Imperial Martial Emperor/C37 Fang Wulin of the Righteous and Righteous Heaven
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C37 Fang Wulin of the Righteous and Righteous Heaven
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C37 Fang Wulin of the Righteous and Righteous Heaven

As soon as he entered the Fang family's manor, Qin Fen saw a large black mass of people waiting in front of the main hall. The first person to be escorted by the crowd was Fang Xiaoshan, who had accompanied him to the Barbarian Cow Town.

Fang Xiaoshan, who was surrounded by the Fang family servants, stood on top of the stairs with a matter-of-fact look on his face. However, when he saw them coming in, he did not take the initiative to step down and bow, but rather swept his gaze over Qin Feng in disdain. Instead, he raised his hand in a perfunctory manner and said to the Demonic Beast Hall Master and Old Ma, "Hall Master Ma, please step into the guest room. Second Uncle is waiting for you inside."

In an instant, Qin Feng's heart was set ablaze with a nameless fire. His cold gaze was directed straight into the depths of Fang Xiaoshan's eyes as he took a step forward, his aura soaring. How should I pay my respects? "

"You ?" Fang Xiaoshan, who was surrounded by the crowd, had his cheeks instantly flushed red. He looked at Qin Feng with a gaze that seemed like he was about to spew fire, and a strong killing intent immediately filled the air. However, when he heard the Fang family's rules, all that remained of his rebuttal was the word 'you'.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoshan was feeling extremely aggrieved in his heart. However, when he faced the aggressive Qin Fen, although he tried to resist, he could not find any words to refute him. It was all because the Fang family's rules were very strict.

Moreover, in the Fang family's rules, offending others was the most severe of all. If it was light, they would use force, if it was heavy, they would cripple their cultivation, and they would be directly expelled from the clan!

Based on Fang Xiaoshan's previous actions of looking down on Qin Fen, it was clear that he had committed a crime against him. If Qin Fen was determined to do so, no one would be able to save him.

Therefore, under such extreme pressure, Fang Xiaoshan could only bow with a reddened face: "I, Fang Xiaoshan, greet Captain Qin!"

"Yes, Vice-captain Fang is a foreigner now, there's no need for us brothers to be so courteous!" In an instant, seeing Fang Xiaoshan who had already given in, Qin Fen felt refreshed. He took a glance at Fang Xiaoshan, who was bent over, but had no choice but to grind his teeth as his eyes rolled back and forth, and suddenly rushed forward with a smile that was not a smile. Qin Fen laughed out loud with a weird expression on his face, "Brother Xiaoshan, please quickly get up. Sigh ? I had my heart set on the moon, but I had no choice. "

"You ?" Fang Xiaoshan felt a mouthful of blood rushing to his mouth. He no longer cared about the Fang family members whose faces were filled with astonishment. He turned around and returned to the guest hall with an embarrassed expression.

"Puchi!" At the same time, numerous stifled laughter could no longer hold it in and resounded through the entire courtyard.

In the blink of an eye, the plump Liu Qian and the smiling old man walked to Qin Fen's side. Under the bitter gazes of the Fang family members, Liu Qian brazenly expressed his feelings of intimacy towards Qin Fen and said: "Brother Qin, let's go. Together, old horse! "

In the blink of an eye, the plump and plump Liu Qiansui was seen escorting Qin Feng as they walked forward. The black mass of Fang Clan cultivators in front of them all automatically opened up a path for them.

Old Ma hesitated for a moment before following Qin Feng.

After a few steps, Liu Qian, who seemed to be very careless, told Qin Feng about the three halls that the Fang family belonged to. Although he didn't explain it in detail due to time, it was enough for Qin Feng to understand the situation.

According to Liu Qian, the Fang family had three halls in the Barbarian Cow Town: the Spiritual Medicine Hall, the Demonic Beast Hall, and the Miscellaneous Hall.

The three halls did not have any direct affiliation with each other. They were all under the orders of the Fang family's External Affairs Hall.

In addition, Fang Wu Lin was the younger brother of the family head, Fang Wen Shan. As a result, in recent years, the Hall of Medicinal Herbs had gradually started to intervene in the other two families, and even Fang Pu, who never gave anyone face, could only silently eat in silence for a short period of time ? The pain was indescribable!

With Liu Qian leading the way, Qin Feng and Old Ma entered the living room at a moderate pace. In a split-second, Qin Feng felt a strange atmosphere rushing towards them.

The living room of the Fang family in Savage Bull Town was not that big. It was three meters tall and five meters wide. A row of hundred-year-old wooden chairs with square legs were arranged in an oval shape.

There were a few people sitting on chairs, and the atmosphere in the hall was extremely tense. It was as if everyone's gloomy faces were about to drip to the floor.

Of course, Fang Wu Lin sat at the seat of honor, and beside him was Fang Xiaoshan, who had lost his composure and dignity earlier.

There was an old man in a green robe sitting on the other side. He was thin, had a prominent jaw, and had two moustaches sticking to his thin lips. If he was accompanied by a palm-leaf fan, he would look just like a military dog.

Qin Fen had thought that the worst spot would be given to him, but to his surprise, Fang Pingfan, who looked like a stranger, was sitting there boldly. He seemed to be in a stalemate with Fang Wu Lin who was sitting right in front of him!

This situation seemed interesting!

This was Qin Feng's first impression. It was also Qin Feng's conclusion after sensing the strange atmosphere in the living room.

While Qin Fen was daydreaming, he saw Old Ma and the plump Liu Qian actually shake off Qin Fen, and seemingly unintentionally walked to Fang Pingyuan's side. They revealed a smile that was like the spring breeze, and then sat together with the notorious Fang Pingyi in the Fang family.

"Huh?" Qin Feng could no longer suppress the amazement in his heart. A faint sigh escaped from his mouth as his bright eyes swept over the darkened Fang Wu Lin and the indignant Fang Xiaoshan. He revealed a weird smile that didn't seem to exist as he walked to Liu Qian's side and sat down as well.

"Old Liu, it's been a while since we had a good exchange. Coincidentally, we have some time today and the environment is quite quiet. We need to have a good exchange in depth!"

As for the seemingly harmless Liu Qian, he had a belly full of evil tricks and he had a venomous tongue. He opened his mouth and opened it wide for Fang Wulin, whose face was already completely dark, "Brother Qin, you ?" Bro will have to talk about you! The reason why we were able to have such a rare opportunity to get together is because we have to thank the anxious, righteous and righteous Hall Master Fang Wu Lin! "

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