Imperishable War God/C14 Nine Dead and One Alive!
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Imperishable War God/C14 Nine Dead and One Alive!
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C14 Nine Dead and One Alive!

Ye Chenfeng was straightforward and didn't waste any time.

After finishing one off with a single strike, he quickly walked to the side of the other person. His sword was not gaudy at all as he raised it again …

He had just raised his sword when the atmosphere suddenly changed!

An unimaginable sense of oppression came from behind him, causing Ye Chenfeng's hair to stand on end!

"There's a expert!"

In a split-second, Ye Chenfeng dodged to the right at his fastest speed.


A domineering and sharp boxing qi passed by Ye Chenfeng and smashed onto a large rock in front of them.

In an instant, it shattered the boulder and turned to dust!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng's battle talent completely exploded …

Even in the face of such a crisis, Ye Chenfeng was still calm!

He dashed forward, and with a flick of his left hand, a talisman landed on his body.

With a flash of golden light, a golden bell-like barrier enveloped his body.

This was the "Golden Bell Cover" defensive talisman!

At the same time that the talisman was slammed down, Ye Chenfeng quickly turned around and slashed backwards with the sword in his right hand!

These movements were smooth and fluid.


The black-clothed man who suddenly appeared used his hand to cut Ye Chenfeng's sword.

In the blink of an eye …

Ye Chenfeng only felt a huge force coming from the sword, causing his palm to go numb!

The sword in his hand could not be held and was sent flying.

"Even a grain of rice is shining?"

The last black-clothed man snorted coldly and walked forward like a ghost, throwing a palm towards Ye Chenfeng!

This palm was extremely fast, and a strange light was flashing on the center of his palm.

Just as his palm was about to reach out, a sharp whistling sound rang out in the air.

"What a tyrannical palm strike, at least the Fourth Layer of the Earth Origin Stage!" Ye Chenfeng was shocked.

The might of the talisman in his hand could easily kill a Third Layer of the Earth Origin Stage, but killing a Fourth Layer of the Earth Origin Stage wouldn't be that easy.

Earth Essence Realm Fourth Layer, that was a expert at the clan head level of the Four Great Clans of Yan Wu City!

At that crucial moment, Ye Chenfeng imbued all his Yuan power into his arms. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and activated his defense.


That black-clothed man's palm instantly shattered Ye Chenfeng's Golden Bell Barrier and then smashed onto his crossed hands.

Ye Chenfeng only felt a violent and peerless power enter his body from his hands.

Under the intense pain, Ye Chenfeng could no longer control his body and flew backwards with a miserable groan!

Under the situation where the "Golden Bell Cover" blocked most of the force, the power of this palm strike was still powerful to the point that Ye Chenfeng was completely unable to withstand it.

A Fourth Layer expert of the Earth Origin Stage could even kill a Barbarian Elephant with a single palm strike!

If it wasn't for the Golden Bell Cover, Ye Chenfeng's bones would have probably all shattered.

"You are overestimating yourself!"

The man in black sneered. He chased up to Ye Chenfeng like a gangrene and kicked towards Ye Chenfeng's chest!

This kick was like a whip in the air, fast and fierce!

With the War God's martial intent, Ye Chenfeng could clearly see this person's movements.

However, whether he could dodge it or not was a completely different matter!

Ye Chenfeng's current cultivation level and speed was completely unable to keep up with War God's Dharma Intent!

The tip of Ye Chenfeng's foot pushed off the ground. While he was staggering back, he twisted his body and moved away from the vital parts of his body.


That black-clothed man's kick hit Ye Chenfeng's left shoulder. The violent force caused Ye Chenfeng to cough out a mouthful of blood and fly backwards at an even faster speed!

Without the protection of the Golden Bell Cover talisman, half of Ye Chenfeng's body instantly turned numb and he was unable to move!

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Ye Chenfeng rolled on the ground in a sorry state.

"Trash like you killed three of my expert. Today, I will let you taste the torture. You cannot beg for death!"

That man in black was very confident in his kick. He didn't believe that Ye Chenfeng could still resist.

As he spoke, he slowly walked over with hatred in his eyes.

"Big brother, let me kill him!"

At this moment, the other black-clothed man who had fallen to the ground had already gotten up.

The person held a long sword in his hand and sprinted forward a few steps, stabbing towards Ye Chenfeng's arm!

Ye Chenfeng's body had become numb and he was unable to move as he saw the long sword rapidly stabbing towards him …

"Fuck you!"

Ye Chenfeng screamed as his hand shook and another flame appeared on his palm.

Another huge wooden talisman!

In the dark night sky, thunder rumbled and huge trees appeared. At the same time, they descended towards the three men in black below!

This was a battle where both sides would perish together …

If the man in black didn't retract his sword, Ye Chenfeng, whose body was numb on one side and unable to move, would also die.

However, the severely injured man in black clothing would also be killed on the spot!

Ye Chenfeng was gentle and refined, but he would always burst out with a kind of violence that would shock people!

This was a person that would occasionally go crazy!

However, even if Ye Chenfeng dared to fight with his life on the line, that man in black would not dare to do so.

The black-clothed man was already severely injured, and now that he faced the Giant Wood Talisman's attack, he had no strength to resist. How could he dare not withdraw his sword?

The man in black spun around, running two steps while shouting out in despair, "Big Brother, save me!"

The eyes of the man in black, who heavily injured Ye Chenfeng, were filled with killing intent and danger.

"Little bastard, you have guts!"

He snorted angrily, and with a flash of his body, he appeared in front of the person who had shouted.


The black clothed man's body shook as he unsheathed his saber from its scabbard. He gripped the saber hilt with both hands and slashed upwards with his saber!

The wild and violent astral blade illuminated the entire area, and instantly hacked down on the huge tree in the air!


An unparalleled wild and violent power swept out in all directions.

The other man in black fell to the ground, screamed and was blown away.

As for Ye Chenfeng, the moment before the man in black made his move, he slapped another "Golden Bell Cover" Glyph on his body!

The berserk shockwave hit Ye Chenfeng's body and shattered the golden cover on his body, sending him flying!

As he was still in the air, blood was still spurting out from his mouth. Ye Chenfeng raised his right hand and another Talisman started burning!

Just as this talisman was finished burning, the Spiritual Light exploded out and the fierce Yuan Power completely absorbed all the water in the puddles around it.

A huge water dragon was formed.

The moment the water dragon appeared, it charged toward the two men in black with boundless pressure!

"Water Dragon Talisman!"

The black-clothed man holding the long blade originally wanted to chase after Ye Chenfeng.

When he saw the water dragon, his gaze froze and he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

The power of the Wood Talisman from before was not any weaker than the Water Dragon Talisman, but the power of the Wood Talisman had already spread out.

But the Water Dragon Talisman only had one water dragon!

The power of this water dragon was much stronger than that of the huge tree!

Given the strength of the man in black, he was not afraid of the water dragon.

However, in the face of such powerful force, he had no choice but to infuse his strength into the blade and send it slashing towards the water dragon!

Earth Origin Stage cultivators was furious. He slashed with his sword, which caused a stream of air to surge and a sharp blade Qi to appear.

As the force spread out, even the surrounding rain was dispersed.


The water dragon was instantly smashed into smithereens, causing water droplets to fall from the sky.

As for the saber-wielding man in black, he grunted and kept retreating!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng laughed out loud three times and slapped another talisman on his body. Suddenly, he sank into the ground.

"Escape Symbol!"

"You want me to live a life worse than death, do you think you're worthy?"

Ye Chenfeng's voice sounded in the night sky, "Go back and cultivate for eight or ten years!"

"Little bastard!"

The saber-wielding black-clothed man roared at the sky.

The long blade in his hand bloomed as he slashed three times towards the spot where Ye Chenfeng disappeared.

"Boom boom boom!"

The rubble exploded, and three huge tunnels appeared on the spot.

The surrounding water seemed to have found an outlet and immediately gushed towards the three ravines.

The saber-wielding black-clothed man stood on the spot, he was so angry that his entire body was trembling!

He had sent out five Earth Origin Stage martial artists, and three of them were at the Third Layer of the Earth Origin Stage.

All he wanted was to kill a good-for-nothing who could not cultivate.


Four of them had actually died!

The last one was protected by him!

How could the Lin Clan bear such a loss?

The blood in Lin Zhantian's body surged and he almost vomited blood.

It was unimaginable for a mere trash to be so valiant.

How could he have so many talismans in his hands?

Lin Zhantian was so angry that he was about to go crazy, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was stunned for a moment.

At this time, the other man in black who had survived spoke with a trembling voice: "Big Brother, that little bastard threw the fire mirror out …"

This voice belonged to Lin Yunzhi, who had brought Ye Chenfeng to Xiaofeng Courtyard!

Lin Zhantian shouted angrily: "Then why aren't you going to retrieve it!"

Lin Yunzhi was shocked, he used all his strength and ran in the direction the fire mirror flew.

"Ye Chenfeng, this little bastard, I will definitely kill you!" Lin Zhantian gritted his teeth as he spoke viciously.

When Lin Yunzhi returned after finding the fire mirror, another skinny man in black clothing ran over from the rain.

The person looked at the messy scene and exclaimed, "Father, how could this be?"

Lin Moxin!

Lin Zhantian's gaze was vicious as he gritted his teeth and said, "This brat brought a bunch of talismans with him. He can attack and defend, but he used an Earth Escape Talisman to escape."

"Humph!" Let him live a few more days! "

"Three months later, during the martial arts competition between the four cities, the City Lord's Mansion and our Lin Family will join hands to completely raze the Ye Family and seize the cyathine iron mine!"

"At that time, I will make Ye Chenfeng and his father beg for death!"

"Lin Yunzhi, dispose of those corpses, don't leave any traces behind!"

Saying that, Lin Zhantian turned around and disappeared into the rainy night with a few ups and downs.

Lin Yunzhi took out a bottle that was shining with a ghostly light and dripped a few drops of it on the dead guys.

The bodies of the four men in black on the ground immediately emitted green smoke and quickly turned into blood, mixing together with the water.

"Eldest Miss, let's go back as well." Lin Yunzhi glanced at Lin Moxin. Holding his sword, he staggered into the darkness.

Lin Moxin looked at the Ye Family's direction and sighed, "Big Brother Feng, you are really impressive."

"Not only did he kill four Earth Origin Stage cultivators s, he even escaped from my father's clutches …"

"However, a consumable item like talismans is not something that your Ye Family can afford."

"Actually, you and I are already people of different worlds … Since you are unable to cultivate, you are destined to only be an ordinary person. "

"And I, will walk out of Yan Wu City, walk out of Kingdom of Zi Yun, and walk out of ethereal region."

"Very soon, I will blossom in radiance in the entire Kunxu Realm. I will become an existence that you will have to look up to."

"In the future, you just have to be an ordinary person and live on …"

"When the time comes, I hope that you can escape once more." When the time comes, I hope that you can escape once again.

With that, Lin Moxin turned and left the ruins, disappearing into the darkness.

The torrential rain washed away the blood on the ground.

Two hours later, a figure quietly walked out from behind a large rock in the ruins.

It was Ye Chenfeng, who escaped earlier!

He had actually been hiding here all this time and hadn't left yet!

"Lin Zhantian, father and daughter, you've done quite well …"

"The Lin Clan and the City Lord's Mansion have also set their eyes on the cyathine iron lode, and they even want to raze the entire Ye Clan to the ground!"

Ye Chenfeng's eyes became extremely cold.

Taking the risk of being punished by his father, he stole the fire mirror and helped Lin Moxin break through the bottleneck of the Earth Origin Stage.

The Lin Clan was ungrateful to the Lin Clan, but to think that they would send a group of people to intercept them!

It was fine to snatch the fire mirror, but they were still trying to kill him!

Not only that, they even planned to join hands with the City Lord's Mansion and raze the entire Ye Family in three months!

"Lin Zhantian, Lin Moxin, what a pair of vicious father and daughter!"

"Do you really think that I am made of mud?"

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