Imperishable War God/C1 500 Years Later the Sky and the Earth Have Turned into Mulberry Fields
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Imperishable War God/C1 500 Years Later the Sky and the Earth Have Turned into Mulberry Fields
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C1 500 Years Later the Sky and the Earth Have Turned into Mulberry Fields

Within the pill room, the pill and a half meter tall cauldron began to shake violently.

The legendary supreme dan, "Emperor Dan", was about to be born in his hands. Ye Chenfeng's eyes revealed a look of excitement.

Ye Chenfeng, the only son of Star Sage, one of the Kunxu Realm's Four Saints.

He had become one of the ten Great Herb Kings of Kunxu Realm at the age of twenty-three.

Now, he had surpassed the other herb kings to refine the legendary supreme dan, the 'imperial dan' …

One couldn't be more pleased with oneself in life.


A colorful pillar of light shot out from the Cauldron. A strange fragrance wafted into his nose. The Emperor Pill was about to take shape!

"Open the cauldron and produce the pill!"

Ye Chenfeng was overjoyed and shouted softly.

The huge success brought about by putting in so much effort had made Ye Chenfeng forget everything and ignore everything.

This was Ye Chenfeng's most relaxed moment...


A sword light suddenly lit up!

A long sword with a sharp sword aura silently stabbed into his back.

It went straight through his heart!

A sharp pain came, Ye Chenfeng spat out blood from his mouth.

Before he could react, the attacker's palm heavily hit his back, causing his vision to go dark and he was directly sent flying.

His life force quickly dissipated and his consciousness began to blur.

Ye Chenfeng, who was lying on the ground, was extremely unhappy. He used his elbow to support his body with great difficulty and turned his head over.

He wanted to see who it was that wanted to kill him!

With that turn of his head, Ye Chenfeng's entire body became stiff.

He saw a beautiful yet familiar face …

This was his fiancee, Jun Qiluo.

The person Ye Chenfeng trusted the most was also the person he loved the most.

"Qiluo, why … Why are you doing this to me! "

Blood trickled out from the corner of Ye Chenfeng's mouth as he shouted, "For you, I have spent a lot of effort searching everywhere for materials and then spent three years researching them. Only then did I manage to concoct an Emperor Pill for you."


Jun Qiluo didn't say anything.

There was not a trace of emotion in her eyes, only indifference.

"Mmm, since the Imperial Pellet was successfully refined, you have no use for it."

Jun Qiluo glanced at Ye Chenfeng indifferently and walked over slowly. She held the sword hilt with both hands and raised it.

Under Ye Chenfeng's gaze, the sword stabbed down towards him viciously with the aura of death …


Ye Chenfeng screamed and rolled off the bed.

The moment he sat up, he felt a sharp pain all over his body.

"He didn't die?" Was it just a dream? But why does my whole body hurt so much? "

Ye Chenfeng's chest heaved up and down as he gasped for air.

Only now did he realize that his entire body was drenched in sweat. A strand of his long hair stuck to his face as beads of sweat dripped down.

The next moment, Ye Chenfeng suddenly clutched his head tightly: "It hurts, it hurts!"

Streams of memories flooded in.

One strange and strange scene after another flashed by.

It seemed like a long time had passed, but only a short while had passed.

That surge of memories was completely merged with Ye Chenfeng's own memories.

The pain also slowly disappeared.

After merging with these memories, Ye Chenfeng turned around and looked at the copper mirror beside the bed and became completely silent.

Inside the bronze mirror was the face of a sixteen year old youth, unfamiliar yet familiar.

Staring blankly at the copper mirror for a long time, the sadness, pain, and confusion in Ye Chenfeng's eyes disappeared one by one.

In the end, they were all replaced by calmness.

So it turned out that he wasn't still alive.

Instead, after dying for 500 years, he was reborn into the body of a seriously injured and dead youth!

Perhaps there was some divine will hidden in the world. The owner of this body was also called Ye Chenfeng.

Right now, Ye Chenfeng was still in Kunxu Realm, but he was not Eastern Desolation.

They were separated from the Eastern Desolation in the Western Wasteland of the Central Region.

Western Desolate ethereal region, Yan Wu City!

The Kunxu Realm was vast and boundless. Even if a person spent their entire life, they might not necessarily be able to complete this wasteland.

From the Eastern Desolation to the Western Wasteland, these were two completely different worlds.

500 years had passed.

As for fate, when it played tricks on people, they would be resurrected from the dead.

Ye Chenfeng was unable to accept this reality.

Ye Chenfeng felt very confused about whether he should be glad that he came back from the dead or die tragically at the hands of the people he loved the most.

He was originally one of the Kunxu Realm's Four Saints's only sons, Star Sage, and possessed a ninth stage Astral Soul, "Flame God Phoenix".

A heaven warping talent was absolutely stunning.

However, he hated fighting and killing. He was unwilling to cultivate in the martial way and instead became obsessed with the dao of alchemy. He even forgot to eat and sleep.

Before the age of twenty-three, he had already entered the ranks of the ten Medicine Kings.

His name shook the world, unprecedented!

As for Jun Qiluo, she was a Blue Luan Palace born outside of the Saint realm and was the Holy Maiden of the Blue Luan Palace.

Respectful position and exceptional talent.

Star Sage and Blue Luan Palace Palace Lord were close friends. Ye Chenfeng and Jun Qiluo grew up together and cultivated together.

One was free, uninhibited, handsome and extraordinary.

She was a beauty that could topple empires and was a talent that transcended heaven.

This was a beautiful saying that should have been able to become the Kunxu Realm.

However, Ye Chenfeng would never have expected that...

Just as he was about to concoct the legendary "Imperial Pellet", Jun Qiluo had actually made a move on him!

A sword pierced the heart!

When he arrived, he would need to add another palm strike and another sword strike.

It was as though he was afraid he wouldn't die!

When Ye Chenfeng's consciousness was swallowed by darkness, he woke up and realized that five hundred years had passed.

In the span of five hundred years, many things had happened.

From the memories he just received from this body, Ye Chenfeng found out some hearsay, but it was close to the truth …

Five hundred years ago, Ye Chenfeng, the son of Saint Star Sage, had an accident while he was refining medicine and lost his life on the spot.

Star Sage, who had lost his beloved son, went crazy and almost killed everyone in the Stellar Hall.

In the end, under the siege of the other three Saint Saints and countless expert s …

Star Sage was thrown into the dark abyss. Whether he was dead or alive was unknown. He had completely disappeared without a trace.

Three hundred years ago, Jun Qiluo became a saint in Broken Sky Mountain, becoming the only saint in the Sacred Domain for five thousand years.

The girl who always had a bright smile on her face, the woman who was holding Ye Chenfeng's hand and playing with the snow on the ground, the girl who was running on the prairie … It was no longer there.

The current Jun Qiluo was a saint revered by tens of thousands of people.

He was the supreme ruler of the world!

"Ka, ka, ka!"

Ye Chenfeng clenched his fists tightly and his knuckles cracked.

"Father fell into madness, and was knocked down into the Abyss? Absolutely impossible! "

"The Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is the most sacred and most powerful place in the Kunxu Realm, and the mind of one of the Four Saints's fathers is as strong as a boulder. Even if he was heartbroken because of my death, how could he possibly fall into madness?"

"Qiluo …" Jun Qiluo! You are so shrewd, so vicious! "

Ye Chenfeng shouted towards the sky like a wild beast.

"In order to help you refine the Emperor's Pellet, I went deep into the Wilderness to gather medicinal herbs. I faced countless ferocious beasts and barely managed to survive."

"For you, I walk among the bloodthirsty races just to get some materials."

"With the appearance of the Emperor Pill, you pierced through my heart with a sword, and even plotted against my father …"

"Jun Qiluo, ah, Jun Qiluo, why did you do this to me!"

Ye Chenfeng was full of questions as his eyes spewed fire.

However, there was no one who could help him explain all of this.

Not long later, Ye Chenfeng clenched his fists and said word by word while grinding his teeth, "Since I've been reborn, Qiluo, everything you've brought to me, I will definitely repay it back a hundredfold!"

"In my previous life, I refused to cultivate and was engrossed in the Dao of alchemy …"

"But in this life, I will cross the peak of martial arts and stand on the highest peak of martial arts!"

"At that time, I will make you regret everything you've done!"

"I will dig out your heart and see how dark it is!"

Suddenly, Ye Chenfeng's heart ached again. His eyes were full of guilt and sorrow: "Father, Father... "Five hundred years!"

"It's unknown whether father is dead or alive, it's all because of me …"

"No matter what, I have to train and become stronger as soon as possible, so that I can go to the Abyss to find father!"

Just as Ye Chenfeng was gritting his teeth …


The door was pushed open, and a beautiful woman dressed in royal clothing pushed open the door and walked in.

"Feng Er?" "Feng'er, you're finally awake!"

Tears welled up in the woman's eyes as she looked at Ye Chenfeng with concern.

The woman in front of him was Ye Chenfeng's mother, Su Ziyan.

Ye Chenfeng, who was still immersed in the hatred from his past life, was slightly repulsed by Su Ziyan.

However, Ye Chenfeng's heart shuddered when he saw Su Ziyan's teary eyes.

Motherly Love Like Water...

He had been reincarnated in this body, and had received all of its memories.

No matter how one looked at it, the person in front of him was indeed his mother.

The strangeness in Ye Chenfeng's eyes slowly faded. He said softly, "Mother, I just had a nightmare. Don't worry."

Su Ziyan sat on the side of Ye Chenfeng's bed and caressed his forehead as she said, "Ye Zhan is your cousin, why would he act so viciously? I will send someone to send a letter to your father in the mine. When your father comes back, I will definitely not let him off! "

The one who seriously injured Ye Chenfeng was his cousin, Ye Zhan.

Hearing that, Ye Chenfeng was stunned.

Then, his eyes widened, and his entire body shuddered as he remembered the cause and effect!

Ye Chenfeng held his mother's hand and said anxiously, "Mother, hurry up and send a message to father, tell him to come back immediately and come back from the mine!"

Su Ziyan was slightly taken aback, "Feng Er, what exactly …" What happened? You just woke up, don't be anxious, and speak slowly. "

Ye Chenfeng rolled his eyes and said, "Mom, when I went out the day before yesterday, I found a pill recipe for a Tier 4 Energy Replenishing Pill!"

"Quickly contact the three Ye Clan elders and tell them about this matter. Then, use their status to send a message for father to come back!"

Su Ziyan was shocked. "A Tier 4 pill formula?" "This …"

The Kunxu Realm medicine was divided into ten grades, the first grade was low, and the ninth grade was high.

In a place like Yan Wu City, a Rank 4 pill was definitely an extremely rare and valuable item.

As for the pill formula, it was a priceless treasure!

Grade four medicinal formula was definitely enough to cause many alchemist grandmasters to go crazy over it!

Su Ziyan was also from the past, and she saw the change in Ye Chenfeng's expression just now.

But as a mother, she chose to unconditionally believe in her son.

This child was very strong since he was young, but he would never lie!

"Feng'er, have a good rest! Mother will go find Grand Elder right now!"

After saying that, Su Ziyan immediately stood up and left the room.

When his mother left the room, Ye Chenfeng's face immediately became extremely gloomy.

The memories that he had just assimilated immediately appeared in his mind.

The whole thing is not complicated...

In the Ye Family's mine, Ye Family's eldest brother Ye Xinghu and the people from San Ye Star Martial Arts also found a very rare ore at the same time, the cyathine iron.

cyathine iron were extremely precious, and even in the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun, they were extremely rare.

This was something that could change the fate of the entire Ye Family!

Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu had a deep hatred towards the current Patriarch, Ye Xingzhe, who was also the number two.

They always wanted to pull Ye Xingzhe off his horse and replace him with them.

Unfortunately, Ye Xingzhe was extremely confident and his cultivation was much stronger than the two of them.

Therefore, both Ye Xinghu and Ye Xinghu never had the guts to do so.

The discovery of the cyathine iron had finally caused them to make up their minds.

They wanted to destroy Ye Xingzhe and replace him with the cyathine iron lode!

Therefore, they sent people to create a landslide in the mine and lead Patriarch Ye Xingzhe there.

He was going to get rid of his brother Ye Xingzhe in the mine!

Unexpectedly, when the two of them were talking in the Ye family's abandoned garden...

However, Ye Chenfeng, who had come to the garden to catch the leopard cat, had accidentally run into him!

The two of them couldn't be sure how much Ye Chenfeng heard, so they didn't dare to stay in the Ye Family and attacked Ye Chenfeng themselves.

Therefore, when the two of them came to a conclusion, Ye Zhan, the son of the Old Third Ye Xingwu, had gotten into a fight with Ye Chenfeng and beat him to death!

Right now, Ye Zhan was caught by the elders and forced to kneel in the ancestral hall, still waiting to be dealt with.

As for Ye Chenfeng's father, Ye Xingzhe, he had already set out for the mine due to the collapse of the mine.

In his previous life, his father had suffered greatly because of him.

Unexpectedly, he had just been reborn and his father was now facing the threat of death …

"These beasts are not worthy of being human!" Ye Chenfeng screamed in his heart.

Ye Xinghu was the eldest son of the Ye Family, Ye Chenfeng's father Ye Xingzhe was ranked second, and Ye Xingwu was ranked third.

This was his blood brother!

In order to seize the vein, in order to seize the position of the Patriarch, they had attacked their own brothers, wanting to get rid of them as quickly as possible!

He even wanted Ye Zhan to make a move and beat Ye Chenfeng to death!

"Hmph, since I've already awakened, how can I allow you animals to succeed?"

Ye Chenfeng gritted his teeth so hard that they made 'ka ka ka' sounds!

He endured the pain and got off the bed. Finding a pen and paper, he wrote down the pill formula of a grade-4 Origin Increasing Pill in a few strokes.

Other alchemists would use jade slips to engrave their recipes so that they would not be copied.

However, Ye Chenfeng was still lacking in mental energy and time. How could he be willing to go through so many things?

As the youngest Pill King of Kunxu Realm, forget about a Tier 4 pill formula, he didn't even know how many Tier 9 pill formulas there were.

The current him did not have much power, so he could only use this method to alarm the Ye Family's three elders and recall his father, Ye Xingzhe.

Fortunately, his father just left the Ye Family and didn't arrive at the mine that soon.

He should still be halfway there, there was still time!

Holding the pill recipe, Ye Chenfeng went back to his bed and started to check his body and comb through his memories.

Ye Chenfeng was dumbfounded when he saw that Ye Zichen did not check it out.

Not only was this body extremely weak, it actually did not have a Astral Soul!

Ye Chenfeng felt as if a bucket of ice water was poured on top of his head. His entire body shivered, "In my previous life, there was a Grade Nine Astral Soul, the Flaming Phoenix, but I wasn't willing to cultivate the martial way."

"I want to cultivate martial arts in this life, but I don't have any Astral Soul?"

"Heavens, are you playing with me?"

Ye Chenfeng was so depressed that he wanted to grab the ground with his head.

Without Astral Soul, it was impossible to cultivate.

If he was unable to cultivate, then forget about taking revenge on Jun Qiluo, who was already one of the Four Saints …

Even if they wanted to deal with the current crisis of the Ye Family, it was impossible!

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