Imperishable War God/C12 4th Level of the Qi Origin Stage 19 Meridians!
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Imperishable War God/C12 4th Level of the Qi Origin Stage 19 Meridians!
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C12 4th Level of the Qi Origin Stage 19 Meridians!

The first stage of "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" was three stages.

The first level, condensing the energy to build a foundation, easy to go through marrow washing meridians;

On the second level, the "Dharmic Intent of War God" was formed by using the inability as the law and the limitless as the limit.

The third level was to cleanse one's meridians and open up 49 meridians. Then, one could construct a Divine Sea and complete the first step of the Divine Body.

The first and second layer were the foundation of the entire cultivation technique. They would need constant practice from the beginning to the end.

The difficulty of each level increased exponentially.

However, Ye Chenfeng was able to train the first two levels smoothly.

But the third level of Purification was likely not that simple.

It was precisely because of the difficulty of Purification and the low rate of success that Ye Chenfeng went out to sell the pill formulas. He needed the help of a large number of primeval stone and pills.

Ye Chenfeng turned over his wrist and took out a Grade Four "Essence Condensation Pill".

With the help of this pill and this pile of primeval stone, opening two meridians should not be a problem.

Ordinary people of Yan Wu City would not be able to eat a fourth grade Spirit Concentrating Pill!

Ye Chenfeng sat on the floor and carefully played the third level of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" mental cultivation method in his mind once again.

Every cultivation technique and meridian circulation route was different.

The higher the cultivation method, the more complicated the meridian routes would be.

If there weren't many meridians that were open, then even if there was the most powerful cultivation technique in front of him, it would still be difficult for a martial artist to cultivate it.

The more meridians one opened, the faster one would be able to absorb and use elemental energy.

As a result, his strength and speed also increased explosively.

The "Star Break Fist" and "Great Desolate Hades Sword" in Ye Chenfeng's mind were both "Heaven Stage Mid Rank".

However, right now, he was completely unable to practice this fist technique and sword technique.

The current him could only cultivate the lowest level of "Yellow Rank Initial Stage" and "Cyan Astral Fist".

The reason was simple, he did not even open a single meridian.

According to Ye Chenfeng's understanding, most practitioners in the Fifth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm could open three to four meridians.

Some geniuses were able to open up around six meridians.

If he could open seven meridians inside the Fifth Layer, he would be considered a genius among geniuses!

Before the Earth Origin Stage, inside the Fifth Layer, there were only a few ethereal region s that could open seven meridians.

When he was nine years old, the young master of the Yan Wu City's Palace, Xiao Tianya, had opened four meridians.

It had once shocked the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun.

Not even two days after the news was spread, Xiao Tianya was selected by one of the three great sects of the Kingdom of Zi Yun, and became one of the elite disciples of the Frozen Soul Sect.

Later on, the news of Xiao Tianya opening his meridians kept spreading.

When he was eleven years old, he had already opened six meridians and broke through the bottleneck of the Qi Yuan level, reaching the Earth Yuan level.

In the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun, this was an existence that was absolutely as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Even in the ethereal region, it was extremely impressive.

As for the City Lord's Mansion of Yan Wu City, they were also cared for by the Frozen Soul Sect and lived a very comfortable life.

Earth Origin Stage martial artists could open around 15 meridians.

Earth Origin Stage cultivators were much faster at circulating energy and elemental energy than the Qi Origin Stage cultivators.

Legend has it that the most mysterious and powerful Territory Lord of ethereal region reached the Earth Origin Stage at the age of seven.

In addition, he had opened up 25 meridians in one go in the Earthly Yuan early stage!

The strength of one's natural talent caused people to tremble!

expert s in the early stages of the Sky Origin Stage could open around thirty meridians, and the speed at which their spirit energy circulated was ten times faster than expert s in the Earth Origin Stage.

At the end of the Sky Origin Stage, most of the expert s could open around forty meridians.

At that time, he would be able to clear "profound entrances", and his strength would be incomparable!

"Even at the end of the Sky Origin Stage, there are only 40 or so meridians. The first transition of the 'Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic' to Foundation Establishment actually requires 49 or so meridians. I really don't know how difficult the last eight revolutions will be. How terrifying would it be?"

"Just based on the number of meridians, there are forty-nine meridians …" Isn't the strength of his body comparable to an early stage Fulfillment Stage expert? "

Ye Chenfeng's mind was filled with question marks and exclamation marks.

"As for this so-called Divine Sea, what is it?"

"What's the difference between this and the primeval sea I've opened now?"

"After I construct the Divine Sea, I will be able to reach the Divine Body?"

Originally, he wanted to wake Xuanxuan up and ask her about it, but Ye Chenfeng hesitated and decided not to.

In any case, the most important thing to do now was to open up one or two meridians before raising his cultivation.

Now that he had prepared quite a few medicinal pills to cleanse his meridians, it was time for him to cultivate to the third level.

Not long later, Ye Chenfeng read through the third level of the mental cultivation method and opened his eyes.

"This' Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic 'has a method to cleanse the marrow and open the meridians. It's simple and crude, but it's extremely risky!"

"It seems that if I'm not careful, my Jing and Mai might explode?"

After a slight hesitation, Ye Chenfeng immediately became excited: "Even if there's such a risk, so what?"

"On the path of martial arts, we emphasize the heart and nature. Bravehearts have no fear!"

"If I were to be so timid, how would I cultivate in the future? How much more can you achieve? "

Ye Chenfeng immediately concentrated and after consuming the Condensing Yuan Pill, he circulated the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" mental cultivation method and urged the Yuan Li in his body to cleanse his meridians.

Suddenly, the speed of the whirlpool formed by the primeval stone started to increase!

Then, the surging Yuan Qi started to flow into Ye Chenfeng …

Ye Chenfeng followed the method of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" and started to cultivate step by step. Very soon, he had opened up more than half of the first meridian.

At this moment, a heart-wrenching pain spread throughout his body!

Ye Chenfeng's entire body trembled as if his meridians were about to burst open.

"We can't give up! We absolutely can't give up!"

"If I give up on the first meridian, how can I stand at the peak of martial dao in this life?" "And how can he stand in front of Jun Qiluo!"

Ye Chenfeng gritted his teeth and persevered on with a strong willpower.

Sweat poured down his face and his whole body spasmed, but he refused to give up.

"Just a little more. The final paragraph is just right before my eyes …"

Ye Chenfeng gritted his teeth and pushed the remaining Yuan Li to the side.


All of a sudden, Ye Chenfeng felt like his Jing and Mai had exploded.

An unimaginable pain engulfed his entire body, causing him to wish that he was dead. He wanted to scream, to cry out in pain!

However, this feeling of pain disappeared just as quickly as it came.

Not long after his appearance, he disappeared.

What replaced it was an ice-cold and refreshing flow of air flowing through his meridians, making Ye Chenfeng feel extremely comfortable and comfortable.

"So fast, so fast!" "He opened up a meridian so quickly!"

Ye Chenfeng was pleasantly surprised: "If I were to use a normal method to cleanse my meridians, I would have to be under the protection of my seniors and then spend two to three days before being able to open my first meridian."

"The Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic's method is indeed simple, crude, and effective!"


As for the magic of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", Ye Chenfeng was looking forward to it more and more.

Ye Chenfeng started to breakthrough his meridians again, but this time, he didn't swallow the pills.

There was still a lot of spirit energy left from the Origin Condensation Pill and the nine primeval stone, and it was circulating nonstop in his body.

If someone was standing next to him, they would even be able to hear the sound of the torrential flood coming from his body!

"To think that the amount of elemental energy required to clear the meridians from the Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic would be so little … "Originally, one Energy Condensation Pill could only help to open up one meridian at most. But with this, I'm afraid that there will still be a lot of leftover energy channels to open up the second meridian!"

Ye Chenfeng was overjoyed as he began to guide and control the Yuan Li.

Two hours passed...

With the help of the fourth grade Origin Concentrating Pills and a bunch of primeval stone, Ye Chenfeng opened another three meridians in a row.

In just two hours, Ye Chenfeng had opened a total of four meridians!

The size of the primeval sea had expanded crazily, becoming the size of a watermelon.

After opening four meridians, the speed of elemental energy circulation was almost four times faster than it was two hours ago!

If the elemental energy within his primeval sea was in a state of abundance.

Right now, Ye Chenfeng did not need any techniques. Even if he fought against Ye Zhan of the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm head on, he would still be able to kill him with one palm!

This "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic," was really profound to the extreme, magical to the extreme!

"I originally planned to open two meridians in three days, but I didn't expect to open four meridians in two hours …" It's really hard to imagine! "

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng had a terrible stench all over his body and his clothes were drenched in sweat.

He did not continue to open up his meridians. Although he had not reached the limit of Purification, his primeval sea had already dried up.

Furthermore, consuming too many pills within a short period of time would greatly affect his future cultivation.

After a brief pause, Ye Chenfeng took out a few more primeval stone and added them to the Spirit Convergence Array.

Then, he calmed his mind and activated the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic".

"Woo woo!"

From the primeval stone surrounding the Spirit Convergence Array, a sound similar to the blowing of a gale could be heard.

The pure energy within the primeval stone seemed to be attracted to a mysterious power.

They continuously gathered onto Ye Chenfeng's body and entered his body through the pores all over his body!

As the Essence Qi coursed through his meridians, Ye Chenfeng felt a slight tingling sensation throughout his entire body.

Surges of pure and surging Origin Energy flowed down like a stream into the sea.

They all gathered in Ye Chenfeng's exhausted primeval sea.

Time passed bit by bit.

In these two days, Ye Chenfeng went out a few times when the Lin Family brought him food.

He spent most of his time cultivating.

The next night …

Ye Chenfeng let out a long sigh.

In the outside world, Stellar Tear s had a space of six days.

After cultivating in the Stellar Tear's space for six days, he had broken through the bottleneck in one fell swoop and reached the level of an Qi Yuan Fourth Layer.

Furthermore, he had opened a total of 19 of his meridians!

It was one thing to break through to the Qi Yuan level, but it was not to a level that could shock the world.

However, in just a few days, he had opened 19 of his meridians. This was definitely something that had never happened before and would never happen again!

In the Fifth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, people who could open seven meridians were all considered geniuses.

As for Ye Chenfeng, in just a few days of real training, he had already opened 19 meridians!

"Looks like I'll be able to cultivate 'Star Break Fist' and 'Great Desolate Hades Sword' very soon."

Ye Chenfeng clenched his fingers and his whole body started to emit crackling sounds.

With him as the center, the strong force swept in all directions, causing the pieces of primeval stone that had lost their vitality to fall down.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from within the courtyard.

Ye Chenfeng's expression changed slightly and he immediately left the Stellar Tear's space.


Lin Yunzhi casually opened the door and walked in, "My young miss has successfully advanced into the Earth Origin Stage, you can take back the fire mirror."

"Hmm?" Ye Chenfeng frowned.

Lin Yunzhi's attitude was very rude and his tone was very arrogant.

The fire mirror was brought over to the Lin Family by him, and now that Lin Moxin had successfully leveled up, this fellow would say a few words of thanks.

And this gaze, it was as if people from aristocratic families were looking at their servants with high regard.

Did something not seem right?

"Let's go."

Ye Chenfeng was too lazy to argue with this kind of person. After putting away his displeasure, he walked out first.

Lin Yunzhi looked at Ye Chenfeng's back from behind and revealed a cruel smile. Killing intent flashed across his eyes!

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