Imperial Martial Emperor/C30 Victory in bitter battle
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C30 Victory in bitter battle
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C30 Victory in bitter battle


Instantly, with this group of hedonistic youths as the center, several streaks of magic power that could be considered majestic appeared in the air within a radius of several dozen meters. In an instant, several projections of different types of magic power were formed in midair.

Aowu ?

Roar ?

A deafening roar was instantly accompanied by a majestic shockwave as it spread out in all directions!

Amongst them, the colourful giant ape was the most eye-catching. It stood domineering in the air, its body already gradually becoming clear as it emitted a terrifying aura from the Wilderness!


The surrounding crowd went into an uproar. Their faces that were filled with ferocity instantly changed slightly as whispers immediately sounded.

"Whose child is this? "Why is he so strong!?"

"His mana has been reduced to the smallest details. This kid has already touched the barrier of the Nascent Realm!"

"Oh god, a group of youngsters who can transform their magic power wherever they come from. If they were playboys, then wouldn't I be living with dogs for the rest of my life?"

Numerous strange beasts that emitted terrifying auras filled the air and instantly intimidated the noisy scene. At the same time, they also attacked the group of adventurers who were licking the blood from the mouth of their sabers.

As the other participant in this conflict, Qin Fen, wasn't the least bit moved by the stunning group of youths. He first pushed Liu Ahmu into the crowd, then silently took out a shiny dagger from his storage ring and shot a sharp gaze into the eyes of the teenager in the lead. A cruel smile instantly appeared on his small face as he explosively shouted:

"Die, Cui Peng!"

In the blink of an eye, Qin Fen was flattened by Cui Peng like an attacking beast, falling into Cui Peng's arms.


Qin Feng's tyrannical aura seemed to transcend the limits of time and space. He appeared in front of Cui Peng in an instant. His left hand wielding the dagger and his right hand that was formed into a palm struck at Cui Peng's vitals with lightning speed!


A loud sound rang out, and Cui Peng, who was severely lacking in preparation, instantly paled. He didn't have time to react at all. Relying on his protective treasure, he automatically activated his protective screen to clash with Qin Feng head on!

"Mhmm ?"

In that instant, a pained groan sounded out. Cui Peng, who was previously in high spirits and overweeningly arrogant, instantly retreated, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. His handsome face was contorted in agony, with traces of indescribable terror contained within.

"That's impossible! "Qin Fen, didn't you lose your Dantian?"

Qin Fen, who relied on his instantaneous burst of power, didn't have the time to respond to Cui Peng's question. He only revealed a cruel smile and roared as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Bang, bang, bang, crackle ?

An ear-piercing sound of impact rang out. Within seconds, Qin Fen unleashed hundreds of attacks like a tsunami, causing Cui Peng's defensive treasure to be covered with cracks, ready to be shattered at any moment.

"F * ck, Qin Fen, don't go too far!" I'll fight it out with you! " He stared in panic at the screen of light that was about to shatter, then glanced at the murderous Qin Fen. Cui Peng immediately became more timid, knowing that if he didn't go all out, he would be in real danger. He forced himself to endure the fear and unease in his heart, and finally started to summon his giant mana ape.

"Take the moon from the giant ape! Kill!"

In a split-second, the giant ape above Cui Peng's head seemed to come to life as it howled towards the sky. Its tyrannical aura instantly locked onto Qin Fen as a pair of thick and powerful arms came crashing down on him.

At this time, Qin Feng's dagger was shattered by the backlash of the shock wave. Only then did he shatter the protective screen. In an instant, he felt a huge killing intent coming from the top of his head.

Qin Fen's aura soared again, an aura from the ancient times engulfed his body. He gritted his teeth and instead of retreating, he charged forward. His arms that contained the strength of a thousand jin smashed towards Cui Peng as he shouted, "Undying Golden Body, explode!"

In that split-second, the Imperishable Golden Body, which had merged with his body, finally erupted. An abnormally strong and brutal energy instantly poured into Qin Fen's arms, wrapping around him and carrying the whistling sound of the wind breaking, directly towards Cui Peng, who was in a state of confusion due to his lack of preparation.

Boom ? Boom ?

In an instant, two loud booms sounded out at the same time. A scorching blast of air swept up a cloud of sand and rocks, enveloping Qin Feng and Cui Peng who had yet to come out victorious!

In the time it took for a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, Qin Fen punched Cui Peng in front of his chest with all his might, then clenched his steel teeth tightly and forcefully blocked the Fa Li giant ape's palm!

Therefore, the first sound came from Qin Fen's fist hitting Cui Peng's chest, which was full of defensive power.

The second sound that followed was produced by Qin Feng using his flesh and blood to resist the first chapter of the giant ape.


"* *!"

"They're not human!"

At the same time, the surrounding people's expressions changed once again. They felt the hot air currents spreading in all directions. They immediately retreated, but they were unwilling to leave. Their burning eyes were filled with curiosity!

"Cough, cough ?"

As the seconds and minutes passed, the dust in the sky finally began to slowly disperse. Two indistinct figures finally began to appear in front of everyone's eyes as they were filled with anticipation.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, they saw Qin Fen who had been actively attacking the whole time, pale and disheveled. Although there were no obvious wounds on his body, he looked extremely weak. His straight and upright body was shaking as if a gust of wind could blow him down, but it gave off an extremely dangerous feeling!

As for Cui Peng, who was acting so arrogantly just now, he was now in a miserable state!

He collapsed onto the ground, his bloodshot eyes still barely opened, but his face revealed a deep sense of defeat. His entire body was in rags, and the remaining strands of linen were covered with countless fist marks and footprints.

If it wasn't for the fact that the giant ape above him had lost its owner's support and maintained his stance of protecting its master wholeheartedly, instead of dissipating into Heaven and Earth, people would think that Cui Peng was already on his last breath!

It was clear that Qin Fen had won the fight in the end. Although Qin Fen had paid an extremely heavy price to win, victory was still a victory and everyone was a hero!

"Hahaha ?" Laughing wildly to his heart's content, Qin Fen, who was on the verge of collapse, walked with difficulty to Cui Peng's side, who had collapsed on the ground. He roared out in a heroic and haughty manner, "Three years ago, I could have suppressed you with just one hand! And three years later, I can still use my Lesser Heaven stage cultivation base to educate you again ? What is an expert! "

Qin Fen's bold and confident words resounded through the City of Freedom like a war god. His sharp, blade-like eyes swept across the crowd of the Cui Family, and only one person dared to stir up trouble in front of them. "Qin Fen!"

"Good, well said!"

"He is indeed worthy of being the former number one of the younger generation in the Barbarian Cow City. Brother Qin, you must be interested in meeting us!"

In that instant, several voices of praise that were similarly heroic rang out. A few valiant and extraordinary youths dressed in embroidered clothing walked out of the crowd in large strides, directly ignoring the few hedonistic sons of the Fang family next to Cui Peng with murderous looks on their faces who were ready to make a move at the same time. They all opened their mouths to sincerely invite him!

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