Imperial Martial Emperor/C29 occasional encountering surrounded
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C29 occasional encountering surrounded
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C29 occasional encountering surrounded

In a split-second, Qin Feng's pair of eyes glowed with an indescribable light. He was immediately moved!

He knew that in his current state, unless he made a fortune immediately, he wouldn't be able to have a rich supply of cultivation resources right away.

Of course, Qin Fen knew that a free trade fair like the Free City was a mix of dragons, snakes, and snakes. There were no rules. Whoever struck first would be the boss.

However, Qin Feng had made up his mind immediately. "Wealth comes from the middle." This was his only hope for him to break through to the next level within a short period of time.

"Brother Ma, brother wishes to visit the City of Freedom tomorrow. Are there any restrictions there?" He acted upon his words! Since Qin Feng had already made up his mind, he began to inquire about everything there.

"Hmm, there isn't much of a requirement. As long as you have enough gold coins or some valuable treasure, there is basically everything. It just depends on if you have the luck." The old horse wasn't surprised by Qin Feng's decision. It indifferently answered Qin Fen's question while giving Liu Qian a meaningful glance.

"Alright, brother, tomorrow morning I'll have my nephew accompany you. This brat is quite quick-witted, let him run errands for any trivial matters." After sending out his nephew, Liu Qian patted Qin Feng on the shoulder in satisfaction and bid farewell to Old Ma.

Qin Fen wasn't surprised by Liu Qian's and Old Ma's seemingly passionate actions. As a man with two lives, he already understood one thing: "There has never been such a thing as love without a reason. The law of the jungle is the only truth in this world!"

Early the next morning, before the first ray of sunlight could reach the town of Barbarian Cow, Qin Feng was led by Liu Ahmu onto a narrow road in the town of Barbarian Cow.

Liu Ahmu was Liu Qian's nephew. He was around twenty years old and at the peak of the Mortal Realm. He had a handsome face and a slender figure. His bright and spirited eyes revealed a sense of shrewdness and competence.

"Brother, we have to hurry, otherwise we won't be able to make it to the first wave of transactions." Carefully looking at Qin Feng, Liu Ahmu considered his tone and slightly urged, "Brother, today is the day where the Freedom City holds a trade fair every ten days, and all the good things will appear in the market. If we go late, all the great families will definitely pick out the good stuff first."

"Oh? Was there such a thing? "Okay, Ah Mu, let's speed up!" Qin Feng's heart skipped a beat, and his interest in the City of Freedom grew even more. His pace quickened as he walked.

As time passed, when the Barbarian Cow Town was already completely bright, many warriors of the same kind as Qin Feng and the other two appeared on the road all of a sudden. They formed groups of three or four, and each of them had a strong aura.

"Brother, we're here!" A shout filled with anticipation rang out. Only then did Qin Fen retract his gaze and let out a surprised expression.

Looking around, there was a great clamor of voices, and countless tired yet extremely excited warriors were sitting on the ground. In front of them, there was a messy pile of at least a few, at least a few, at least hundreds of all kinds of objects, for countless warriors to choose from.

"Ouch." Suddenly, an anxious sigh could be heard, "Brother, let's hurry up and go in. This group of people who lick their blood have started the trade since midnight!"

Liu Ahmu was like a slippery loach, shuttling back and forth in the noisy crowd, stopping from time to time to haggle with the stalls owner:

"Old Zhu, you're still panting. Do you want to sell this herb for 5 gold coins?"

"Scram! I had to kill many ferocious beasts to finally get the herb. If you don't have fifty gold coins, don't even think about it!"

"Brother Shi, where did this steel blade come from?"

"Hey, it's little brother Liu. This steel knife is not something you can play with. Hurry up and go, don't disturb my business."

After being ruthlessly rejected several times, it was clear that Liu Ahmu wasn't affected at all. On the contrary, his interest was growing and his expression was becoming more and more relaxed: "Brother, these stall owners are all desperate criminals. As long as the opportunity is right, they would dare to join forces to rob and assassinate the direct descendants of the four great families. Brother, the words I spoke to them just now were actually the words of those desperate criminals. If they have good things in their hands, then they will leave us to continue bargaining with them. If they don't, then they will chase us away like they did just now. "

"Eh, there's actually such an argument." After a silent sigh, Qin Fen finally understood why Liu Qian had sent Amu to be his guide. At the same time, he felt more confident that he could get a few treasures from this place. "Alright, brother, you're the leader of our operation this time. Do you know what I need?"

"I know, brother. My uncle told me last night, brother will definitely spare no effort to help you fulfill your wish!" As they looked around, Ah Mu promised Qin Feng in a low voice. At the same time, he never stopped walking as he quickly went through the stalls.

"Uncle Wang, how has business been recently ?"

"It's you little bastard. Get lost, your father's business isn't doing too well ?"

"Master Han, this child greets you ?"

"What's good, f * ck off ?"

"Brother Guo ?"

"Scram ?"

After countless hopeful words and ruthless rejection, Qin Fen, who had a strong willpower, was on the verge of losing his temper, not to mention Ah Mu.

"Ah Mu, should we rest first?" After a helpless sigh, the disappointed Qin Fen immediately felt discouraged.

"Brother, I'm fine. Let's take a walk. If it's really impossible, let's set up a stall and wait!" After casually wiping the sweat off his forehead, Ah Mu's gaze remained firm, even though his heart had also wavered a little.

"Sigh ?" Geniuses and earthly treasures are not common! " A sigh escaped Qin Feng's lips as his helplessness and desolation became more apparent.

Time passed second by second. The sun in the sky was becoming more and more vicious. Ah Mu was on the verge of breaking his lips, but he was still unable to accomplish anything. Suddenly, a voice was heard by Qin Fen.

"Ah, isn't this Young Master Qin? "Pah pah, look at my memory, you've already been removed from the list of War Clan members. Hahaha ?" A gloating voice suddenly sounded, and a single sentence attracted even more mockery.

"Ha, he's just a stray dog that has been used up and chased out of the family!"

"That's right. He's just a servant who shook his head and begged for mercy after being chased out of the family!"

"Hahahahaha ?"

He saw a group of well-dressed young masters coldly staring at Qin Feng from above, as if they had found a toy to play with. They were all wantonly mocking and trampling on him.

"You all ?" A'Mu's face instantly changed. He let out an angry shout, but was immediately stopped by Qin Feng. A pair of large hands pulled him down behind.

"Hmph, I was wondering who it was. So it was a group of defeated generals who were barking wildly. What, now I want to spar with your Master Qin!" After glancing at them disdainfully, Qin Fen said something back to them. His pitch-black eyes were hiding a dense killing intent.

"You ?!"

"I'll kill you!"

"Fuck, a cripple dares to boast so shamelessly!"

After a few angry shouts, the group of youths in silk clothing surrounded Qin Fen and Liu Ahmu with a "hualala" sound. Each of them had a malevolent and murderous look on their faces!

"Hey, it's about to be a fight."

"Quickly, get a good seat."

"Ai, who is that? You still haven't paid the bill, don't run ?"

As Qin Fen was surrounded, the territory of Freedom City suddenly became chaotic. In just a few moments, it had created a small disturbance. Countless martial artists rushed to the back of the group of young men in embroidered clothes.

"Fight, youngsters. The seniors and juniors are all looking forward to it!" This was a group of passersby who didn't mind the commotion and shouted enthusiastically.

"Hmm, I see that the two little rascals are in trouble. I think I can sell my healing pills at a high price again!" This was a group of peddlers selling ointment and dogs as they discussed intensely.

"Hey, it's another group of juniors from big families who have nothing to do after eating their fill. Why haven't I gone to big families yet?!" This was a group of lackeys complaining on their own.

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