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C3 Today because of the other day

"Humph!" A cold snort sounded out once more. Zhan Hu's cold gaze swept over Qin Fen as a stifling atmosphere filled the entire hall. Before he could even open his mouth, the juniors of the Battle Tribe had already rallied together to attack.

"Qin Fen, how dare you contradict the patriarch!"

"Unfilial son, do you want your superiors to commit a crime?" In the blink of an eye, numerous berating voices rang out. Amongst them, the Battle Clan's current Crown Prince and guards were the ones with the loudest voices, and they were also the ones with the most direct hats.

"Humph!" War Guard, are you blind!? I'm just stating a fact, which eye of yours saw me committing a crime? " Qin Fen put down the last of his fantasies and instantly returned to the insolent state he had two years ago. He fought the juniors of his clan alone without showing any signs of cowardice.

"You, you ?" "You bastard!" With just a few words, Zhan Hu's face and neck reddened.

When Zhan Hu saw Qin Fen's high-spirited and high-spirited fighting spirit, he became even more furious from embarrassment. He angrily scolded, "Qin Fen, the illustrious reputation of our Battle Tribe will not allow a cripple like you to be rude!"

"Hur hur, what a big hat!" Since he had already lost all decorum, Qin Fen decided to just stand aside and fight the young generation of the Zhanzheng clan alone in front of the outsiders: "When you were a little kid whose name was hidden by your family, you even dared to mention the war clan's reputation. When I was the undefeated and suppressed the younger generation of the Barbarian Cow City, did you ever feel ashamed?"

The sonorous and deafening words instantly resounded throughout the hall. Although the juniors of the Battle Tribe were unwilling, they were all influenced by Qin Fen's soaring heroic spirit. They all vaguely saw the peerless genius whose voice had shaken the entire Barbarian Cow City years ago.

"It would have been fine if this kid had been half crippled, but if he was allowed to return to the peak, then he would definitely be a dangerous person ?" The Great Elder silently sighed. The vigilance in his heart revolved around his entire body in an instant, as killing intent started to seep out from his body. "What a sharp tongue, unfilial son! Qin Fen, your family has put in great effort to think of a way for you to escape after your Dantian was destroyed. If you don't want to be grateful, then go ahead.

"The older the spicier!" The Battle Tribe's people all sighed. The Great Elder's casual words not only concealed Zhan Hu's stupidity, but also made Qin Fen sound like an ungrateful unfilial son who only knew how to talk fast.

"Great Elder, do you think that I, Qin Feng, am a three year old child!" His face was ferocious, without a care, he threw caution to the wind and refuted, "Great Elder, although I do not know what happened, I do know about the despicable deeds of the upper echelons of the Battle Clan. Didn't you think that I, Qin Fen, am useless and would never be able to ascend to the peak?

Didn't you want to chase me out of the Battle Tribe so that you could pave the way for your hedonistic sons and daughters, as well as your war guards!

You think that I am an outsider, without a family, without a backer, without a background, and with my Dantian half destroyed, do you think that you can make me and Qin Fen trample on them like those weeds by the side of the road?! "

"Phew ?" Everyone was in an uproar. The Battle Tribe's people never thought that Qin Fen would be so radical. He actually dared to openly speak about secrets that everyone knew!

The interior of the hall immediately seemed to explode as countless gleeful whispers and schadenfreude instantly sounded:

"This brat, is his brain being funny? He even dares to speak these words out in the open. Heh, another day and he will fall just like that!" Amidst the countless whispers and schadenfreude, it was quickly covered by a single point of view.

Just as the Battle Tribe's people turned their gazes away from Qin Fen and back to the Great Clan Elder to see how he would respond, several terrifying presences locked onto Qin Lie. Amongst them, the Great Clan Elder's reaction was the most intense.

"Unfilial son, you're courting death!" A cold steel blade suddenly flew out, instantly enveloping Qin Fen like a bolt of lightning.


A loud and clear sound was heard. Qin Feng felt as if he had been knocked over by a mad bull. His clothes had already been torn to shreds. One of his arms hung limply by his side.

"Battle Clan's most precious treasure, the high-grade earth-step 'Mighty Bull's Strength'!"

"Pfft!" Qin Feng spat out several mouthfuls of blood. Only then did his stuffy chest feel a little better. However, an unprecedented feeling of tearing his heart out came from his dantian.

Qin Fen rolled a few times on the ground before he struggled to stand up. After he quickly checked his dantian, he found that ? Despair ?

"AHH ?." A shrill and furious roar resounded through the hall like an owl, and the pain in his mind suppressed the damage to his body.

Qin Fen knew that he was completely wasted. The lightning fast attack from the grand elder had quickly and viciously injected a cold wave of power into his body through the cold steel blade. Although he had used a huge amount of power to protect himself from the deadly attack of the blade, it was unable to stop the destructive power from wreaking havoc in his dantian.

In just a moment, this gloomy and cold aura purposefully twisted his dantian into a pulp, without a single trace of Fa Li remaining.

Qin Fen was screaming in pain!

Zhan Hu, on the other hand, was like the rest of the Battle Tribe members as they coldly and playfully watched everything!

After confirming that he had succeeded and achieved his goal, he only cast a disdainful glance at the miserable Qin Fen. He then coldly snorted, "You overestimate yourself, you are overestimating yourself. Hmph!"

"Father, don't ?" Right at that moment, the fifteen-year-old Zhan Qingwu, with her tear-stained face and sad expression, suddenly barged into the main hall. Spreading her arms wide open, she used her elegant yet slightly haggard body to protect the crumbling Qin Fen as she screamed in pain.

"Brother, I ?" Zhan Qingwu seemed as if she wanted to say something to Qin Fen, but the words that came out of her mouth transformed into a painful sob. It was touching and heartbreaking!

"Qingwu, don't cry, smile, I like to see you smile!" I will never forget the promise I made that year in my heart! " Qin Feng tried his best to resist the heart-wrenching pain. He forced a smile onto his young face, but the pain was mixed in with a gentle smile. His expression returned to its serene state as he consoled the girl in front of him, one word at a time.

In that instant, Zhan Qingwu could no longer control the churning emotions in her heart, and she forcefully built a defense line in her heart ? It directly collapsed ?

She could no longer control the emotions in her heart and threw herself into Qin Feng's arms, but immediately flew out of his warm embrace that made her miss him at the same time. She stared at her father, who had been standing high above her since the start, with a bitter expression on her delicate face, she painfully shouted: "Father, your daughter begs you, please let Qin Fen go ?" "Woo woo!"

"How dare you!" An angry roar resounded!

"Bastard, how dare you hope for the Heaven's Pride of the Battle Tribe!" A few of the higher ups of the Battle Tribe stood up and glared at Qin Fen with killing intent!

As for Zhan Hu, his clothes fluttered even though there was no wind. His aura was extremely violent and unstable!

"Where are the black armored guards? Immediately escort the little miss away!" Remaining... Kill without mercy! "

In an instant, five black shadows that were hidden outside the hall appeared out of nowhere. In just a few breaths, they had completely separated Qin Feng and Zhan Qingwu. The two black armored guards tightly surrounded Zhan Qingwu, forcing her to lend a hand.

As for the remaining three black armored guards, after giving a cruel smile to Qin Fen, they were about to kill him.

"No!" A mournful cry resounded through the entire living room as Zhan Qingwu suddenly knelt on the ground. A dagger flashed with cold light as she stabbed it into her chest. With a pitiful expression, she cried out: "Father, you want your daughter to die in front of you?"

"No!" In a panic, Qin Feng no longer cared about the murderous black armored guards in front of him. With his frail body, he slammed into several steel knives that glimmered with cold light. His mournful voice resounded throughout the entire living room. "Qingwu, quickly stop ?!"

"Stop!" Zhan Hu's expression changed drastically as he charged to the side of his precious daughter like lightning. Kicking away the black armored guard in front of him, he sent out a strong wave of mana that penetrated through his body and instantly rushed into Zhan Qingwu's body. He quickly and accurately protected her heart and veins before violently roaring, "Have you gone mad!"

"Father!" Zhan Hu's tiger body trembled slightly when he heard the term that was filled with deep emotion. "Father, please forgive Qin Fen. In my daughter's heart, Qin Fen is as important as father!"

Zhan Hu was suddenly at a loss as he looked at his precious daughter, who was still stubbornly kneeling on the ground despite the bright red in front of him ? In his mind, countless happy scenes of his daughter jumping up and down as a child flashed across his mind at lightning speed ?

"Sigh ?" "Whatever ?" Zhan Hu lifted his daughter in one go and continued to inject Fa Li into her body. The intense revulsion was mixed with a hint of complexity as he coldly looked at Qin Fen, who was covered in blood but was still struggling against the three black armored guards. He said word by word, "Qin Fen, you are extremely talented, but your actions are lacking in cultivation and you are immoral. Today, I, as the current patriarch of the Zhan Clan, order you to put him on the 'scout list' of the black armored guards.

"They actually let him leave ?" When the Battle Tribe members came back to their senses, they looked at Zhan Hu with expressions of disbelief. Even the grand elder, who was filled with killing intent, stared with wide eyes as he questioned and immediately blurted out, "You can't! This child disrespected the Battle Tribe and the wolf's ambition. He should be killed!"

"Roar!" An angry roar sounded as Zhan Hu, who was tightly holding onto Zhan Qingwu, suddenly erupted!

A strong and tyrannical mana instantly condensed into a blurry tiger. It was awe-inspiring and domineering as it stood on top of Zhan Hu's head. Between tiger bared teeth and brandished claws, it gave off a majestic aura!

"Do you want to question my order!?" One by one, they swept their eyes over the Elders that had voiced their doubts. Zhan Hu's cold face was like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting. He was tyrannical and extremely unstable!

The Great Elder's expression instantly became ugly, but he did not say anything else.

As for Zhan Qingwu, who was curled up in Zhan Hu's embrace, he revealed a mournful smile. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was deathly pale as he whispered, "Daddy, I ?"

"Don't say too much, you've already injured your heart. Daddy will take you to treat your injuries right now!" Zhan Hu leapt up and in less than a breath of time, he had already rushed out of the hall and disappeared from the Zhan Clan's manor ?

Inside your living room, on the other side.

"Ah ?" Zhan Qingwu's serious injuries instantly ignited the fury in Qin Fen's heart. He abruptly freed herself from the control of the three Black Armored Guards and looked at the pool of blood left behind by Zhan Qingwu. She then raised her head and coldly stared at the Battle Tribe members.

"In the past, who was it that blocked my way and earnestly tried to persuade me to join the Battle Tribe?"

"In the past, who promised me that I would definitely reach the peak of power in my life?"

"All those years ago, it was you old fools who rejected the invitations from the three great families on my behalf!"

"Today's cause, will be the result of this!" I, Qin Fen, hereby swear that if I ever return to my peak, I will step into battle once again. I will wipe away the humiliation I received today and take back with my own hands the dignity I lost today! "

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