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Imperial Martial Emperor/C6 A Mystical Die Fang Ming
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C6 A Mystical Die Fang Ming

One day later, Qin Feng's group of five walked leisurely around the outer perimeter of the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range. As they looked at the four people standing in front of them, they felt an indescribable sense of strange emotion flood over Qin Feng.

A pair of talented cousins, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, a beautiful young lady, the Fang family's precious daughter, Fang Jing Qi, and a young man, Fang Ming, who emitted a strong aura of blood, plus Qin Fen, who looked weak but had excellent battle experience and skills, a weird little team ran amok in the Savage Bull Mountain Range, stirring up countless birds and beasts along the way ?

"The heck!" Qin Feng silently cursed. He suddenly felt that his future was bleak. He couldn't help but to inwardly sigh, "My enemies have a narrow path!"

There was no need to talk about Fang Jingqi, there were countless fans behind the Fang family's precious treasures. Furthermore, she had a deep grudge against him, it would be great if she could not cause trouble ?

As for Fang Ming, that made Qin Lie even more depressed!

He was only one or two years older than Qin Lie, but he was a Qilin child nurtured by the Fang family's branch family.

Three years ago, Fang Ming had already reached the peak of the Houtian realm. Not only that, but in the several years of his career, he had not even met his match in the younger generation of Barbarian Cow City. Countless senior martial artists believed that he would be able to compete with the direct descendant disciples of the four great families!

Unfortunately, three years ago, Ming had met Qin Fen, who had just emerged from the academy. In the end, a battle of wills that could be avoided had turned into a gambling match, and the saddest thing was that under the unanimous approval of countless youths, he had been easily defeated by Qin Fen, and had become a laughingstock in the eyes of the crowd.

It was precisely because of this tragic defeat that Fang Ming almost collapsed. Afterwards, he disappeared from the Barbarian Cow City under the arrangements of the Fang family's higher ups, and was rumored to have gone to the Fang family's property to undergo some mysterious training outside the Barbarian Cow City.

After this seemingly coincidental but inevitable encounter, the situation of the two had coincidentally undergone a tremendous change.

Qin Fen, the peerless genius who once stepped on Fang Ming's brilliance, was at the lowest point of his life.

However, the laughingstock that everyone had seen before, Fang Ming, had forcefully returned after three years of recuperation. Just by looking at his exuberant blood energy and his steady aura that was as deep as the abyss, he had definitely broken through to the precelestial stage and stepped into the ranks of Innate realm experts.

As for the remaining two people, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, were the Fang family's direct descendants's famous "Liangbao Brothers".

The two of them had started their career earlier than Fang Ming and possessed extremely deep cultivations. However, in the end, what the two of them gained in popularity in Savage Bull City was their weird behaviour and their appearance that made people unable to restrain their laughter.

Fang Wu was tall and thin, and Fang Yuan was smooth and round. When the two of them stood together, if one described it as an intuitive impression, it would be the combination of a bamboo pole and a millstone.

However, anyone who looked down on them because of their strange appearance would definitely have their brains thrown into the water.

This was because Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were both at the peak of the Lesser Heaven stage, and once they made their move, they would be as fast as lightning and as vicious as the wind, which was the complete opposite of their strange appearance. And the scariest thing was, the both of them had cultivated a secret technique for joint attacks.

"Looks like we'll have to be careful this time around!" After reminding himself in his heart, Qin Feng held his hands tightly in his sleeves and looked at Fang Ming and Fang Jingqi walking shoulder to shoulder with vigilance. Helpless, he could only silently follow beside Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, who were dressed in the "art of conduct".

The next few hours passed by in a dull manner. Qin Feng relaxed his body as he observed the behavior of the Fang family members. At the same time, he continued to silently practice the incomplete manual < Immortal Deity Technique > that Fang Wenshan had given him.

Actually, after Fang Wenshan left yesterday, Qin Fen had already carefully studied the Fang family's incomplete secret manual "Immortal Deity Technique".

According to Qin Fen's experience cultivating the? Heavenly Art?, the Fang family's? Immortal Deity Technique? was not like a cultivation technique, it was more like a close combat technique used by body refiners.

After coming to this conclusion, Qin Feng felt as if he had obtained a priceless treasure. He was ecstatic ?

"The hands form into palms, the movements are gentle and slow, one on the left and one on the right, and then with one move, the whole world is taken over by the palms, and everything is taken into the palm of the hands.

Once you step on your left foot, you will be able to reach the ends of the world. With a slight movement of your right foot, you will reach the underworld with a single step. "

"Kacha ?" Following a crisp sound, Qin Fen's face suddenly turned pale and he almost fell to his knees.

In that instant, the energy that had been hiding within Qin Feng's meridians exploded forth like boiling lava. It poured into his four limbs without any control ?

In a short moment, Qin Feng felt endless power surging through his body. With a single punch, even the sky would change. He raised his foot and kicked. Even gods and ghosts would tremble!

This was the power of a Body Refinement Cultivator. Even though he didn't have the support of the Fa Li in his dantian, he could still run amuck without fear!

"Ah ?" After a short but satisfying outburst, the surge of Heaven and Earth energy entered Qin Feng's blood vessels. Qin Feng sat on the ground with a pale face, but inside, he was filled with satisfaction.

Although this feeling of might was short-lived, it clearly told him that he was on the right path, and his future was bright!

Actually, the Immortal Deity Technique and the Heavenly Art were complementary and the division of labor was clear. One helped him condense the energy of heaven and earth while the other allowed him to have peerless battle prowess!

Seeing hope, Qin Fen couldn't wait to cultivate again, until he was exhausted.

Of course, Qin Fen's hard work had not been in vain. After a day and night of hard work, he had actually been able to temporarily but actively channel the natural energy within his meridians. Although it only lasted for less than ten seconds, once he exerted his full strength, he would be able to match a peak Lesser Heaven stage cultivator.

Just as Qin Fen was silently practising the "Celestial Art" and feeling the purest energy between heaven and earth, Fang Ming, who was at the front and purposely fawning on Fang Jingqi, suddenly stopped, casually wiped the sweat off her forehead and said with a serious tone, "Ladies and gentlemen, further ahead is the core region of the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range, let me remind you one last time, our mission this time is extremely dangerous, leave now ?" "It's not too late yet!"

Just as he finished speaking, his sharp gaze swept across everyone, but his eyes revealed a faint sense of anticipation, worry, fear, and fear mixed together into a complicated expression ?

The atmosphere immediately turned serious, but what was unexpected was that the first to react were the "Lifestyle Brothers". "Hualala!" "Hualalalalala!" "Hualalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal.

The two of them subconsciously shrunk their heads, then looked around at the eerie surroundings. After revealing a flattering smile towards Fang Ming, they spoke at the same time, "Uhm, Brother Fang Ming, we'll definitely follow your lead. You have to take care of us!"

Although the two of them acted extremely fawningly and shamelessly, they stood tall and straight, not moving at all. Furthermore, their gazes were very ethereal, and there wasn't the slightest intention of leaning towards Fang Ming.

"Brother Wu is too serious, we are a family from the start!" Fang Ming indifferently replied to Fang Wu, but a trace of disdain flashed through his pitch-black eyes.

"Ah Ming, lead the way. Since I'm here, how can I hesitate like some trash?" Just as Qin Feng was about to express his attitude, a clear mocking voice sounded out. Then, he saw Fang Jingqi walk proudly to Fang Ming like a proud little hen, with her delicate face raised high, and continuously sweep Qin Fen with a disdainful gaze.

On the other hand, Fang Ming completely ignored Qin Fen and stood beside Fang Jingqi elegantly. He focused all of his energy on the beautiful figure beside him as if he was a protector of the flower.

"Hee hee ?" After shaking his head helplessly, Qin Feng didn't even bother to express his attitude. He calmly got up and followed behind everyone. He was very low-profile, but at the same time, he took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of cutting off the rear.

As time passed, Fang Jingqi would occasionally turn her head around and ridicule Qin Fen, but Qin Fen acted like he didn't hear anything and just silently traveled.

On the contrary, the Huobao brothers, who seemed unreliable along the way, cast meaningful glances at Qin Feng several times.

What made Qin Fen most alarmed and alarmed was that Fang Ming, who had always chosen to ignore him, suddenly swept him with a few cold glances. It was just that within his gaze, other than the iciness of the night, there was also a hint of resentment and a hint of fear.

"Didn't I say it before? How could this brat be so magnanimous? It seems like he's hiding his hatred at the bottom of his heart!" Qin Feng muttered to himself as he became even more alert. However, his smile was even wider.

Gradually, the sun began to set. When the boundless night started to descend upon the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range, Fang Ming, who was in the lead, finally stopped his footsteps. After shouting that everyone should rest on the spot, he directly took out a complete set of camping equipment from his storage ring and invited Fang Jingqi to take a seat.

Fang Wu, who was like a bamboo pole, unexpectedly brought the round Fang Yuan to Qin Fen's side and sat down on the ground. He took out a ration of rations from his storage ring and shared it equally with Qin Fen, seemingly unintentionally but meaningfully saying, "Brother, the rumors say that you were hit by the Zhan Clan's Great Elder, but your brother saw that your movements were quick and agile, and rumors say that you are unreliable!"

"Hey, here's the meat show!" After muttering to himself, Qin Fen relaxed but vaguely answered, "Hehe, that palm strike did make my brother's heart race. But it's not like I'm not prepared for it!"

"Huh?" Fang Wu didn't expect Qin Feng to have such a reaction. He thought Qin Feng would cover it up or even deny it, but to his surprise, Qin Feng admitted it openly and gave him an unexpected yet meaningful explanation.

"Whap." Just as the two of them were lost in their own thoughts, a clear voice rang out with a red glow. It immediately caused the three of them to be alarmed, and a flash of anger appeared in their eyes.

"You're courting death!" A faint shout came from Qin Fen.

Heh, Fang Ming can also be considered a contender for the Fang family's younger generation's position as the overseer of the Cauldron. He would act so idiotic before a girl, hehe! The gloating mocking voice came from Fang Wu, who was also from the Fang family's direct line of descent.

"Ji ji, ji ji." This was the plump Fang Yuan. He lifted his head to look at Fang Ming who was courting death, once again focusing on the rations in his hands.

"Bro, see you tomorrow!"

"Brother Wu, take care!"

After exchanging greetings about their treasures, Qin Fen, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan quickly retreated into the darkness where the light from the fire did not reach. They each picked a tall tree with luxuriant foliage, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the dense branches like nimble apes.

In an instant, only Fang Ming, who was being attentive, and the little princess of the Fang family and Fang Jingqi, who had a curious expression, were left on the ground.

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