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C39 again

He had nothing to say that night!

Early in the morning, when the first rays of sunlight began to shine on the land, the entire Barbarian Cow Town was already bustling with noise and excitement.

The cries of vendors, the shouts of martial artists as they condensed their mana and tempered their muscles and bones, the hurried sounds of adventurers with their blades and lickers, all of these resounded in their ears, creating a lively and peaceful scene ?

Within the Fang family estate, in a small courtyard that was not too obvious.

Creak ?

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. A refreshed Qin Fen was standing on the tall steps. He seemed to have woken up too late. The light did not dazzle him, but it was neither warm nor hot.

At this moment, after a night of endless practice of the "Heavenly Art", the Rank 1 Elixir in Qin Feng's stomach had already completely fused into his meridians. It had completely merged with the faintly discernable Immortal Gold Body.

Of course, Qin Fen's cultivation had not improved significantly, but his temperament gave off the feeling of someone who had been reborn.

If Qin Fen was like a sharp unsheathed sword, then he was extremely aggressive and threatening!

Qin Feng was like a divine weapon that had returned to its scabbard. It was reserved, but it gave people a vague feeling of depth. It gave people a sense of intimidation that came from the depths of their souls!

"Big Brother Qin, my uncle wants to invite you over." Just as Qin Fen was feeling the surging power within his body, a clear voice suddenly rang out from outside the yard.

"Mm, got it." Qin Fen walked down the steps in a refreshed manner and opened the door to the yard. He looked at the nervous servant standing outside and said, "Ah Mu, don't be restrained. Your choice yesterday was the right one. Lead the way."

"Yes." Liu Ahmu looked gratefully at Qin Fen before walking forward, focusing on leading the way.

After a few minutes, Liu Ahmu finally regained his calm and stopped in front of a quiet and secluded courtyard. He looked at Qin Feng in admiration and whispered timidly, "Big Brother Qin, we're here. My uncle and the two hall masters are waiting for you inside."

Qin Feng patted his shoulder affectionately and entered the yard.

Although the courtyard wasn't large, it was quiet and secluded.

The stone wall outside the courtyard looked around. Green willow trees hung down from the ground, and there was a hanging flower gate building, with hands spread out from all sides as they swam around the wall.

The roads in the courtyard were lined with mountain rocks, and the entire courtyard was quiet, neat, and exquisite.

What was even more gratifying was that once he entered the courtyard, the spiritual energy would be extremely dense and the fragrance would assail his nostrils. It was indeed a good place for cultivation and cultivation.

"The mountain is not high, but if there's an immortal, then there's a name!" Qin Feng couldn't help but blurt out these thoughts. It could be seen that Qin Feng really did like the quiet and picturesque atmosphere of this small courtyard.

Pushing the door open and entering, he saw the round Liu Qian and the old horse with a deep sense of security. The unfathomable Fang Pingyuan had already set up the banquet and was looking at him with a smile that was not a smile.

After a long exchange of pleasantries, Qin Feng naturally joined the three of them. The atmosphere became even more heated as they toasted each other.

At the same time, dozens of burly, middle-aged men rushed out of the City of Freedom. After determining their respective directions, they sped towards their respective targets like wild horses that had escaped their reins.

About ten minutes later, outside of the main hall of the four ruling clans of the Barbarian Cow City, a burly man walked out of the Free City. After looking at the layout of the main hall with disdain, he carefully took out a golden and purple invitation and threw it into the arms of a small servant.

Just as he was about to throw the things in his embrace back to that person and curse him for being blind, his expression suddenly changed drastically. After letting out a weird cry, he directly rushed to the second floor ?

This kind of strange situation caused countless adventurers who were fortunate enough to spectate on the side to be confused, happening from time to time within the various factions of the Barbarian Cow Town, and even some famous rogue cultivators and adventurers would occasionally receive an invitation in gold.

Although the countless martial artists that hadn't received their invitations were staring at the sturdy men with both curiosity and envy, those with the slightest bit of experience wouldn't have any presumptuous thoughts. This group of people were all part of the city's guards.

Of course, the Fang family who was second only to the four ruling families in the Barbarian Cow City had also received an invitation.

Looking at the golden invitation card in his hand, Fang Wu Lin's expression changed rapidly. One moment he was overjoyed, the next moment he had a worried expression. This huge change almost caused Fang Xiaoshan, who was standing at the side, to die.

"Second Uncle, what exactly is written on the invitation card?" Finally, Fang Xiaoshan could no longer hold back his curiosity and directly asked.

At this moment, Hai Feng, who was sitting quietly at the side, had a curious look on his face as he waited for Fang Wu Lin's reply.

"Hey, Xiaoshan, this is an invitation from Freedom City, an auction invitation." After absentmindedly replying to Fang Xiaoshan, Fang Wu Lin instantly felt that something was wrong with his mood. He quickly calmed down, then handed the invitation to Hai Feng and explained, "The City of Freedom will organize an auction two days from now. This is the first time since this mysterious power took over a side, that someone has taken the initiative to invite all kinds of powers to gather together.

"What?" The astonished Fang Xiaoshan looked at the invitation card in Hai Feng's hand with a confused expression. His mind immediately went blank, as he did not understand what his second uncle meant.

On the side, Hai Feng, who hadn't said anything for a long time, suddenly lit up after reading the invitation. He then said in a strange tone: "Hall Master, although there are quite a few hidden dangers, this is still an excellent opportunity!"

Hai Feng's eyes were bright as he stared at Fang Wu Lin. His entire body was filled with an aura of conspiracy.

Fang Wu Lin took a few deep breaths before his face turned extremely dark, as if he had made up his mind with great difficulty. He then suddenly ordered, "Inform them. Once the afternoon is over, the three halls of the assembly will be held!"

While the major powers of the Barbarian Cow Town were busy gathering, a shocking piece of news suddenly came from the City of Freedom.

"Two days later, Liberty City will host a rich variety of auctions. Participants only need to report in advance to participate!"

In the blink of an eye, this news spread like wildfire through the entire town. Countless rogue cultivators and adventurers, who were licking the blood off their faces, immediately put down everything they were doing and rushed towards Freedom City at the same time!

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