Imperial Martial Emperor/C34 Claim for post-war damages
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C34 Claim for post-war damages
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C34 Claim for post-war damages

"Then who ?" Please show mercy! "

A complicated roar filled with anxiety, anger, and a murderous intent that rose to the heavens, along with a whip, immediately came out from Cui Feng's mouth.

But "who" didn't even have the intention to stop moving. He moved extremely fast and strangely, rushing past the Cui Family youths lying on the ground. He purposefully went straight for the dying Cui Family's child, Cui Peng.


Qin Fen dashed to Cui Peng's side in an instant, his right hand formed a claw and grabbed Cui Peng's throat, lifting him up in the air. With a cold and murderous look, he glared at Cui Feng who was rushing in and out of a panic and shouted, "Stop this daddy here! The life and death of this brat lies in your hands! "

"Fine, fine, fine. If you have anything to say, just say it. I'll agree to any conditions you have!" Hearing Qin Feng's words, Cui Feng could not wait to nod his head like a little chick pecking at rice. He was afraid that if he answered any slower, it would cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

At the critical moment, Qin Fen, who had been silent all this while, suddenly made his move. He immediately grabbed onto Cui Feng's vital point; his judgement and tactics were so accurate that they were astounding!

"Haha ?" At the same time, the silk-robed youth who had helped Qin Feng let out a hearty laugh. His playful and disrespectful expression returned to normal as he continued to ridicule as if he was adding a stone to the fire, "Old man, this is my life for you ?" Are you sure? I said that the five elements are lacking and you can brag a lot, but your fate is too shallow to suppress your destiny ? Hehe, you must have hit your face! Did it happen!? Come, come, turn your head and let everyone see if your old face is swollen? "Haha ?"

"You ?"

"This old man ?"

Instantly, Cui Feng choked on his words as he felt a rush of blood coursing through his body. He really wanted to start a massacre, to let these lawless and sinister brats have a taste of what it meant to be a Xiantian master!

But when he saw Cui Peng once again hanging in midair, completely in the hands of others, his uncontrollable emotions were once again thrown over by a bucket of ice water. The anger that filled his heart instantly vanished, leaving behind only a strong bitterness and uneasiness!

"Well, I know you. Your name is Qin Fen, and you're one of the most famous young elites in the entire Barbarian Cow City. Tell me your conditions, and as long as it's not too excessive, I'll satisfy all of them!" Cui Feng glanced at Cui Peng, who was subconsciously forcing his mother to submit to him, and felt a sense of defeat. He could no longer muster up any will to fight as he accepted his fate with a defeated look on his face.

"Good, now this is the demeanor of a great master." Qin Fen, who had the upper hand, wasn't stingy with his praises. Their eyeballs rolled about as they quickly thought about it. After that, they licked their small cheeks and shamelessly started to talk about the conditions.

"First of all, if you leave the City of Freedom right now, I can feel safe and certain that I will return Cui Peng to his side."

Qin Feng's condition was obvious, but it came to an abrupt end. He seemed to be waiting for Cui Feng's answer, but looking at the cunning look on his face, it seemed as if he was testing Cui Feng's bottom line.

"Sure, after you finish explaining the conditions, I will leave immediately. You can just leave Cui Peng and the rest behind." "Yes!" Without any hesitation, Cui Fengli felt an excruciating pain in his heart.

He knew that Qin Feng had deliberately paused to test his limits, but he was embarrassed to find out that he really didn't have any bargaining chip in front of him.

Cui Peng was one of the strongest contenders for the position of the next head of the Cui Family, and he was also a seeded contestant that his Cui Feng bloodline had nurtured with great effort. He was their greatest hope for taking control of the Cui Family.

Qin Feng would do the same as long as Cui Peng was safe and sound, even if he had to leave the city. He had no other choice!


Two exclamations of surprise instantly rang out. Qin Fen and the young man in embroidered clothing were both surprised. They had never thought that Cui Feng, a well-known Innate realm expert, would agree so readily. It seemed like he had something to say ?

"Satisfying, senior is indeed a noble!" After exchanging glances with the young man, Qin Fen immediately put Cui Peng down next to his feet with extreme care. The killing intent in his body also quickly withdrew back into his body, and then he spoke again in a very serious, very formal and formal manner: "Senior's display of divine might just now was enough to make us juniors tremble in fear, our souls were shaken, and the internal injuries within our bodies instantly increased by countless numbers. Even our souls were severely injured!

Therefore, the issue of the post-war pension was extremely important!

But us juniors are really ill-informed. How about Senior just give us your storage ring! "

"Hua ?"

The crowd went into an uproar. Although they had already guessed that these vicious little bastards would definitely ask for something big, they had never expected that they would actually use such a shameless idea to hit Cui Feng's storage ring.

"You all ? What gall! "!" This was the first time Cui Feng swore in spite of himself in the ten years since he had entered the Nascent Realm. It was obvious how difficult Qin Feng's request was!

In that instant, a strong killing intent once again emanated from Cui Feng's body, and this time it came with extreme ferocity. In just a moment, it had enveloped the entire area!

However, a moment later, the murderous aura quickly disappeared. Cui Feng's expression was as if he had just eaten a dead child. It was disgusting and awkward.

"Hmph, if Qingshan doesn't change, then we'll just wait and see!" In an instant, Cui Feng removed the storage ring on his right hand. Immediately afterwards, many streaks of colorful light suddenly burst forth, and in an instant, several glowing treasures were stuffed into his embrace. At the same time, he grinded his teeth and threw the storage ring out, leaving quickly without even looking back ?

At this moment, Cui Feng was really angry and afraid. He was truly afraid that if he left a little later, this shameless and merciless little bastard would make a fool of himself again!

As for Qin Fen, his face was filled with surprise and joy. He grabbed the storage ring in his hand and immediately lifted up Cui Peng's right foot that he had just stepped on. He stared at the youth in silk clothing with a complicated expression, hesitating to speak ?

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