Imperishable War God/C11 If You Fall into a Trap You'll be in Danger!
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Imperishable War God/C11 If You Fall into a Trap You'll be in Danger!
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C11 If You Fall into a Trap You'll be in Danger!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng finally understood Ming Yuexin's words.

Originally, it was a longsword that had lasted for several thousand years. Even though it could not be used, it still possessed a great collection value.

However, this Black Underworld Soul Devouring Sword was filled with an ominous aura. A wave of evil Qi, always gave people an uneasy feeling.

No one was sure if leaving it at home would bring bad luck.

Even if they didn't want money for it, ordinary people wouldn't dare to take it.

"This person is not simple …"

Seeing that Ye Chenfeng was able to escape from the illusion very quickly, Ming Yuexin held him in even higher regard.

In the past, many of those who came to see this sword were drenched in sweat, trembling all over.

There were even some aristocratic juniors who were scared to the point of peeing their pants. They were in a terrible situation.

The person in front of him was only slightly surprised, but he immediately let go of the sword before returning to a calm state.

As expected, he was not an ordinary person!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng turned around and said lightly: "I want this sword, I wonder how much it will cost?"

"Sir, are you sure you want this sword?" Ming Yuexin was stunned.

He already knew of the Evil Sword Sect, and he still wanted it. Was this person really strange?

Furthermore, with such a heavy longsword, even if the Sky Origin Stage's expert were to use it, it would probably be difficult for him to fully utilize it.

The person in front of him was clearly having a difficult time wielding his sword. Why would he still want to bring it back?

Ming Yuexin rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "This sword doesn't have a specific grade, but its age is extremely high. It's a good collection."

"Sir, if you like it, you can take it with you as long as you have five thousand low rank primeval stone."

Five thousand low rank primeval stone, in this Yan Wu City, was not a small number.

"Deal." Ye Chenfeng nodded and placed the Black Underworld Soul Devouring Sword into the spatial ring.

After that, he did not stay any longer. After getting the pellets and talismans, he left the Myriad Treasures Pavilion.

These pills were enough for him to use the Third Layer of the Earth Origin Stage.

As for the talismans, there were ice talismans, earth escape talismans, fire talismans, and even giant wooden talismans.

With these talismans in their hands, although dealing with Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu was not enough, it was enough to let them have a big drink.

These two bastards dared to mess around, I'll smash you to death with my talismans!

Even if I can't kill you, I have to skin you alive!

Ye Chenfeng immediately went back to the Ye Family and went straight to his father's secret room.

Since he promised to bring the fire mirror over for Lin Zhantian and his daughter, he might as well send the fire mirror over first.

Ye Chenfeng opened his father's secret chamber and walked down the stone steps.

The fire mirror was placed under the Ye Family's ground and continuously absorbed the Earth Fire and Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

Within the secret underground room, it was as bright as day.

In the center of the secret room, primeval stone s had set up a Spirit Convergence Array. From the formation, the fierce fire that was drawn out was burning incessantly.

Every piece of primeval stone's vitality had gathered into a long dragon.

More than ten long dragons, together with a raging fire, had placed a copper violet mirror above it.

The copper violet mirror floating in the air had a bright and resplendent mirror. It was like the sun in the sky, slowly turning.

Ye Chenfeng looked at the primeval stone on the ground and nodded.

A ray of light shot out from his finger and instantly struck one of the primeval stone.

The primeval stone that was embedded in the ground rolled twice before falling outside the array.

The key piece of primeval stone fell off, the Spirit Convergence Array immediately lost its effect, and the fire mirror slowly landed on the ground.

Whether it was refining medicine or refining weapons, formations were extremely important.

In the process of refining or refining medicine, one would have to use all sorts of complicated formations.

Although Ye Chenfeng didn't know how to forge equipment, he was the youngest Medicine King in his previous life and his attainments in the Dao of array formations had already reached the peak.

Breaking through this Spirit Convergence Array was simply not a problem.


Ye Chenfeng waved his right hand and pushed the fire mirror out from the earth fire.

He walked forward two steps and picked up the fire mirror on the ground.

This treasure absorbed the Earth Flame here all day and all night, but it did not burn his hand. Instead, it gave him an ice-cold feeling.

After leaving the Earth Fire, the fire mirror's brilliance was accumulated, and it became simple and unadorned.

However, Ye Chenfeng could clearly feel an enormous energy surging within the fire mirror.

After the primeval stone absorbed the energy from the Earth Fire, they stored it inside the fire mirror.

When a warrior tried to break through to the Earth Origin Stage, the energy inside the fire mirror would gush out, helping them break through their bottlenecks.

This fire mirror was something that caused many clans and powers to be jealous.

Ye Chenfeng caressed it and felt the energy inside the fire mirror and could not help but exclaim.

Earth Fire was an extremely powerful type of flame. It was formed by the heavens and the earth naturally, and it was extremely violent and difficult to control.

The artificer who made the fire mirror was also capable.

He actually found this kind of material that could contain earthfire and refined it into a magic tool.

Finally, Spirit Diagram were laid out inside to absorb the converted earth fire.

Unfortunately, Ye Chenfeng would have to wait a long time for this pill to be used. In Ye Chenfeng's eyes, it was nothing compared to a pill that was slightly better.

Ye Chenfeng kept his fire mirror and immediately left the Ye Family's house and went straight for the Lin Family.

Ye Chenfeng did this purely for the sake of peace of mind.

The current him didn't have any feelings towards Lin Moxin at all.

Even thinking about Jun Qiluo, who had killed him, Ye Chenfeng felt a sense of prejudice against other women.

However, the owner of this body, Ye Chenfeng of the past, was very fond of Lin Moxin.

Now that Ye Chenfeng had merged with his memory, he still hoped to do something for the other "himself".

Other than helping Lin Moxin...

He still wanted to protect his parents.

He still wanted to crush Ye Zhan's bones!


Thunder rumbled in the sky. A heavy rain was about to fall at any moment.

Ye Chenfeng walked into the Lin Family house and handed the fire mirror over to Lin Moxin: "Take it, return it to me after using it."

"Big Brother Feng …" There was a trace of emotion in Lin Moxin's eyes.

On the other side, Lin Zhantian had a sinister smile on his face.

A complacent look flashed across his eyes, and he suddenly laughed heartily. "Hahahaha, I knew that Chen Feng would definitely bring the fire mirror over. I watched as Chen Feng grew up, and always kept his promise.

Ye Chenfeng smiled politely and said, "Then, Uncle Lin, please keep busy, I will go back first."

"I'll come back for the fire mirror in two days."

Lin Zhantian pulled Ye Chenfeng back and said, "Please wait..." You brought the fire mirror back while carrying your father. Uncle Lin is extremely touched, but I think this will be the case.

"Our Lin Family also takes advantage of this opportunity to entertain you well."

"After Mo Xin breaks through in two days, just take the fire mirror back with you."

Ye Chenfeng hesitated for a moment: "If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble you."

"Not at all!" Our Lin Family will have to thank you! " Lin Zhantian's eyes sparkled as he shot a look at the two people on the other side, "Lin Yunzhi, Lin Yi, the two of you, bring Chen Feng to Xunfeng Courtyard."

Lin Yunzhi and Lin Yi looked at each other and walked out. "Young Master Chen Feng, after you."

Ye Chenfeng followed the two of them towards Xiao Feng Courtyard.

Just as he walked into Xiao Feng's residence, Ye Chenfeng frowned.

This so-called Little Wind Courtyard was just like the abandoned garden of the Ye family that he overheard Ye Xinghu and his sister talking about. It was dilapidated and run-down, with long grass growing everywhere.

Although Ye Chenfeng did not think much of the fire mirror, he had stolen it for the Lin Family to use. The Lin Family should not use this kind of shabby place to entertain him.

"Fine, there aren't many people here, it's just right for me to cultivate." Ye Chenfeng shook his head and thought: "In two days time, Stellar Tear will be in the space for six days."

"With the help of the newly obtained pellets and primeval stone, I might be able to break through to the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan level in one fell swoop and open a few meridians!"

Ye Chenfeng went into Xiao Feng Courtyard and waited for Lin Yunzhi and Wu Tie to leave. He didn't care about the dust that covered the ground as he went into the Stellar Tear's space and prepared to cultivate.

What he did not know was that the moment Lin Yunzhi and Lin Yi walked out of Xiao Feng Courtyard, they immediately summoned four people to guard the entrance of Xiao Feng Courtyard.

This attitude clearly meant that Ye Chenfeng had been placed under house arrest!

This was what Lin Zhantian meant by "receive her well"!

Ye Chenfeng did not know that previously, Lin Zhantian and his daughter had acted out in front of him, wanting to snatch the fire mirror from him and then casually killed him!

Not only that, the Lin Family and the City Lord Palace would be united to completely eradicate the Ye Family from Yan Wu City!

Ye Chenfeng knew nothing of the Lin Family's viciousness.

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng was wholeheartedly focusing on cultivation and couldn't wait for others to annoy him.

Inside the Stellar Tear's space, Ye Chenfeng took out a bunch of primeval stone and started setting up a Spirit Convergence Array.

As the youngest alchemist in the past, he was very familiar with setting up formations.

Under his movements, the primeval stone began to move in a very profound way, forming a strange circle.

Before Ye Chenfeng had even started activating the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", the Essence on the primeval stone started to be released under the Spirit Gathering Array's guidance.

The surging Yuan Qi around Ye Chenfeng formed a whirlpool, which started to revolve slowly.

On the path of martial dao, wealth and power couldn't be lacking.

Wealth was a resource.

Pills, primeval stone s, Demon Crystals s, or magic tools like the fire mirror were all resources.

The rich and powerful heirs or disciples of sects had all kinds of demon beast meat as food since they were young to enhance their strength;

There were also countless pills that could be used to cleanse the body and increase one's cultivation.

With the help of primeval stone and Demon Crystals that had sufficient vitality, their cultivation speed would increase exponentially.

A companion was a companion in cultivation and a dao companion. In ancient times, one would only learn by themselves and have no friends. One would only be ignorant and ill-informed.

Techniques were the secret manuals to the cultivation of various martial arts techniques. The speed and might of cultivation techniques of different grades were vastly different.

The Earth was a place of cultivation.

Many large sects occupied some Spiritual Pulses. The location of these Spiritual Pulses was many times more abundant with Essence Qi than the outside world.

There was indeed a great deal of logic behind being the most wealthy couple in the land.

Previously, Ye Chenfeng didn't have a single primeval stone, so he only relied on absorbing the energy from the space within the Stellar Tear.

However, the vitality in the Stellar Tear was limited, after all.

Fortunately, he had obtained such a large group of primeval stone. His cultivation speed later on would be much faster now.

"I must open up two meridians within three days!"

Once he opened up two of his meridians, his strength would definitely increase tremendously.

Ye Chenfeng immediately sat cross-legged in the center of the Spiritual Concentration Formation.

In such a dangerous place...

Ye Chenfeng did not feel it at all. He calmed down and started to cultivate the third stage of the first transition of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic".

Purification and pulse!

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