Imperial Martial Emperor/C4 The Hope for Rise
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C4 The Hope for Rise
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C4 The Hope for Rise

The moon hung high in the sky. When night fell and the noisy Barbarian Cow City gradually quieted down, Qin Feng sat cross-legged in a simple room without moving at all.

He was sitting cross-legged in the main hall with his eyes closed. Both of his hands were folded within his wide sleeves as he quickly formed several mystical seals.

"Sigh ?" Remembering the humiliation he had suffered during the day, especially the fact that Zhan Qingwu had managed to force him to retreat with her severe injuries, Qin Feng felt as if countless venomous snakes were biting at his heart.

In the daytime, after Zhan Hu had left with Zhan Qingwu in his arms, the old man in the guest seat had immediately left to protect Qin Fen, who was already deeply immersed in a crazed state of mind, leaving behind countless malicious eyes and unbridled taunts.

"Trash has finally made a final contribution to the family, haha!"

"A cripple can even exchange for an Earth Ranked Martial Technique. This business is not bad!"

"Trash is trash!"

During the short period of time he had lost his soul, it was the Fang family's patriarch who brought him back to the Fang family estate in the west of the city.

Afterwards, after Qin Fen had calmed down a bit, Fang Wenshan told him the whole story.

According to Fang Wenshan's narration, his family had actually wanted to recruit Qin Fen a few years ago. However, at that time, he was in a high-spirited, brimming stage, and his "safety" was heavily guarded by the Battle Tribe.

However, two years ago, after the news of Qin Fen's attack had spread, the Fang family's patriarch and Fang Wenshan had found out that this opportunity had appeared once again. After two years of silent observation, the shrewd and experienced Fang Wenshan had struck Qin Fen once.

Moreover, the astute Fang Wen Shan was not worried that Qin Feng would bear grudges against the Fang family because of this. This was because the Fang family's direct line of descent held an incomplete secret manual that allowed martial artists to bypass their dantian and start practicing again.

This was what Qin Feng needed the most. At the same time, it was also Fang Wenshan's best way to show his kindness and confidence.

After Fang Wen Shan gave a simple explanation of the sequence of events and left behind two more straightforward choices, he left with a calm expression.

Qin Feng, who was enduring the extreme physical and mental pain, only nodded without denying anything. Then, he sank into his memories.

Actually, there had always been a secret hidden in his heart. He would never tell anyone else about this, and it was something he could not figure out no matter how much he thought about it.

Qin Feng was not a person of this world. In the words of the original world, he came here muddle-headedly with a whoosh.

When he first arrived, Qin Fen was both frightened and at a loss. Every day, apart from staying in his room, he never spoke to anyone. At the same time, he never stepped out of his room.

It was the little princess of Zhan Clan, Zhan Qingwu, who slowly taught him and at the same time helped him calm down. She also taught him a little bit of the breathing technique of a warrior.

As time passed, Qin Fen began to understand a little about the world.

This world was vast, and ordinary people could not understand it at all. They only knew that the strong were respected!

At the same time, in this world, there was no such thing as a united nation. However, in the countless places where humans gathered, there were still some rulers of all sizes.

In the Barbarian Cow City, the Zhan Clan was one of the ruling clans. As for the other three families, their influence was not any weaker than Zhan Clan's. The four families managed the entire Barbarian Cow City together and were the decision makers of the rules.

The Zhan Clan had been established in the Barbarian Cow City for hundreds of years. They had been fighting outside the city for countless years and had been suppressing the other three clans for a long time.

Of course, the main reason why the Battle Tribe was so prosperous was because of the peerless martial prowess that existed in the upper echelons of the clan as well as the countless geniuses that appeared one after another in the younger generation.

Warriors were divided into four ranks. The lowest rank was the Mortal Realm. Mortal Realm warriors were stronger than mortals, but this was only the beginning. Above that were the Houtian and Xiantian realms. Above that was the legendary Foundation Establishment stage.

The mana cultivated in a martial artist's dantian is called the power of the Pre-Sky Realm. Although each move, each and every one of the Flowerleaf was able to hurt people and had a great power, there were still traces to be found.

As for the legendary Foundation Establishment stage, it could be called the "Earthly Immortal" stage. It could break through valleys, fly into the sky, and flee into the earth. It could establish a governing clan by itself, and similarly, it could intimidate an entire region.

The reason why the four great clans of the Barbarian Cow City had been able to rule the city unscathed for hundreds of years was because of the existence of the Foundation Establishment stage ancestor of the family.

As for Qin Fen, his sudden rise to power among the younger generation wasn't all because of the warclan's nurturing. More importantly, it was a cultivation technique he had obtained through a fortuitous encounter: the "Heavenly Art"!

Even though the world outside is filled with mountains, earth and tsunami waves, I stand unmoving, my heart is as still as water!

Although it was not the first time that Qin Feng had seen this sentence in the beginning of the "Celestial Art", his emotions were still surging with excitement!

In fact, the 'Celestial Art' was Qin Fen's greatest reliance. It was also the reason why he suddenly rose to prominence from the Barbarian Cow City. It was also the reason why he dared to make such a vow in front of all the elders of the Battle Tribe in broad daylight!

"Calming the Qi and calming the mind, maintaining the dantian, emptying the mind, using the mind to comprehend ?" Phew... "Inhale..."

As he began to comprehend the [Heavenly Art], Qin Fen's agitated heart began to feel empty. His mind also gradually became immersed in the [Heavenly Art]. Although the severe injuries during the day had caused him many difficulties, as time passed, a mysterious aura had still shrouded the area around him.

In a split-second, many extremely thin yet mysterious factors began to flash around Qin Feng's body. They were like timid fairies as they tried to enter and leave his body more or less repeatedly.

As time passed by, Qin Fen was completely immersed in a deep meditative state. It was because of these mysterious and colorful factors that his damaged meridian and meridian, which were heavily injured by the vicious attack of the Zhan Clan's patriarch, began to slowly recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Suddenly, a faint shadow appeared out of nowhere outside Qin Feng's yard.

"Hey!" A barely discernible exclamation of surprise could be heard as the shadow passed through the door and appeared next to Qin Fen.

"This kid's talent is not bad. This old man has not misjudged him!"

In that instant, Qin Fen's entire body began to tremble violently. The two lifetimes worth of powerful soul power had already played a major role. He immediately snapped out of his deep meditation and immediately became alert.

But when he saw the floating figure clearly, his tense body relaxed, and then he said thoughtfully: "Three years ago, the image that flashed past me after I was ambushed was you, right? The mysterious expert who passed down the [Heavenly Art] to me in the past few years should also be you, right? "

But the mysterious figure did not answer Qin Fen's question. The spirit body floating in the air suddenly emitted a mysterious light that enveloped Qin Fen in an instant, and when it saw that his dantian was empty, joy flashed across its eyes that were filled with the vicissitudes of life. The mysterious light screen dimmed down like lightning, and even that hint of joy flashed by. A few years ago, this old man bestowed upon you the? Heavenly Art?, allowing you to quickly rise up within the younger generation. This is the 'cause'! You have completely fallen today. The reason why I came to find you again, is to end your journey! "

"What do you mean?" Qin Feng's relaxed body tensed up once again, while his already doubtful heart became even more confused.

"Karma Cycle ?" As time passed, a terrifying thought appeared in his mind, his black eyes were filled with painful memories, and cold words instantly came out of Qin Fen's mouth: "Three years ago, was the cold mana that crushed my dantian created by you? "F * ck, so it was you who ruined my life!"

"Kid, don't be so unpleasant! This old man is just planning a new life for you, hehe! "

"F * ck me!" Instantly, Qin Fen exploded!

His veins were exposed and his eyes were bloodshot. He leaped up from the collapse like a mad demon, completely disregarding the meridians that had just recovered but were torn apart again and the dantian that was as if a knife was slicing through it. He clenched his fists and attacked the floating shadow like a violent storm!

"Bang, bang, bang ?" In just a few minutes, Qin Fen had used his physical strength to launch hundreds of attacks.

However, the shadow remained calm and collected. It looked at Qin Feng calmly. Suddenly, a transparent screen of light appeared in front of it, completely isolating Qin Feng's attack.

A few minutes passed. Qin Fen was gradually exhausted without the support of Qi. His attacks also slowed down until they completely stopped. Then, he staggered and fell to the ground. Looking at the shadow, he felt like he had lost all hope.

"Kid, are you done venting your anger?" The mysterious man didn't pay any attention to his actions. Instead, he stared at the despondent Qin Fen and said with a smile.

Qin Feng's mouth twitched as he walked out of his daze. However, his voice still contained a clear anger. "Old man, since you were the one who did it, you should know all the insults and humiliation I've been through!"

"But after all these years of ridiculing, didn't you also grow up!?" If it were not for the recent lows, do you think you would have the patience and mentality you have today? " The mysterious man shook his head and said blandly.

Qin Feng frowned as his restless heart gradually calmed down.

It was undeniable that he had matured quite a bit compared to three years ago. At the same time, he also felt a different kind of warmth and coldness.

However, this was not enough to make Qin Feng forgive the mysterious man's covert actions. Although he knew that he could not seek justice for himself, knowing the underlying reasons still made him feel a lot more at ease.

With great difficulty, he stood up, and with a sigh of relief, he raised his head and decisively said: "Forget it, I am just a mortal. At most, I have returned to my original location, let alone the fact that I still have the strength of a mortal! No matter who you are, from today onwards, you have nothing to do with me. "

"Don't, kid, you still have some potential." The mysterious man was surprised by Qin Fen's sudden coldness and dejection. He said anxiously, "Qin Fen, since this old man has appeared, it means that you have some hope."

Qin Feng rolled his eyes and sneered silently. Although he was somewhat discouraged, his heart still tightened when he heard the mysterious man's words.

"Qin Fen, do you want to become stronger? Do you want to regain your glory? "

"Become stronger?" Right now, my dantian has completely shattered, and even my meridians have started to rupture. I can't even do the basics of Qi Condensation, so how can I get stronger? " Slowly taking a deep breath, Qin Fen stared at the shadow with a complicated look in his eyes.

"Qin Fen, although your Inherent Skill is not bad, your Dantian is after all broken. If you want to regain your honor and openly return to the Battle Tribe, looking at your current situation, it will not be easy. " The mysterious man's spiritual body, which had remained calm since its appearance, began to violently tremble.

"Old bastard, if you hadn't secretly attacked me, would I have become like this?!" Qin Fen's expression changed once again when he was exposed to the shadow. He could not help but curse loudly.

After venting, Qin Feng could not help but fall silent. Even if he was angry, he could do nothing about it now that things had come to this point.

His dantian had been broken after all, so what if he had a high innate talent? Without the support of his dantian, how could he refuse to go to the peak, let alone returning to the Battle Clan that was in charge of the Barbarian Cow City to get back the glory.

With a sigh, Qin Fen glanced at the inscrutable figure and asked, "Do you have a plan?"

"A little!" The mysterious man answered in a mysterious tone.

"A little?" So is there one or is there none? " After muttering to himself, a strange glow began to shine in Qin Feng's eyes. He could no longer suppress the restlessness in his heart as he asked anxiously, "Senior, what should I do?"

"Hehe, an old ghost turning into a senior!" The mysterious man muttered to himself in self-mockery, then nodded his head with a strange expression on his face. He quickly descended to the ground, and with a complacent expression, he deliberately hesitated for a moment before speaking with a serious tone: "Qin Fen, have you heard of the 'Body Refinement Faction'?"

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