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It was clear that Qin Fen had slowed down his movements and reactions by quite a bit due to the constant thinking and analysis of Xiahou Xuan's background and origins in his mind. In less than ten minutes, more than half of the treasures on the hill between them had already been picked up by Xiahou Xuan, while only a small half of the treasures were in front of Qin Fen.

"Haha ?" "Bro, this heavy heart isn't like you!" He threw a glittering crystal bottle into Qin Feng's arms and laughed loudly, "Qin Fen, when I first saw you, I felt that I was on good terms with you. However, it's not because you have a powerful combat strength, but because the tenacity and unyielding nature of your body has attracted me. So, brother, you're acting too courteous!"

"That's right! No matter how strong and powerful Xiahou Xuan's background is, he must continue on his own path!" Xia Hou Xuan's words were like a thunderbolt that struck Qin Fen's mind. In the blink of an eye, Qin Fen came to his senses. He had indeed thought too much into it ?

Qin Fen immediately regained his composure as if he had just seen a wisp of mist. His previously sunny and confident demeanor once again pervaded his entire body, and a faintly discernible smile appeared on his face. He cupped his hands across his chest and said with a smile, "Brother Xiahou's words are better than ten years of study! "Thanks, friend!"

"Yes, Qin Fen, it's good that you understand. Let's not talk too much. Let's hurry up and distribute the spoils of these beautiful people. " As he spoke, Xiahou Xuan pointed to the various treasures on the ground, and began to introduce them in detail, "Brother, we have earned quite a bit this time. Among this pile of treasures, there are at least a few hundred thousand gold coins, and the rest are some Rank 1 Spirit Medicines and weapons ? Let's make it five for each of us! "

In a few short sentences, Xiahou Xuan had finished his opinion. It was very pertinent and could be considered to be a comprehensive introduction. Qin Feng had not been able to see through any mistakes.

"Alright, Brother Xiahou can make the decision. I can do it no matter what." In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng had completely accepted his suggestion. Not only that, his attitude was also very firm.

"Brother, you are indeed straightforward. Then I will not be polite." In that case, in order to avoid having an uneven distribution, we'll split the gold coins according to the category and give you the spirit herbs as well.

Very soon, Xiahou Xuan went through some quick thinking once more before he embarrassedly told them his specific allocation method.

Qin Fen could tell that Xiahou Xuan had indeed thought it through.

Because the most valuable level one elixir was the least, its total value was also much lower. It was basically on the same level as the grade one weapons, which cost hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Of course, this distribution method was in line with the interests of both sides. At the same time, it also satisfied Qin Fen's current needs. He didn't lack any weapons, unless he truly had a divine weapon.

What he lacked the most right now were elixirs and demonic beast cores, because his current cultivation level was still too low. These things were the treasures that he needed the most to quickly raise his cultivation.

"Thank you, Brother Xiahou!" Thank you, Brother Xiahou. With a sincere thanks, Qin Fen placed the glittering gold coins and rank 1 elixirs into his storage ring. The joy in his heart could not be described with words.

Seeing that Qin Fen had agreed to his distribution, Xiahou Xuan was ecstatic. He quickly collected all the weapons on the ground and muttered in shame, "No need to be so polite, brother!" "Speaking of which, brother has taken advantage of you. Although the value of these level one weapons are not high, they are still popular in the City of Freedom. I also plan to hold a special auction in the City of Freedom in the near future, so these level one weapons will definitely sell well."

Qin Feng also knew that these weapons were worth a lot of money, but he could only stare at them with envious eyes because he didn't have the means to digest them. Plus, these weapons belonged to the Cui Family, so if he sold them all out, the Cui Family would definitely not agree to it.

However, for Xiahou Xuan... It was not a problem at all! Judging from his presence in Freedom City, the threat that the Cui Family posed to a middle-class family in the Barbarian Cow City ? To him, it was just a fart!

Moreover, the City of Freedom was filled with countless fugitives and adventurers, and their daily consumption alone was enough to eat these level one weapons. Adding to that the fact that Xia Hou Xuan said he would start a new life for the auction, this little thing would definitely bring him enough profits.

Seeing the faint smile on Qin Fen's face, Xiahou Xuan felt extremely embarrassed. He knew full well that he had not taken advantage of Qin Feng, but he still felt a sense of shame.

He quickly took out a golden-purple invitation from his storage ring and shoved it into Qin Fen's hand. He quickly introduced the item, "Brother, this is the invitation for the auction that you prepared for me. I hope that you can attend it!"

"Young Master, the Fang family requests an audience." Just as Xiahou Xuan was awkwardly waiting for Qin Fen to reply, a deep, powerful, and murderous voice suddenly came from outside the room.

"Mn, let them stay outside for a while. I will personally send Brother Qin out later." In that instant, Xiahou Xuan let out a sigh of relief, immediately regaining his calm as he spoke with a tone that was both calm and filled with certainty.

"Yes, young master." As soon as Xiahou Xuan finished speaking, the person outside answered immediately.

"Brother Qin, I wanted to drink and have fun with you, but it seems like the situation now ?" Xiahou Xuan looked at Qin Feng again as the sound of his footsteps grew farther and farther away. He spoke in a sincere yet regretful tone.

"We'll meet again in the future, Brother Xiahou. This brother won't disturb you any longer, see you later." In a split-second, Qin Feng realized that Liu Ahmu had brought the Fang family to find him. He then cupped his hands and took his leave.

An hour later, accompanied by Xiahou Xuan, Qin Fen, the plump man, and Liu Qian, the old horse with a complicated expression, were a step behind and separated from each other. A group of more than ten warriors slowly walked out of the Free City.

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