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Imperial Martial Emperor/C33 Who showed mercy to me
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C33 Who showed mercy to me

Looking at the current situation of both sides, as a veteran Innate realm expert, Cui Feng's dark brown Mana Bull had the obvious advantage after the initial red-hot fight. Under the support of Cui Feng's endless supply of innate mana, his mana Mana Mana Mana Mana Mana Barbarian Cow had turned from attacking and defending to being completely suppressed.

As for the embroidered clothed youth, he was currently in a rather bad situation. His pale face showed that he had already endured quite a bit of the backlash from the intense clash earlier. His slightly trembling body also revealed that the remaining Fa Li in his Dantian was somewhat insufficient.

Moreover, it was obvious that he was implicated by the main body. After the huge dragon's Fa Li could not get strong support, it was forced to lower its arrogant dragon head and helplessly turned into a passive defense stage.

After all, the young man was only at the peak of the Lesser Heaven stage. Although he had a mysterious background and extraordinary talent, there was still a huge gap between him and Cui Feng.

Of course, the cruel battle of life and death was not constant, nor was it all based on one's realm!

In a split-second, the silk-robed youth who was constantly enduring the immense pressure immediately took out a shiny golden godly weapon from his storage ring when he saw his huge dragon about to collapse. With a strange expression, he glanced at Qin Feng, who was standing behind the Cui Family juniors, and charged towards Cui Feng, who was already showing a smile of victory!


The word that contained a boundless killing intent was instantly spat out from the young man's mouth. He rushed like lightning to Cui Feng, who had a surprised look in his eyes, leaping up with a thunderous speed, like a mad demon, he unleashed a move "Splitting Flower Mountain"!


A loud sound rang out, Cui Feng who was completely unprepared ? His tall and straight body suddenly trembled, and he couldn't help but take a few steps to the side, exposing the stunned Cui Family youths.

The young man in embroidered clothes who took the initiative to launch an attack spat out a few mouthfuls of blood in midair, but a cruel smile appeared on his small face. Without caring about the tyrannical backlash, he instantly shouted, "Partners, kill this group of useless brats!"

"This is bad!"

All of a sudden, Cui Feng, who had taken a few steps back due to the sudden attack, let out a low shout in his heart, and his Innate realm cultivation exploded out, not daring to hold back at all. He forcefully suppressed the Fa Li that was still churning in his body from time to time, pouncing like a murderous bolt of lightning towards the young man who was still staggering back.


Almost at the same time, several of the young man's companions suddenly exploded. A gorgeous and colorful attack instantly condensed in the air, slamming towards the opening Cui Family youths with a loud bang!


Several intense explosions rang out. The Cui Family youths that were severely inprepared and had their doors opened instantly felt as if they were struck by lightning, falling to the ground one by one as they howled in pain ?

In the blink of an eye, the Cui Family youths were almost wiped out. Some of them didn't even have time to retaliate before they were struck by the incoming ranged attacks, completely losing all fighting power.

In an instant, the intense fight that had just broken out had ended in less than a second. The Cui Family had been defeated!

"Animal!" "How dare you!"

Sensing the increasingly weak auras of his youth, Cui Feng, who was in the midst of a chase, suddenly felt his lungs about to explode from anger!

He had looked down on the youths with contempt, but in the blink of an eye, he was no longer able to protect his clansmen ? His face was slapped so hard that it... That was so loud!

"Brat, no matter who you are, this old man will skin you alive today!"

A tyrannical aura spread out instantly, and Cui Feng, who had a ferocious and terrifying expression, swept past the young man in embroidered clothing who had fled far away after a long ranged attack. He suddenly let out a tyrannical, murderous roar towards the sky.

"Hehe!" "Old fool, the wind is too strong, don't beat around the bush!" He looked strangely at the increasing number of people gathered, and his tensed mind actually relaxed at this moment. Then, he made a fool of himself and laughed out loud: "Old man, this young master's mood is good today, so I'll give you my life!" You ? The five elements are too much, so it is easy to brag about it. But you, old boy, do not know how to repent, and I'm afraid that your life will definitely end here! "

"The five elements are overflowing? "Fuck you!"

Cui Feng instantly felt like he was going to explode from the anger of these little animals. He blurted out obscenities!

He had been a famous Greater Heaven stage expert for a long time, and because of underestimating his opponent, he hadn't been able to take down a Lesser Heaven stage bastard in the first place.

Afterwards, his IQ was crushed by someone. From the start, he was led away by the nose by this group of half-grown kids, causing his clansmen to be unable to determine whether they were dead or alive.

In the end, when he was mercilessly teased by this monstrous talent and strong IQ, Cui Feng suddenly felt extremely infuriated. Even the air coming out of his nostrils was hot. Other than the fact that he ate them alive, there was nothing else in his mind.

"Twin Bull combined attack, stomp!"

Instantly, Cui Feng's body exploded. Endless amounts of Xiantian mana surged out of his dantian, and in a split-second, another dark brown raging bull over fifty feet in length appeared in the air once more!

Whoosh, whoosh ?

An ear-piercing sound of wind breaking was heard. The second dark brown raging bull that had arrived later joined the battle in the blink of an eye.


A deafening roar instantly rang out. The two extremely terrifying dark brown raging bulls immediately started their final kill against the huge dragon mana that was already at an absolute disadvantage!

Feeling the intense danger coming from the retreating giant dragon, the young man finally changed from his calm and confident expression from before. While dodging Cui Feng, he shouted hysterically, "Who's there, if you don't act now, we're all done for!"

"Hmm?" Hearing the young man's sudden words, a sense of unease arose in Cui Feng's heart. He unconsciously slowed down his pace, his sharp eyes occasionally sweeping across the group of youths that were in dire straits. He couldn't figure out what else these kids wanted ?

"Could it be that their parents and backers have come?"

This was Cui Feng's first thought, but immediately rejected it.

He had left behind a small portion of his attention to observe his surroundings when the attack had begun, but up until now, he was the only Innate realm cultivator in a radius of a few dozen meters.

"Could it be ?" This is bad! "

In that instant, Cui Feng subconsciously glanced at the listless Cui Family youths and was suddenly enlightened. His heart instantly turned cold, as if a bucket of ice water was thrown over his head in the middle of winter!

"Then who ?" Please show mercy! "

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