Imperishable War God/C13 Rain Night Assassination
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Imperishable War God/C13 Rain Night Assassination
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C13 Rain Night Assassination

In the slightly dark room, Lin Zhantian stood with his hands behind his back as he watched the heavy rain outside the window.

Lin Moxin's mother walked over and asked curiously: "Master, killing Ye Chenfeng is as easy as flipping my hand, why do we need him to take back the fire mirror and kill him on the way back?"

"I had the same plan before." Lin Zhantian coldly snorted and said, "But when Ye Chenfeng came to the Lin Family, there were a lot of people watching."

"If he were to die in the Lin Clan, Ye Xingzhe would start a war with my Lin Clan immediately!"

"I am not afraid of the Ye Family, but if we do that, we will destroy the Mayor's plan to eradicate the Ye Family."

"When the City Lord blames us, how will we be able to bear it?"

Lin Moxin's mother was enlightened, "So that's how it is. No wonder Master invited many people to the Lin Family's gathering tonight. Was it to let them see Ye Chenfeng leaving the Lin Family?"

"At that time, if Ye Chenfeng dies outside, our Lin Family can push away all responsibility!"

Lin Zhantian nodded and said, "That's right …" But I don't know why, but there's always a feeling of unease in my heart. "

"I'm afraid Lin Yunzhi and the others might not be able to handle this matter properly!"

Lin Moxin's mother was stunned. "Unease? Master might have overworked and needs to rest. "

"That Ye Chenfeng is just a piece of trash that can't even cultivate. He doesn't even have a Astral Soul."

"Up till now, he hasn't even broken through to the Qi Yuan level yet, but the old master has sent out five Earth Origin Stage cultivators …"

"This is basically killing chickens with an ox-knife."

"Even if it's just Lin Yunzhi alone, with his cultivation of Earth Origin Stage Third Layer, killing a hundred Ye Chenfeng wouldn't be a problem at all."

Lin Zhantian waved his hand. "Alright, you can leave now."

"Let me follow them and take a look first."

"I don't care if Ye Chenfeng dies or not, what I care about is …" The fire mirror must not go wrong, we must get it! "


In the pitch-black night sky, silver snakes tore apart the sky as heavy rain poured down.

Ye Chenfeng was on his way back to the Ye Family.

This was a ruin at the southeast side of Yan Wu City. There was no one around, it was the only way to get to the Ye Family from the Lin Family.

"Now that I have opened nineteen meridian channels, I have reached the minimum requirement to cultivate 'Great Desolate Hades Sword'. The first thing I need to do after returning is to immediately start cultivating 'Great Desolate Hades Sword'."

"With the 'Great Desolate Hades Sword' and the nine swords in my hands, I can go anywhere!"

"That's right, Lin Moxin has finally broken through the Qi Yuan level and advanced to the Earth Yuan level. It looks like the Lin Family will be happy for a while, right?"

"However, when we left the Lin Family, I kept feeling that the Lin Family members had strange looks in their eyes …"

Because of the fire mirror, Lin Moxin had become the second person under the age of sixteen to reach the Earth Origin Stage in the Yan Wu City within three hundred years.

Thirteen years old, advanced to the Earth Origin Stage.

He was definitely worthy of the words' the proud daughter of heaven '.

The first person under the age of sixteen to reach the Earth Origin Stage was the City Lord's Mansion's Young Lord, Xiao Tianya.

Xiao Tianya had broken through to the Earth Origin Stage at the age of eleven.

Until now, forget about Yan Wu City, even in Kingdom of Zi Yun, there had never been a second eleven year old Earth Origin Stage cultivator.

In comparison, the thirteen-year-old Lin Moxin was much weaker, but she was still quite proud of herself.


Ye Chenfeng's expression changed and he suddenly turned around!

How powerful was his perceptual power now?

Despite the interference of the torrential rain, he was able to see the five of them moving at a distance of over two hundred meters.

"Who is it!" Ye Chenfeng shouted.

He could sense that the five were charging towards his direction.

Furthermore, every single one of their auras was extremely powerful and did not come with good intentions!

From afar, Ye Chenfeng saw the sword in the man's hand.

The swords in the hands of the five men all shone with a bright light. A long sword aura was being emitted unceasingly like lightning!

"Earth Origin Stage cultivators!" Ye Chenfeng's expression changed drastically.

Only after reaching the Earth Origin Stage would one be able to condense their Essence to form a fierce dragon or tiger, or to condense a sword qi to such a degree!

"Chi chi chi!"

Two hundred meters passed in the blink of an eye.

The distance between the two parties was still more than ten meters, but three sharp sword Qis sliced through the night sky, slanting towards Ye Chenfeng!

Facing the three crisscrossing sword Qis, Ye Chenfeng rolled towards the right without thinking.

"Puff puff puff!"

Three sword Qis slashed into the water on the ground, causing it to splash up high.

"Just who is it that think so highly of me and actually send out five Earth Origin Stage cultivators s to kill me?"

Ye Chenfeng half squatted with his left hand on the ground and raised his head like a wolf.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Five figures wearing night attire and headgear slowly surrounded him in a fan-shape.

When the thunderclaps rang out again, the swords in the hands of these five people once again blossomed with a light that made one's heart tremble.

Ye Chenfeng did not say anything, he only used his mental power to communicate with the spatial ring and locked onto the talismans within the spatial ring.

With his current strength, he might be able to fight against an Earthly Yuan Early Stage expert.

Against someone who was at least at the Earth Origin Stage, he would lose without a doubt.

Facing the five Earth Origin Stage cultivators s...

Then he would have to rely on the stack of talismans he obtained from Myriad Treasures Pavilion.

Ye Chenfeng slowly stood up and retreated step by step.

He was very clear that the other party was here for the fire mirror.

This thing could automatically absorb earth fire and absorb heaven and earth origin energy.

Afterwards, it was used to help martial artists increase their cultivation and break through bottlenecks. It was a rare treasure … At least, it was something that could cause the other small clans and the City Lord's Mansion to become jealous.

"Even my father may not find out that the fire mirror was stolen by me until now. How would the others know that I have the fire mirror on me?"

"Could it be the Lin Family!?"

With this thought, Ye Chenfeng's heart suddenly felt uncomfortable.

He didn't really like Lin Moxin, but once again, he had been deceived by a woman. Once again, he had been avenged for his kindness …

This feeling was truly terrible.

Ye Chenfeng's gaze swept across the five men in black, trying to identify them.

It was a pity that these people were wearing night clothes and hoods, revealing only a pair of eyes. It was impossible to tell them apart.

"Jie, jie, jie!" A black-clothed person laughed strangely and said in a hoarse voice, "He's going to die soon, what are your last words?"

"Last words?" Ye Chenfeng said coldly, "If you trash want to kill me, I'm afraid it won't be that easy."

The five men in black were stunned, they did not expect Ye Chenfeng to be so confident.

The man in black who spoke earlier sneered, "You're still being stubborn even when you're about to die. I'll cut your tongue off first, then I'll pull out all your teeth, then I'll cut off both your arms and legs, and finally …"

"You will beg me to kill you, hehe!"

Another person harrumphed, "Why bother saying so much, if we kill him, the fire mirror will be ours."

As soon as his voice fell, the five longswords simultaneously shook, bringing up a three-foot-long sword aura.

Ye Chenfeng's pupils suddenly constricted as he quickly spun around!

"Hu hu hu hu!"

His raincoat was infused with elemental energy. It spun crazily like a blade as it flew towards the person in front of him!

"You reckless fool!"

Why would the Earth Origin Stage cultivators care about such petty tricks?

That person gently waved the sword in his hand and a sword light flashed. The raincoat in the air was split into two.

Suddenly, Ye Chenfeng took out the fire mirror, and threw it to the right and shouted: "You all want the fire mirror? Just pick it up like a dog! "

The fire mirror spun quickly in the air and flew into the distance!

"F * ck him!"

Seeing the fire mirror flying out, the five black clothed men were so angry that they started cursing.

One of them cursed in anger and prepared to chase after the fire mirror.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Ye Chenfeng gently raised his left hand. A flash of fire appeared and Ye Chenfeng suddenly slapped the ground: "Ice Talisman!"

"Crack crack crack!"

A series of explosions came from the ground as the water within a thirty meter radius was instantly frozen!

The five men in black, who were less than eight meters away from Ye Chenfeng, didn't even have time to react before they were frozen into ice!

The Ice Talisman itself was extremely fast, and in this place full of water, its use was even more vivid!


Ye Chenfeng snorted lightly. He waved his right hand and another Glyph ignited.


The instant the flame faded away, a ray of spiritual light shot straight into the heavens.

"Giant Wood Talisman!"

Under the terrified gazes of the five people sealed by the ice, …

Huge logs appeared in the air.

The huge logs brought with them a terrifying oppressive force and spiritual light as they whizzed down, smashing unerringly onto the bodies of the five people who had been frozen!

"Bang bang bang bang bang!"

With a loud bang, the ice block and the huge tree exploded at the same time, turning into specks of light.

The five men in black screamed and flew out!


The fire in the air flickered again, and the ground immediately began to rumble.

Large spikes quickly emerged from the ground!



The two men in black who could not dodge in time were pierced by the spike and hung on the three-meter tall spike!

As for the other three, their reactions were a bit faster, and they desperately dodged.

"Old Sixth!"

The eyes of one of the black-clothed survivors nearly popped out of their sockets as he roared.

"Now is not the time to worry about others."

Ye Chenfeng sneered and the glyph in his right hand ignited once again!

"Let's go!"

The remaining three were so scared that their souls almost left their bodies and they didn't dare to continue.

One of them shouted coldly and the three of them scrambled to escape!

A expert of the second Third Layer of the Earth Origin Stage was one of the top existences in this Yan Wu City.

However, Ye Chenfeng took out high-grade talismans one after another. Furthermore, he was skilled in techniques and his movements were quick. There was no time for him to block them …

If they continued to fight, the remaining three would most likely die!

Any of those talismans' attacks were not weaker than a strike from a Fourth Layer expert of the Earth Origin Stage!

After these people were severely injured, they were scared out of their wits and had no confidence in resisting anymore.

One talisman after another was thrown at him for free. This matter was absurd to the extreme.

And shameless to the extreme!

I've never heard of anyone fighting like this!

Talisman after talisman, what kind of prodigal son would do such a thing?

This was not using talismans, this was using money to smash them!

The three talismans just now should be worth around forty to fifty thousand primeval stone, right?

No one from any power in Yan Wu City would have this many high-grade talismans, right?

The three of them spat out blood as they tried to escape.

However, Ye Chenfeng didn't want to let them go …

"Isn't it too late to run now?"

Flames flashed, lightning flashed, and thunder roared in the sky!

"Consecutive Thunder Symbols!"

Just as Ye Chenfeng shouted, a bolt of lightning struck down towards the three people who were running away!

Those three were already severely injured, but facing such powerful thunder and lightning, how could they possibly withstand it?

"Boom boom boom!"

Three bolts of lightning struck heavily on the bodies of those three people, causing them to fall into the water.


Ye Chenfeng quickly picked up a long sword with the tip of his foot.

He then flashed like a ghost and stabbed through the back of one of them, nailing him to the ground!

Blood spewed out …

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