a person without any roots dared to carelessly extend his hand, he would definitely be mercilessly crushed into nothing.

Then there was Qin Fen's consideration of himself. Although he had been reborn from the fire and could be considered to have the basic ability to protect himself, he was still far from being able to compare with the unfathomable Fang family.

Especially when Slaughter Qingyi had been forced to leave, it had caused a loud alarm in Qin Feng's heart. If a Lesser Heaven stage cultivator like him dared to do something against the Fang family's law, he would die without even knowing what had happened!

If Liu Qian knew the current state of Qin Feng's heart, he would have surely scolded him three times. Then, he would have spat on Qin Fen's face and cursed, "Son, you will only win if you fight with your love!"

"Old Liu, let's do something first. As for the others, when the opportunity comes, it won't be too late for us to plan a bit more!" Qin Feng glanced at Liu Qian, who was looking forward to it, and changed the topic. He then asked, "Old Liu, how big is the Fang family's business in Barbarian Cow Town?"

"Huh?" He did not expect Qin Feng to tactfully reject the olive branch he had extended. He was slightly disappointed, but he immediately forced himself to concentrate as he replied in detail, word for word, "Captain Qin, the Fang family has a total of three shops in Barbarian Cow Town, each of them occupying over a hundred acres of land. Each of them is engaged in a business of elixirs, demon beasts, and other miscellaneous items."

Liu Qian explained the Fang family's store in the Barbarian Cow Town familiarly while carefully observing Qin Fen's expression, hoping to find some clues.

He then said, "A good man pays the price!" When he talked about elixirs and demonic beasts, Qin Feng's eyes suddenly flashed with a strange light. Although it was fleeting, it was enough to catch his attention.

"Qin Fen, big brother didn't mean it when you were a few years older, so I called you by your name." "Of the three shops in the Fang family, the Demonic Beast store has the best business, followed by a miscellaneous one, and the worst of all is the Spiritual Medicine." Liu Qian started to talk about what Qin Feng liked to hear. As he spoke, he carefully observed Qin Feng's expression.

"Brother, the old horse of the demon beast shop is your iron porcelain. If you need anything, I can help you make the connection." Seeing that the light in Qin Fen's eyes was getting brighter, Liu Qian immediately knew that he had found the right opening. "I'll send Old Ma a letter right now, and the three of us can get together later, haha ?"

The hearty laughter instantly spread throughout the caravan. The impatient Fang Xiaoshan saw that Qin Fen and Liu Qian wanted to chat, so he curled his lips in disdain. After revealing a look of disdain, he started to loudly berate the caravan's entourage.

"Hurry up and leave! What are you dawdling for? My Fang family doesn't raise trash!"

"Hur hur." Sweeping his eyes over Fang Xiaoshan's actions, Liu Qian let out a meaningful sneer. He lowered his voice and said, "Qin Fen, the one being scolded is my nephew. I can be considered a marquis of the Fang family, but the younger generation of the Fang family does not put me in their eyes at all.

"Humph!" Qin Feng could not stand Fang Xiaoshan's actions either. He himself had not even opened his mouth to speak, yet you, a mere subordinate, were already making such a ruckus. What the heck is this?

However, after these few years of immersion, Qin Fen was able to gain a deep understanding of the situation. His expression was still calm and unflustered, but his gaze towards the front of the caravan had become much colder.

After that, they were speechless as they continued on their journey.

The road was also very peaceful, the Fang family's banner was like a "Magic Descending Staff", all the demons and monsters fled when they heard it. Even the mindless wild beasts were suppressed by the Fang family's caravan, not even daring to let out a fart.

On the evening of the second day, an extremely simple and crude city appeared in the eyes of the Fang Clan members.

"Aooo ?" "Howl ?" A few "Ghost's Wailing and Wolf's Roar" suddenly sounded out, and a "Pa" sound rang out. Fang Xiaoshan took the lead and charged into the crowd outside of the town at lightning speed.

"Second Uncle, it is fortunate that Little Shan did not fail his mission. All the troops from the External Affairs Hall and all the food have been brought here safely." Fang Xiaoshan dismounted from his horse and stared passionately at an old man dressed in silk clothing as he spoke in a clear voice, as if he was performing a meritorious deed.

"Old Ma, Old Xin, what do you think of my Fang Family's Kirin?" The old man praised Fang Xiaoshan proudly, his slightly lifted nostrils almost reaching the sky.

"En, not bad indeed." An old man dressed in sackcloth answered with a smile.

"Hmph, the Fang family's banner is considered strong!" However, another voice filled with ridicule suddenly sounded out at an inopportune moment, causing the old man and Fang Xiaoshan to be choked to the point that their faces flushed red.

It was obvious that those who shouted did not care about the face of others, and a single sentence of the truth caused Fang Xiaoshan to feel awkward and at a loss of what to do.

"The old man's name is Fang Wu Lin. He is the younger brother of the clan head, Fang Wen Shan. He is currently in charge of the Spiritual Medicine Hall.

The old man in the sackcloth is the old horse, my iron porcelain is in charge of the Demonic Beast Hall.

As for the other middle-aged man with a hideous face, his name was Fang Pu. He was like Captain Qin, both of them from the Seven Killing Halls Hall.

"These three people have more than ten percent of the Fang family's economic lifeline and the support of most of the martial artists. They can be considered to be famous figures of the Fang family!" Liu Qian whispered in Qin Feng's ear. The envy in his voice was self-evident.

"You can do it too!" Qin Fen stretched out his hand to pat Liu Qian's shoulder and said meaningfully.

"Everyone, please follow me into the city first. This old man has already arranged a cup of wine. We won't leave until we're drunk tonight!" The old man in embroidered clothing swept a glance at Qin Feng, who was seated at the top position, and spoke to the people in the caravan in an indifferent manner.

Four hours later, after a noisy and lively welcoming dinner, under the leadership of the seemingly impeccable enthusiasm and the heavy sense of estrangement that was mixed in, Qin Fen arrived at his own residence in the Barbarian Cow Town.

"Qin Fen, you take a rest first. Tomorrow, I'll have someone take you around the whole town. Haha." As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Wu Lin left with his hands cupped in front of his chest. Although his tone was extremely intimate, he could not conceal the disdain in his eyes.

Qin Fen didn't care. After a quick glance at the luxurious room, he casually chose the best spot to look for and sat down cross-legged. Once again, he began to cultivate the [Heavenly Art].

Time passed minute after minute. Just as Qin Fen finished his cultivation and was about to wash his body, Liu Qian brought his metal porcelain, Demonic Beast Hall Supervisor, and Old Ma to his room.

After the two sides had exchanged friendly words, the atmosphere became harmonious once more. It was as if they were good friends who had not met for many years, and there was no sense of estrangement between them.

"Qin Fen, since we are one family, then let's not beat around the bush. It seems like you want to get some beast cores?" Old Ma was truly in control of the Demonic Beast Hall. It only took him a short while to determine Qin Fen's needs. At the same time, he had also shortened the relationship between him and Qin Fen.

"Hey, Brother Ma is right, we are a family now, I won't hide it from you guys. "I do need some beast cores, but I'm in need of money, so I wonder if Brother Ma has any ideas." Scratching his head awkwardly, Qin Feng simply stated his needs.

Actually, there was nothing to hide about Qin Fen, as long as they were warriors, they would need demonic beast cores and heaven and earth's talent, and Qin Fen really needed these to quickly increase his strength. In any case, the "Heavenly Art" was extremely tyrannical, and after fusing with his "Immortal Gold Body", he would need a lot of energy at all times.

"Mm, for us, an inner core of a demonic beast is indeed the most valuable treasure. It's only natural that we feel embarrassed when we're short on money. There's nothing to be embarrassed about." In the past few years that I have been in charge of the Demonic Beast Hall, although I have handled a lot of Demonic Beast Cores, they are all clan items. However, this old man can find a way for brother. " The old horse seemed to have predicted Qin Fen's request. Although it could not give him the request, it still gave him a solution.

"Brother Ma, please say it clearly. The beast core is indeed very important to you." Qin Fen's expression darkened at first, but when he heard that there were other ways, he couldn't wait to ask, "Brother Ma, please excuse me. Brother is short on ambition, so I can't wait. Hur Hur."

"Old Ma, stop trying to keep us in suspense. Look at how anxious Qin Feng is, haha." Liu Qian suddenly spoke up in a burst of laughter before glaring at the old horse reproachfully, "Qin Fen, don't blame the old horse for his words. In fact, that place is not a secret in the Barbarian Cow City, but it's a place where dragons and snakes are mixed together.

"Eh, there's actually such a place in the Barbarian Cow Town!" Looking at the awkward Liu Qian and then at the serious face of the old horse, Qin Fen's interest was piqued. He couldn't wait to ask, "Brother Ma, what kind of place is this? Is it that powerful?"

"Ai, this old man will give you a brief explanation." Under Qin Fen's expectant gaze and Liu Qian's somewhat anxious hint, the old horse finally let out a sigh and explained in a somewhat helpless manner, "The Barbarian Cow Town is adjacent to the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range, so there will often be some prodigies and earthly treasures present here. The reason why the four great clans have ruled the Barbarian Cow City for hundreds of years is mainly because they have monopolized almost all of the prodigies and earthly treasures in the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range.

However, a few years ago, a mysterious force suddenly charged into the Barbarian Cow Town and took over a large area with the momentum of destroying cobalt. They established a free trade market and named it 'City of Freedom'. "

Just as Liu Qian finished his sentence, Qin Fen slapped his thigh. He suddenly remembered this place that the four noble families loved and hated the most!

In fact, when Qin Feng was still the Zhan Clan's young master, the City of Freedom had already stood firm in the town. If it weren't for the assassination, the Battle Tribe would have sent him and a few elite disciples to train in the town.

The Free City, as its name implied, was a free trade market. Dragons and snakes mingled within the market, basically forming another set of rules for the city to operate on.

After a martial artist killed someone and looted their goods, they would usually choose to sell their goods here. This was because the City of Freedom unconditionally provided protection to those who lived here.

No matter what sort of heinous crime you've committed outside, as long as you enter the Free City, even the four great families come together to demand you back, you will definitely return empty-handed.

Thus, the Freedom City had a few unknown treasures. Many of these treasures were left behind after the Four Great Clans had attempted to assassinate them.

Just as Qin Feng was recalling everything that had happened in the City of Freedom, Old Ma spoke with a sincere and enticing words.

"Brother, if you want to obtain a beast core at the minimum price, that is definitely the only way!"

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