Imperial Martial Emperor/C38 Qin Fen's Venomous Tongue
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C38 Qin Fen's Venomous Tongue
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C38 Qin Fen's Venomous Tongue

"Enough. This old man will just say one sentence, and then we'll directly disperse the meeting. " An angry shout rang out, and Fang Wu Lin, who was sitting at the head of the main hall, could no longer stand Qin Feng's ridicule and disregard. His dark face was starting to glow with a green light, and his eyes were starting to spew fire as he stood up and said, "Captain Qin, the leaders of the Cui Family in Barbarian Bull Town, the veterans of the Cui Family, and Cui Feng just sent the last plate. They want you to go to the Cui Family alone within three days to return the supplies. "Take the consequences!"

Before he finished his sentence, he saw Fang Wu Lin turn around and leave, quickly rushing out from the back door of the living room.

His nephew, Fang Xiaoshan, also stood up and followed his second uncle after giving Qin Fen and Liu Qian another resentful glare.

As for the old man on the other side, he didn't leave immediately. Instead, he sat there calmly. The way he looked at Qin Fen was a bit incomprehensible ?

After Fang Wu Lin and Fang Xiaoshan left in a fit of rage, for a short period of time, the atmosphere in the living room became somewhat strange.

"Everyone, wasn't what you did just now a little too excessive!" A light question came out of the old man's mouth all of a sudden.

He saw that this person had changed from his usual silent demeanor to that of a mysterious person. His entire body was giving off a strange aura, making people feel as if they were staring straight at Qin Feng, who had shown off his prowess in the Fang Residence.

Be careful, his name is Hai Feng, and his cultivation is at the Innate realm. His background is very mysterious, and his knowledge is very strange. Suddenly, a faint voice rang in Qin Feng's mind.

The message went into secret!

Just as Qin Feng was at a loss as to what was going on, Fang Pun, who had always been indifferent to him, reminded him.

After a quick moment of thought, Qin Fen turned his head and nodded at Fang Pingfan who still had an indifferent look on his face. He then stood up and faced Hai Feng who gave off a weird aura.

"That ? I was originally too lazy to bother with you, but seeing how hard it is for you to learn, I kindly reminded you: blacksmithing ?" He still needed to be tough! You should know about the Fang family's cold-blooded ways! " As he finished his sentence, Qin Feng walked out of the living room with a calm expression. He didn't even have the interest to spare him an extra glance.

"Hehe, Captain Qin's analogy is so wonderful! All of you, just when did you start ?? "What kind of cat or dog dares to bark in the Fang family!" In the blink of an eye, the valiant looking Fang Pu also stood up and walked out. It was obvious that he was in a very good mood right now, and he actually said a few words of ridicule in a rare situation.

"Eh? "There's no one else. Let's go, Old Liu. Let's go have a drink." As for Old Ma and Liu Qian, they both had a look of disdain on their faces. They didn't even pay attention to who it was and directly walked out with their arms around each other's shoulders.

In an instant, aside from the incredibly embarrassed Hai Feng who stood in his spot motionlessly, the living room had suddenly become empty.

At this moment, the strange aura of Hai Feng suddenly became extremely tyrannical. A dark green mana suddenly surged out from his body and immediately returned.

After that, the tyrannical looking Hai Feng angrily turned around and left without the confidence he had before.

A few seconds later, a crisp "pa" sound suddenly rang out from the living room. Hai Feng, who was sitting on the chair just now, turned into dust in the blink of an eye after a gust of wind blew past!

In the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Qin Feng sat cross-legged in his room. He thought about what had happened just now as he completely swallowed the Rank 1 Elixir he had obtained today and began to circulate the [Heavenly Art].

As time passed by, Qin Fen gradually entered a deep meditative state. The Rank 1 Elixir that he had swallowed into his stomach, under the tyrannical effects of the "Heavenly Art", quickly turned into pure energy that slowly and orderly entered his meridians.

Of course, before Qin Fen entered the deep meditative state, he had already figured out what had happened today. At the same time, he had also thought of a way to deal with the situation.

In fact, the moment Qin Feng had entered the Fang family's manor, he had witnessed the Fang family's various forces fighting for the Fang family's safety in the Barbarian Cow Town.

Of course, with Qin Feng's two lifetimes of experience, he immediately understood that this fight was unavoidable. Otherwise, Fang Xiaoshan would not have looked down on him in front of his direct superior.

Therefore, Qin Fen chose to slap Fang Xiaoshan to death!

When Old Ma and Liu Qian sat down next to Fang Pun without a word, a dangerous yet inevitable decision was made in front of Qin Feng.

The Fang family's three halls in the Barbarian Cow Town had all formed into a confrontation. One side consisted of Fang Wu Lin from the main branch of the Fang family, while the other side was headed by Fang Pu from the Seven Killing Halls.

This was actually a matter of choosing a faction.

Of course, Qin Feng would definitely not choose Fang Wu Lin. The reason for that was due to Fang Wu Lin and Fang Xiaoshan's contempt for him, but it was also not in his interests.

However, if he chose to remain neutral, he would definitely suffer a blow from both sides. There was a saying in his previous life: "There is no eternal friend, only eternal benefit!"

Thus, in a split-second, Qin Fen made a decision without any suspense. He didn't feel any guilt about this decision since he was now the captain of Seven Killing Halls Palace.

What happened after that, Qin Fen fully displayed his firm will and clear-cut stance. He directly did not do anything, did not rest until two, while ruthlessly beating the face of Fang Wu Lin and the other two. At the same time, he was also conveying his good will to Fang Mu, who he could not see the depth of.

Needless to say, the effect was indeed good!

Qin Feng had dueled three of the members of the Fang family and had angered them with a few sentences. At the same time, he couldn't find any words to refute their words. He could only leave in frustration and helplessness.

Judging from the expressions of Fang Pingfan and his men as they left, the three of them should be very satisfied with Qin Feng's performance tonight.

Therefore, the threat that the Cui Family posed to him should not be a concern. The three of them would definitely stand up for him.

Furthermore, Qin Fen still had one last card up his sleeve. If Fang Pu and the others did not step out for him, he could still take Xia Hou Xuan's invitation and hide in the City of Freedom to participate in the auction.

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