Imperial Martial Emperor/C32 A monster fighting with a Xiantian cultivator
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C32 A monster fighting with a Xiantian cultivator
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C32 A monster fighting with a Xiantian cultivator


A loud sound rang out, and a terrifying wave of air immediately spread in all directions.


In a split-second, a dark brown raging bull over fifty feet long, filled with a strong murderous aura, appeared above the heads of the Cui Family youths, standing proudly in the air.


The colossal dragon, who was suddenly met with strong resistance, immediately retreated. After being provoked, it roared angrily into the sky, its entire body filled with a savage and terrifying aura. Its high fighting spirit yet it carefully stared at the mana bull that had suddenly appeared, and terrifying dragon breath occasionally gushed out from its nostrils.

In the blink of an eye, the fate of the Cui Family's youngsters changed. A white-haired elder stood there proudly, exuding an intimidating aura without even the slightest bit of anger.

"Uncle ?" They all surrounded the white-haired old man with excitement, and shouted with righteous indignation, "Uncle, this group of random brats from who knows where have discredit our Cui Family's illustrious reputation. After being refuted by our nephews, they took advantage of the opportunity when we weren't in pain to kill them, Uncle ? You must uphold justice for us! "

With a few words, the Cui Family youths led by Cui Peng were able to turn black into white, the villains were the first to complain, pushing the blame for the conflict onto someone else. At the same time, they also created a good image of themselves protecting the family's reputation.

"Hur hur, what a nice look you have for turning black and white into a villain. Hur hur!" The young man in embroidered clothing suddenly started to sneer without any reason. His tone was so loud and his arrogance caused the onlookers to feel a trace of strangeness. Hehe, after beating the little one up, the old one ? If your Young Master is a little hurt and wants to beat the old one again, let's see who else will come! "

"F * ck, what background does this guy have?"

"Eh, if this kid isn't stupid, then he must have an incredible background!"

"What the hell?" You dare to challenge a Innate realm expert? "

In a split-second, a hubbub of whispers broke out. Everyone was convinced that this group of young men had a strong background, at least they were not afraid of Cui Family's terrifying influence in the Barbarian Cow City.

Even Qin Feng, who had been quietly healing himself, had a strange look on his face. He was staring at the group of youths with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

As for the elder from the Cui Family, he immediately felt a sense of anger and fear. Although his expression remained calm, the look in his eyes became more complicated.

"I'm Cui Feng, the current elder of the Cui Family. Ten years ago, I advanced to the Innate realm. Which sect did the young masters of the Cui Family come from?" He took a deep breath, and saw the white-haired Cui Feng trying his best to suppress the raging waves of killing intent in his heart, and his bright eyes swept past the proud and arrogant giant dragon mana while baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, and then he firmly stared at the young man in embroidered clothes not far away, and said with a threatening voice: "Little friends, if you are not willing to say who your master is, then why don't you go to my Cui Family and be a guest first? My Cui Family will definitely sweep the floor to welcome you!"

In a split-second, a biting cold killing intent spread out from Cui Feng's body. In just a few moments, it had enveloped the entire arena, causing everyone to tremble, and not a single sound could be heard.

"Hahaha ?"

Just as the atmosphere in the air turned stifling and a huge change was about to occur, a loud and scornful laugh suddenly rang out.

The young man in embroidered clothes was staring at Cui Feng with eyes like torches, his Qi soaring once again, a majestic unyielding fighting spirit soaring up into the sky. He had a heroic spirit, with a sinister look on his face, he roared: "Pah!" If you want to fight, then fight! If you don't want to fight, then scram! This young master does not have the word 'compromise' in his dictionary! "


At the same time, the giant dragon on the youth's head seemed to feel its master's majestic will to fight. It raised its head and roared, and its terrifying dragon breath directly turned into a solid form.

The swords and sabers all directly left the warehouse, their auras tyrannically staring at the pale Cui Family youths, using their actual actions to show that as long as the fight broke out, they would definitely launch a thunderous attack at the enemy!

At this moment, Qin Fen, who was also just about to experience the start of the battle, was completely healed. After quickly analyzing the complicated situation in his mind, he circled behind the Cui Family youths and locked his sharp eyes on Cui Peng, who was surrounded by a crowd of people.

"Haha ?"

At the same time, it revealed the insidious way he was prepared to strike first and cut the grass at its roots. His cold gaze swept over the young man in embroidered clothing, unexpectedly finding a reason for him to force his hand, "Young man, today, this old man will tell you on behalf of your parents ? What's called the Upper Sky Realm! Rest assured, after the event, my Cui Family will use the best medicine to heal your wounds. You will not die, but you will live a life worse than death! "

"Bull Rushing Moon Kill!"

"Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, explode!"

Almost at the same time, a crisp and deep voice sounded at the same time. It contained a biting cold killing intent and an overweeningly domineering aura!

Boom! *

A loud sound rang out as the huge dragon and the raging bull clashed. The fierce collision between the powerful mana had disturbed the fluctuations of spiritual energy within a radius of dozens of meters!


Relying on its strange movement technique, the dragon claw that was emitting a faint cold light first slammed onto the Barbaric Cow's back like a thunderbolt, causing the dark brown Barbaric Cow to tremble violently. Its back immediately caved in and a wave of powerful mana immediately dispersed into the heaven and earth.

The dark-brown Barbarian Cow was not an easy target either. Its long-planned full-powered strike was launched almost at the same time. Its two shiny, sharp horns split apart the dragon's tough scales and pierced into its abdomen.

"Zzzz ?"

A penetrating sound instantly rang out. Several streams of rainbow-colored light, condensed from powerful mana, gushed out from the wounds before quickly dissipating!


Two painful groans came out of the mouths of both sides engaged in an intense battle. The battle had just begun and they had already entered the white-hot, life-threatening stage!

The colorful-clothed youth and the white-bearded Cui Feng were staring at each other with a murderous look in their eyes, completely ignoring the strong backlash from the other party. This was because the intense attack between lightning and fire was a move that they wanted to use with all their strength.

The slightest mistake would cause blood to splash out on the spot!

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