Imperial Martial Emperor/C9 Fang Jingqi in dire straits
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Imperial Martial Emperor/C9 Fang Jingqi in dire straits
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C9 Fang Jingqi in dire straits


Three loud sounds of collisions could be heard. The three giant wolves that had not participated in the siege immediately clashed against the Huobao brothers, as if they had met lightning fast. An extremely intense collision occurred between the two of them.

In that instant, with the "Hua-Bao brothers" caged in their mana, the surrounding spiritual energy surged violently, immediately forming an extremely violent wave of air that dispersed in all directions ?

"Puff ?" "Puff ?!"

At the same time, two roars came out, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan who were controlling the mana cage were at first violently trembling, but their faces instantly became pale, and a mouthful of blood was involuntarily spat out. The tsunami like attack in their hands also immediately stopped, and even their joint attack, the gorgeous cage, started to crumble.

The giant wolf that was about to be cut down by Fang Wu and Fang Yuan had a lucky chance to escape, and the worst part was that the confusion in the giant wolf's eyes gradually disappeared along with the intense fluctuation of the mana cage. Its huge and clumsy body started to move again, and it slowly started to break away from the situation of being hit.

And what troubled Fang Wu and Fang Yuan the most was that after launching a fierce attack, the three huge wolves were only able to shake off the fierce and huge wolves' heads due to the Level 1 Demonic Beasts' physique which was countless times stronger than a martial artist. They were both full of killing intent, anxious but calm as they stared at Fang Wu and Fang Yuan, who did not have many defensive methods because of their full power attacks, as if they were observing their condition and weaknesses, wanting to kill them in one strike!

In the blink of an eye, the situation on the field turned from bad to worse. Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were both immediately trapped in internal trouble, facing enemies from both sides. If they were to be careless for even a second, they would be in dire straits!

Meanwhile, the little princess of the Fang family and Fang Jingqi, who were a dozen meters away, were in an even more dangerous situation!

Although Fang Jingqi was also at the Great Circle of the Lesser Heaven stage, she had already been delayed due to her lack of combat experience. Right now, she could only barely protect herself with the level 1 divine weapon in her hand. She was like a small boat floating on a vast ocean, she could ruin a person's life at any moment ?

As for the person with the highest cultivation, Fang Ming, he had already begun to retreat after receiving the attack from the Rank 2 Giant Wolf King. For some unknown reason, in the previous fight, he had been evenly matched, but now the balance of victory was rapidly tilting towards the Giant Wolf King ?

The rapid deterioration of the situation caused a change in the four people of the Fang family. Even the usually arrogant Fang Jingqi temporarily put down her modesty, and after looking at the other three anxiously and hopefully, she looked at Fang Ming, who was slowly leaving the battlefield. Although he was at a disadvantage, he seemed to still have some energy left, and shouted, "A Ming, here, I'm almost at my limit!"

"Senior Sister, please hold on for a while longer. After you kill this beast, I will reunite with you immediately!" Her voice was still as calm as before, but the content caused Fang Jingqi to be shocked in her heart, then she immediately became desperate. Furthermore, she saw that Fang Ming was still slowly and unhurriedly leaving the place, the hope in her eyes quickly disappeared, and a resentful expression started to take over her eyes! Scoundrel who escaped before the battle, you are just like that repulsive Qin Fen, disgusting! "

"Humph!" After he glanced coldly at Fang Jingqi, who was struggling to hold on, a very vicious taunt instantly resounded across the sky, "Idiot, who do you think you are? If it wasn't for the fact that I coveted your peerless beauty, and if you weren't the head of the family or Fang Wenshan's daughter, I would have used force you. Do you really think that a little girl like you could make me disregard my own life?"

The extremely vicious words instantly pierced into Fang Jingqi's ears, causing her to instantly enter into a trance, her mind went blank, and even the defense in her hands started to slow down ?

"Bastard, you dare to act so arrogantly as a member of the Fang family!"

"Fang Ming, laozi knows that you're still as sinister and sinister as before!"

While Fang Jing Qi was in a daze, two shouts of rage sounded out. Fang Wu and Fang Yuan were using all their strength to maintain the "space between two inches" while glaring angrily at Fang Ming as he left the scene.

"Fang Ming, if my little junior sister is injured, then laozi wants to see how you explain it to the Patriarch!" Fang Wu found it difficult to calm his anger, and he glared furiously at Fang Ming, unable to suppress the grief and indignation in his heart.

"Hmph, a bunch of idiots!" His body paused for a moment, and Fang Ming struggled to block off the Giant Wolf King's sharp claws. His eyes darted around a few times, and he mocked with excitement: "This is simple, I'll let you all die now."

When I am out of danger, I will immediately send a message to the family. We will meet the huge wolf pack tonight and we will fight a bloody battle, but the mission will be a failure and I will be lucky enough to escape, but I am unable to save my fellow junior brothers and sisters.


"Despicable bastard!"

After Fang Ming finished speaking with a hint of satisfaction, Fang Wu and Fang Yuan could no longer suppress the fury in their hearts, cursing at him who was about to step into the dark forest!

After venting out his obscenities, Fang Wu glanced at Qin Fen who was not far away and was still hiding on the giant tree without any movements, sighing secretly. He then looked at Fang Yuan with an extremely pained expression and shouted, "Brother, even if our Fang family men are to die, we must stand, and kill these animals!"

"Ah ?" "Killing one is enough, kill two and earn another! Kill!" Fang Yuan looked at Fang Wu with a complicated look, and then just like Fang Wu, he howled towards the sky, his killing intent spreading. He no longer cared about the three huge wolves that were still eyeing him covetously from outside the cage of mana, pulling out all the mana in his dantian and starting to kill the two huge wolves in the cage with all his might.

At the same time, Fang Jingqi, who was on the other side, added a few more deep wounds on her body. At the same time, Fang Jingqi, who was on the other side, added a few more deep wounds on her body, finally calmed down.


The crowd instantly turned into a cacophony of noise and bloodshed. The three members of the Fang family attacked with all their might, completely lacking any form of defense. It was miserable and tragic!

"A trapped beast who doesn't know his place!" After Fang Ming shot a final cold glance at the crowd, he sent out a dazzling series of extremely powerful attacks like lightning and forced the Giant Wolf King to temporarily retreat a few steps. His face was pale as he quickly fled into the dark forest without even looking back, fleeing for his life!

"Awoo ?" A roar resounded through the forest. The Rank Two Giant Wolf King raised its head and gave an angry roar towards the sky. It seemed to be expressing the anger in its heart, but also seemed to be passing down an order ?

After a few breaths of time, the Rank Two Giant Wolf King was like a sharp sword that had left its throat as it rushed straight towards the dark jungle where Fang Ming was faintly discernable, fleeing for his life in a flurry of attacks!

"Awoo ?" A few of the quieter wolf howls responded to the Colossal Wolf King. The three level 1 Giant Wolves that had not participated in the battle immediately got up and left the three of them to follow the Colossal Wolf King.

At this moment, the three huge wolves that were besieging Fang Jingqi unexpectedly split into two, and started to violently attack Fang Wu and Fang Yuan's mana cage at all costs.

From the looks of it, he seemed to want to quickly deal with the "Liangbao Brothers", who were much more impressive, then go back and kill Fang Jingqi together!

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