Imperial Martial Emperor/C7 Demonic Beasts Attack
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C7 Demonic Beasts Attack
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C7 Demonic Beasts Attack

"Pipa ?" The sound of firewood exploding could be heard from time to time, causing the dark and gloomy Barbarian Cow Mountain Range to look especially dark and terrifying.

Qin Fen, who was now completely hidden in the dense foliage, paid no attention to anything that was happening outside the window. He operated the [Heavenly Art] and quickly transferred his breath to his inner breathing. In an instant, he had reduced the human presence to its lowest, almost negligible level.

"Humph!" Looking at the distant bonfire reflecting his unrestrained and attentive Fang Ming, the corners of Qin Feng's mouth curled up slightly. After shaking his head noncommittally, he started to cultivate the? Immortal Deity Technique?.

"Hands like palms, gentle and slow, one on the left and one on the right, push forward ?"

As he began to move, the mysterious energy of the world began to boil once more. Then, it began to surge out with a unique frequency that rapidly and violently fused into his body once more.

"Phew ?" Qin Feng breathed out a mouthful of impure air. Once again, he felt the boldness and contentment that allowed him to "rule the world".

Unfortunately, after a few seconds passed, the natural energy returned to the meridians and the feeling of weakness started to haunt the body again.

"Inhale ?" After taking a deep breath of the humid air of the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range, Qin Feng had a different feeling to practice the < Immortal Deity Technique > once again.

In fact, the Immortal Deity Technique was not about simple techniques, but about a completely new method of body tempering!

Simply put, the incomplete? Immortal Deity Technique? was a way to use natural energy to speed up one's physique by practicing a few simple moves.

Therefore, when comparing "Immortal Deity Technique" and "Heavenly Art", although both had the same essence, "Immortal Deity Technique" could be said to be a continuation of "Heavenly Art", a very good supplement, a kind of secret manual that could speed up the change of the physique.

As time passed by, Qin Fen, who was in a deep meditative state, entered a state that made his blood boil several times. Slowly, a mysterious energy began to envelop his body and the energy of the world within his meridians began to flow into his body for a longer period of time ?

Eight seconds...

Nine Wonders...

Ten seconds ?

"Awoo ?" A mournful cry suddenly rang out, and Qin Feng, who was still deep in his meditative state, was immediately roused from his stupor.

"Shua!" His muscles immediately tensed up. His right hand was subconsciously placed on his waist as he held a shiny dagger. His left arm was extended forward and his legs were slightly bent. A glint flashed across his eyes.

"Boom!" A huge explosion sounded out right after, and Qin Feng carefully observed a giant wolf over three meters long. It was being chased to the point where there was no path to heaven and no door to the earth. Other than a mournful howl, there was no other way to fight back.

"Junior-apprentice Sister, this beast has not been enlightened yet, but its furry tail is a rare sight to behold. Senior Brother, please behead it and make a magnificent shawl for you!" While he was busy moving around, Fang Ming actually didn't forget to continuously pay his respects to Fang Jingqi.

"Senior Brother, it would be best for you to kill him quickly. Otherwise, you might get into trouble. After all, we are within the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range." It was very obvious that it was Fang Qi's first time seeing such a bloody scene up close. Although excitement could be seen in her eyes, there was a hint of worry and reluctance in her words.

"Kill!" The corner of Fang Ming's mouth twitched in disdain. Although he felt that Fang Jingqi's worry was a bit ridiculous, and he didn't think that he would get into any trouble with his cultivation at the early stage of the Innate realm, his footsteps still sped up, and his attacks became even sharper.

Killing intent began to fill Fang Ming's angular face. His cultivation at the early stage of the Innate realm completely exploded out, as if a war god had descended upon the world. He was awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring as he pointed his finger towards the sky and shouted,

"Burning Heaven Palm, suppress and kill!"

In an instant, a scarlet color illuminated the sky, and the spiritual energy in the air surged violently. In just a moment, it had congealed into a two meter square mana hand seal, instantly locking the fleeing giant wolf in place.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! The bright red palm landed directly on the wolf's body, causing a series of explosions.

"Awoo ?" A mournful wail resounded throughout the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range ?

"Hualala ?" In the distant jungle, a group of birds were startled awake. They all fluttered their wings in fear and flew around in all directions ?

In the blink of an eye, the giant wolf was struck as if it was struck by lightning. It fell to the ground, dying. There were countless wounds on its two meter long body, and blood dripped from them ?

"En!" With a satisfied snort, Fang Ming adjusted his aura and then quickly swept his eyes over the big tree where Qin Fen was hiding. He then pretended to be calm, but the pride in his eyes could not be hidden as he loudly said, "Junior Martial Sister, it's better to cut off the tail of the wolf in one go. Only by doing this will the shawl be more gentle and pleasant."

Before he finished speaking, Fang Ming took out a steel knife from his storage ring with a composed expression. He flashed forward and cut the wolf's tail into two, then hacked the huge wolf into two.

A thick smell of blood rose into the air. In just a few moments, it had reached the nostrils of Qin Feng who was far away, and it continued to spread further and further away.

As time passed, Qin Feng smelled the scent of blood that was on the verge of dissipating. An indescribable sense of unease arose in his heart.

"Sha, sha, sha ?" Just as the uneasiness in Qin Fen's heart became stronger and stronger, and Fang Jingqi who was beside the bonfire was about to be completely lost in Fang Ming's sweet words, a faint sound of flesh on thick fallen leaves suddenly came from the forest in the distance.

"Holy sh * t!" Being far away from the bonfire and looking down from above, Qin Fen was the first to see a terrifying scene.

A dense, green ghost flame suddenly appeared in the forest far away, and it was still moving fast.

"Demonic beasts, attack!"

After silently cursing Fang Ming for his reckless actions, Qin Feng subconsciously shrunk into a ball. He immediately held his breath as his scalp tingled with numbness.

Suddenly, Qin Fen felt as if he saw the huge tree where the Huobao brothers were hiding. The lush branches and leaves of the tree trembled for a moment ? "Hualuu ?."

"Awoo ?" A loud and clear wolf howl suddenly resounded throughout the Barbarian Cow Mountain Range. "Rustle, rustle, rustle." The sound of friction instantly turned into a vast, deafening, undisguised rush forward.

In just a moment, a huge wolf that was more than one zhang in length appeared within a 100 meter area under the dark red bonfire. It blatantly surrounded the nonchalant and calm Fang Ming and the astonished and terrified Fang Qi with a murderous look.

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